Do you know what are the health benefits of wild ramps and leeks? Nowadays, wild ramps and leeks are in the spotlight because of their health benefits. These are commonly called the queen and king of wild greens. These wild ramps and leeks are a part of almost everyone’s kitchen. These wild greens not only provide you with an amazing flavor but also have bundles of health benefits.

These are a kind of wild onions that grow in forests of northern America.

In addition, both wild ramps and leeks are rich in nutrients such as vitamins A and C, fiber, and iron. The best thing about these greens is that they are low in calories but provide sufficient energy. Because of all these benefits people use wild ramps and leeks in salads, sauces, and soups. Do you know what benefits you’ll get by using these wild ramps and leeks? If not, start reading

In this article, we will tell you about the health benefits of wild ramps and leeks in light of scientific studies.

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14 Health Benefits of wild ramps and leeks

Wild ramps and leeks have a variety of health benefits such as

  • Promote heart health

Heart diseases are a major health concern worldwide. According to an official report,  about 47 percent of people in America have heart issues. Wild ramps and leeks possess potential benefits for heart health. Because these are great sources of allicin and which is a sulfinate that helps you in lowering heart inflammation and reducing the risk of stroke.

Scientific studies proved that wild ramps and leeks have properties similar to garlic and onion which help in lowering the risk of cardiac diseases. That’s why ramps and leeks lower the risk of heart disease.

A report shows that flavonoid in leeks protects the heart and prevents stroke and heart attack.

Additionally, kaempferol in leeks possesses anti-inflammatory properties that promote heart health by reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

  • Aid in weight loss

A survey report showed that near about 69 percent of adults in the United States are overweight. According to experts, there is a chance the number of obese patients will increase in the coming years.

Various studies proved that wild ramps and leeks support weight loss. They help in losing weight because these wild green vegetables are low in calories and rich in fiber.

A research report showed that leeks are a great source of water and fiber that reduces hunger and keeps you full for longer. In addition, the wild ramps provide a sufficient amount of soluble fiber that is good for quick weight loss.

  • Protect against cancer

Cancer is a common disease that can occur in people of any age group. There are various factors that cause cancer such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. A recent survey report showed that about 18.1 million people globally.

A study report showed that wild leaks are rich in kaempferol, which is believed to reduce the risk of cancer. Further, this study showed that kaempferol aids in lowering inflammation, killing cancer cells, and stopping the multiplication of cells.

The leaks also contain allicin, a sulfur compound that prevents cancer.

Additionally, one animal study also proved that ramps possess anti-cancer properties. The use of ramps lowered the risk of cancer in rats. Scientific research proved that using leaks daily lowers the risk of gastric cancer by 46 percent and prevents colorectal cancer.

  • Improve digestion

Wild ramps and leeks have digestive benefits due to their fiber

and high water content. The fiber in these foods helps in regulating bowel movements and prevent constipation. Because the water content keeps the digestive tract hydrated.

A report showed that the leeks and ramps are a source of probiotics that help in digestion.

  • Lower the sugar level

Leek is the best green food that aids in lowering blood sugar level. There are some compounds in ramps that reduce glucose levels in cells and improve

insulin sensitivity.

A study report proved that wild ramps and leeks have a super compound that is good for lowering blood sugar levels.

  • Improve brain function

Do you want to boost your brain function? If yes, start using wild leeks because wild leeks possess choline, which acts as a chemical messenger for the brain. The leeks are green vegetables that have a sufficient amount of vitamin B6 that makes your nervous system healthy.

A study proved that a diet that includes choline is best to boost brain functioning and support proper learning in children.

In addition, the wild ramps also include vitamin C, manganese, and folate that help to maintain the concentration.

  • Strengthen the immune system

It’s a fact that a strong immune system helps fight various diseases. That’s why doctors suggest that every person should boost their immunity. Such green food, like wild ramps, strengthens the immune system because they are a great source of iron.

Additionally, ramps are rich in vitamin A, a vital element in maintaining a strong immune system.

  • Improve vision

Do you want to get rid of blurry vision? Yes? Here is good news for you. Wild ramps are full of vitamins and minerals which are important for maintaining good vision. Leaks and wild Ramps also have antioxidative properties and help protect the eyes from the attack of free radicals.

A study showed that leeks aid to improve eyesight because it contains vitamin A.

In fact, the use of fresh leeks prevents age-related macular degeneration.

A study proved that leaks possess multiple healthy ingredients that prevent cataracts and save people from blindness.

  • Reduce blood pressure

Numerous scientific pieces of evidence claim that leeks can lower blood pressure.

Few studies claimed that eating potassium-rich food like ramps can help in lowering blood pressure.

A search by Wijdan M Dabeek and a few workers proved that wild ramps are effective against high blood pressure.

So if you have high blood pressure, take wild ramps and leeks daily.

  • Strengthen the bones

Leeks are well known to make bones strong because they have high levels of vitamin K and calcium. That’s why they play a vital role in making bones stronger. A study proved that the leaks possess compounds that activate the osteocalcin protein, which is good for bone growth and strengthening.

Leeks and ramps both increase bone density. That’s why doctors recommend

eating fresh leeks if you want healthy and strong bones.

  • Prevent sunburn

Do you want to protect your skin from sunburn? If your answer is yes, use leeks and ramps. Because leeks are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Additionally, These wild greens contain vitamin C which increases the production of collagen. Wild ramps are also effective for maintaining skin elasticity. Wild ramps and leeks also have a high content of vitamins to protect the skin against UV damage.

A recent study showed that leeks possess retinol, which helps the skin in recovery and makes the skin healthy.

  • Good for pregnancy

Do you want to avoid complications during pregnancy? If yes, use fresh leeks in your diet during pregnancy because these are a source of folate that makes the pregnancy healthier.

  • Make your hair shiny

Do you know how to make hair shiny and long? Yes? try leeks and wild ramps. Because leeks have a high content of iron, vitamin c, and folate, which are good for hair health. Researchers claim that the leeks aid in preventing hair fall and also aid in restoring all lost hair.

  • Treat acne

Leeks and wild ramps have the ability to remove toxins from the body and make your skin clear. A research report showed that fresh leek juice is best to treat acne.

How to use leeks and wild ramps?

There are some ways to consume leeks and wild ramps as you can add fresh leeks and wild ramps in soups and stews. It is best to add leeks and wild ramps in

broths and stocks to enhance the flavor.

If you love to eat roasted and grilled food you can add leeks and wild ramps to grilled food.

Moreover, you can take leeks and wild ramps in a salad, and sandwiches, which will give you maximum benefits.

Additionally, you can add these wild greens to pasta, quiches, and frittatas.


As you know wild ramps and leeks not only add flavors to dishes but also provide you with a number of health benefits. Leeks and wild ramps aid you to improve digestion, improve cardiovascular health, boost immunity, promote gut health, support bone health, improving skin health, etc. These wild green vegetables are best for people who want a healthy life. These are easy to use. You can add wild ramps leaves to your salad, soup, etc. So you should also use wild ramps and leeks regularly.

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