How to Rid Your Sink of Fruit Flies

Learn how to get rid of pesky fruit flies in your kitchen sink with simple steps.

Get rid of pesky fruit flies

Identify the source

Identify and remove the source of attraction for fruit flies, such as rotting food or liquids in the sink.

simple trap

Create homemade trap: dish with sweet liquid attracts fruit flies, and they'll get stuck.

Clean out any debris

Regularly clean sink drain and dispose of food scraps to eliminate breeding ground for fruit flies.

Utilize specialty products

Products like traps, sprays, and electronic devices can permanently resolve fruit fly problems in the kitchen.

Use natural remedies

Natural remedies like apple cider vinegar and dish soap or herb mixtures can eliminate fruit flies.

Utilize chemical solutions

Insecticides are a last resort for eliminating fruit flies, containing harmful chemicals.

Clean the sink regularly

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How to Rid Your Sink of Fruit Flies

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