Fresh Kimchi (Gluten Free)

Kimchi is a Korean dish usually made with fermented vegetables and various seasonings. It is eaten with nearly everything, acting as a compliment to rice and other dishes, or used to make kimchi stew, soup, and fried rice. My version is slightly different from the traditional recipe because it is not fermented and does not have chili peppers.

1 head napa cabbage

2 Tbsp salt

1 small daikon radish sliced (optional)

6 green onions chopped

6 garlic minced

1 carrot shredded

1inch ginger grated

1 tsp paprika

extra sea salt to taste

1 tsp turbinado sugar, maple syrup or agave nectar (optional)

Wash cabbage and cut into quarters. Place cabbage and daikon into a bowl, add salt and allowing to wilt for at least 1 hour. Drain vegetables, squeezing out excess water. Place in a large bowl. Process garlic, green onions, ginger, paprika in a blender and add to vegetables, along with carrot and extra salt and sweetener as needed. Store in a glass jar and keep in refrigerator.

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