Can You Freeze Cucumbers?

Fresh cucumbers make a great addition to salads, snacks or add a new taste to water as a refreshing drink. They produce an abundance during the growing season that gardeners often wind up with too much. Could you freeze cucumbers? What do you do with the extras?

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Here’s The Quick Answer

Cucumbers can be frozen for around a year. Either slices or chunks of cucumber can be frozen in freezer bags, or cucumbers can be frozen whole in water.

Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide To Freezing Cucumbers

It is easy to freeze cucumbers in two ways, both of which are quick and do not take too much preparation time. You’ll need to choose how you freeze the vegetables depending on what you’ll be doing when you thaw them out.

Here’s how you freeze cucumber slices

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The best way to use frozen cucumbers in recipes is to freeze them in chunks or slices to incorporate them into soups, juices, smoothies, cold soups or other preparations. If you slice cucumber too thin, the texture will break down rapidly:


  • Cucumbers should be thoroughly washed and dried.


  • You can slice the cucumbers however you prefer – in small chunks, slices, or whole pieces.



  • Then place them flat on a baking sheet and flash freeze for a few hours. You only need to freeze the outside of them. You do not need to freeze rock hard, just enough so the outside won’t stick.


  • As soon as they are frozen, put them into a freezer bag.


  • Make a note about the bag and date it, and you will have a supply of cucumbers every time you need them.

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Here’s How To Freeze Cucumber In Water

Another great use for frozen cucumbers is in drinks. Try the chilled slices in the water, or mix it in juice or a slushie with your favorite ingredients for a great glass full of goodness.


Therefore, the best way to freeze cucumber is as cucumber-filled ice cubes, which can be added directly to water.


  • You should wash and dry your cucumber.


  • Make small chunks by chopping.


  • In an ice cube tray, place the chopped cucumbers and cover them with water.


  • Place in the freezer for a few hours.


  • After the ice cubes freeze, you can remove them from the ice cube tray and put them in a freezer bag.


  • Put the name and the date on the bag, and you’re done.


The Best Tips for Freezing Cucumbers


When it comes to freezing cucumbers, here are three top tips that we strongly recommend following when freezing them:


  1. Flash Freezes Every Time  


Ensure that the cucumber slices remain separate while flash freezing before storing for the longer term. That way, you avoid the pieces sticking together in one large clump.


  1. Do not use in salads


Since frozen cucumber has high water content, it will lose its texture when used in salads. Instead, use it only for flavoring.


  1. Make Cucumber Cubes  


Because cucumber’s flavor is not diminished by freezing, it is ideal for using ice cubes in the summer heat to add freshness to a glass of water.

How Long Can Cucumbers Be Frozen?

Frozen cucumbers can last for ten months, stored either in water or by themselves. The best way to ensure a constant supply of summer vegetables for the winter is to freeze them right after picking them; in that way, they will keep their flavor and goodness throughout the winter.

More How To Freeze:

Frozen cucumber slices in ice cube tray and freezer bag

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(Per serving)
  • Energy: 7 kcal / 29 kJ
  • Fat: 0.1 g

Cook Time

  • Preparation: 10 min
  • Ready in: 10 min
  • For: 10



  1. Wash and dry your cucumber.
  2. Slice cucumber or cut into chunks
  3. Then place them flat on a baking sheet and flash freeze for a few hours.
  4. As soon as they are frozen, put them into a freezer bag.
  5. Write the date on the freezer bag.
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