Tamarind Chickpea Chaat Recipe

Tamarind chickpea chaat. Bursting with flavors & textures, sweet, sour, savory. Appetizer or light meal.

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Tamarind Chickpea Chaat 

Tamarind paste is made from fruit pulp, originating in Africa but now found in Asia and Mexico. It's a legume.


– Avocado oil – Tamarind paste – Chaat masala – Roasted cumin powder – Red chili powder – Cooked chickpeas – Boiled potato – Onion – Tomato – Green chili – Salt – Fresh cilantro leaves – Sev (fried noodles)

Heat & Spices

Heat oil and spices with tamarind paste in a pan.

Add Ingredients

Add cooked chickpeas, boiled potato, chopped onion, tomato, and green chili.

Mix & Cook

Mix well until evenly coated and cook for a few minutes.

Garnish & Serve

Garnish with cilantro and sev, then serve and enjoy!

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