Buddha’s Hand Fruit

Buddha’s hand fruit contains coumarin, limonin, and diosmin, which help to reduce pain.

 Relieve pain

The buddha fruit acts as an expectorant that helps reduce the cough and remove phlegm quickly.

 Effective for cough

This citrus-fingered fruit helps to resolve all respiratory issues.

Respiratory issues

Stomach disturbance, diarrhea, cramping, bloating, or constipation, then Buddha’s hand gives a quick remedy.

stomach problems

Women who go through menstrual cramps and mood swings can use Buddha’s hand fruit as a remedy.

Menstrual cramps

It is best to take buddha’s hand fruit early in the morning to boost immunity.

Increase immunity

Buddha’s hand fruit has alcohol extracts that act as a vasodilator, relax dilating coronary blood vessels, and increase circulation.

Prevent heart health

Taiwan scientists proved that the buddha’s hand fruit promotes the growth of Schwann cells that build a sheath around neural exons

Nerve regeneration