Jamaican Sorrel Recipe 

Sorrel Drink is a popular, healthy Jamaican beverage with a tart, cranberry-like taste made from dried flower calyces.

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– 8 cups water – 2 cups dried sorrel buds – 2 inches ginger grated – 1 orange peel – 8 allspice berries, (pimento) – 1 cup organic cane sugar

Boil water

Boil water in a pot and add sorrel, ginger, orange peel, and allspice berries.


Steep for hours

Steep for 2 hours or overnight in the refrigerator.


Strain mixture

Strain using a fine mesh strainer or nut bag.


 Sweeten and refrigerate

Sweeten and refrigerate before serving. Enjoy your homemade sorrel drink!


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