Jamaican Blue Draws Recipe

Jamaican Blue Draws: Cornmeal, sweet potato, coconut milk, spices, wrapped in banana leaf, boiled, moist, delicious.

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1. Cornmeal 2. All-purpose gluten-free flour 3. Cane sugar or maple syrup or coconut sugar 4. Cinnamon 5. Nutmeg 6. Salt 7. Coconut milk 8. Green bananas 9. Sweet potato 10. Vanilla 11. Grated coconut or shredded coconut 12. Raisins (optional) 13. Fresh banana leaves 14. Baker's twine.

Preparing leaves

Prepare and wilt banana leaves.


Mixing ingredients

Mix dry ingredients and blend or grate wet ingredients.


Combining mixtures

Combine wet and dry ingredients, fold in coconut and raisins.


Wrapping and boiling

Spoon mixture onto leaves, wrap, tie, and boil for one hour before serving.


Jamaican Blue Draws

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