Garlic Tofu Salad with Lime Dressing



Serve this crowd-pleasing garlic Tofu Salad With Lime Dressing for your next special occasion. Deliciously seasoned tofu serve with lots of vegetables for a healthy gluten-free, vegan treat!

Tofu Salad With Lime Dressing

I love to serve this salad when I’m having a large crowd for dinner. This weekend I had my friends from New Jersey with their children visit, who I hadn’t seen between 6 – 12 years ago. It was lovely spending time with them and reminiscing about old times. Their children were all grown, having last seen them when there were only little. I served  this huge garlic tofu salad with lime dressing which was a huge hit. Nothing remained. After lunch we all took a long walk on the property, going through the woods.  You may add your favorite vegetables for a personal twist, chopped Jicama and or cucumber is also delicious.

Tofu Salad With Lime Dressing

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For: 4 servings


    Garlic Tofu
    1. Heat skillet on medium-high. Add soy sauce, tofu and garlic. Cook stirring until tofu is brown on both sides. Remove from skillet and set aside on a plate
    Lime Dressing
    1. Add all ingredients in a jar. Shake or whisk until fully combined. Refrigerate until ready to use.
    1. Place a bed of lettuce on a large platter. Then place in rows avocado, onions, olives, corn, bell peppers, tomatoes and tofu. Drizzle with lime dressing before serving.

    Recipe notes

    Tofu Salad With Lime Dressomg

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    1. I have never actually tried tofu but this salad looks like a great way to have a first taste! Thanks for sharing such a fun and colorful recipe!

    2. Mel @

      What a lovely sounding salad and I love how you have arranged it in the bowl. That tofu sounds delicious!

    3. Alisa Fleming

      This looks marvelous, and now you’ve got me craving tofu! I haven’t had it in so long.

    4. Sophia | Veggies Don't Bite

      I could devour that entire salad without even blinking! It looks SO good! I love big salads with loads of toppings.


      I am a huge fan of tofu and salads! This salad is simply amazing and looks so delicious! Love all the ingredients, especially olives and avocados! Mouth-watering!


      Michelle so great to see you again, on your site. It’s beautiful!! I’m anxious to try this recipe, and maybe hear from you directly. We need to catch up. God bless YOU!!

      • Michelle Blackwood

        Hello Renee, thanks I hope you love it. I just moved a week ago into our home so I’m finally getting back into a routine of sorts. Give me a call, my number is the same. God bless you too.


      This looks really good! I’m trying to eat healthier and be more mindful of what I’m eating…this looks like somethings I NEED to try! :)

      • Ingrid Stanislaus

        I love all the ingredients mentioned. I know this will be a blast. I am very much looking forward to preparing this real soon. God bless you and thanks for sharing.

    5. Wow, that looks so good! I love that it’s got lots of color. Foods with tons of color are always eye catching. I must try this out soon!

    6. Looks really delicious! And I love the presence of tofu and avocado in the salad recipe. Re-pinning this!


      I have never had tofu in a salad but this looks delicious. I love anything that has avocado in it.

    8. Karlaroundtheworld | Karla

      Garlic and Tofu? You hit my sweet spot! I appreciate you sharing this one, generally I know that these two aren’t really much appreciated on their own but yeah, there’s always that one somebody like me who’ll want them together and on top!

    9. Rachel Mouton

      I have never cooked or prepared a meal with tofu. This looks delicious though. I might just give it a try :)

    10. Elizabeth O.

      That salad is overloaded! I love tofu and I use it as much as I can in many recipes. It’s quick to absorb flavor which makes it easy to incorporate in many dishes. This is something worth trying!

    11. Although I haven’t tried tofu yet, this post has opened my eyes and I think it’s convinced me to give it a shot! Thanks for sharing!

    12. Ana De- Jesus

      Now this is definitely what I call a crowd pleaser. I do love a good garlic salad and this looks amazing!

    13. Jessica Cassidy

      I never try tofu yet. I do not even have a clue what it looks like. The salad looks so healthy to eat. My husband will love it the most.

    14. Natalie | Feasting on Fruit

      This looks like the perfect meal! I’ve been loving giant salads in the evenings lately, with all the vibrant produce that is around right now :)

    15. Laura Starner

      I love tofu. I’m eating low carb right now so with a few tweaks, I could make this work. Thanks for sharing.


      This will make a perfect side dish for my next family cook-out. I am Asain so I love tofu!

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