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Spruce up your holiday menu with this delicious caramelized mashed potatoes. These fluffy mashed potatoes will keep your guests coming for more!

I first had mashed potatoes with onions and coconut milk six years ago when I was very ill and recuperating from bowel surgery. My son Daevyd was about 6 weeks old and Nastasia would come in the afternoon to take care of him. She would sing beautiful lullabies in Russian to him and would make the best vegan mashed potatoes I ever had. They had sauteed onions and coconut milk and I was blown away by how creamy and buttery they were.

vegan caramelized onion mashed potatoes

I  wanted to replicate this delicious mashed potato, so I decided to caramelized the onions to bring out their natural sweetness and added coconut milk for a rich creamy flavor. Yukon gold potato is my favorite potato to use for making mashed potatoes because it has a natural buttery taste, but you can use Russet or whatever you have on hand.


For: 10 servings
5 min
35 min
Ready in:
45 min


  1. Place water to large pot, add potatoes and bring to boil on medium-high. Cover pot and reduce heat to a simmer and boil for 20 minutes until tender.
  2. Heat oil or vegan butter in a skillet on medium heat, add onions and saute stirring occasionally to prevent burning for 15 minutes (may add additional water or vegetable broth to saute onions).
  3. Drain water using a colander, transfer the potatoes to a large bowl.
  4. Mash potatoes using a potato masher, add coconut milk and salt and continue mashing until creamy.
  5. Stir in caramelized onions and serve immediately.


vegan mashed potato with caramelized onions