Best Fruits for Babies

Best fruits for babies:

Fruit is among the healthiest foods, providing the baby with critical minerals and vitamins. I’m sure you’ll want to know the best fruits for babies!

Baby food requires very little flavor. So, here are all the fruit categories that can be presented after six months.

Breast milk must be offered exclusively to babies under the age of five months. Fruits could be consumed as juice, blended into a smoothie, or boiled.

The baby is probably ready to begin eating fruits when he can keep his head up and sit up alone. Before giving the kid any form of fruit for the first time, consult with your baby’s doctor.

It all varies depending on how well your baby can eat. Here are some best fruits for babies:


closeup of bunches of bananas

Bananas are high in carbs for energy and fibers for a healthy digestive system. They are great for travel because they come in their easy-to-peel.

Ensure bananas are fresh and properly mashed before offering them to babies. Sliced bananas are a good finger snack for babies.

Ripe bananas are a quick snack. Smaller bananas are less likely to be half-eaten. It is also fun to try the tiny variety, which has varying tastes and textures.


avocado halves on white plate

Avocados contain the high protein level of any fruit and are rich in essential fat, a “healthy” lipid that helps lower the risk of heart.

Make sure to provide only ripe baby avocados. Clean the top, then remove the outer layer and mash completely.

Avocados are a fruit that is extremely beneficial to babies owing to the healthy fats they contain. It can be served whole, diced, mashed, and sliced as puree.

Additionally, to add richness to a smoothie, add a few tablespoons. If you already have any extra avocado, put it in the freezer and use it in a smoothie later.

Avocado puree is a simple baby food that takes very little time and effort to prepare, and it is also very versatile if you want to mix it with another fruit puree.


buckets of apple close up

A baby can benefit significantly from one apple a day. Apples are high in vitamin C and help newborns absorb iron.

They could be given at 6 months, blended or chopped, and eaten with iron-rich meals such as cooked vegetables, egg whites, and brown rice. Make a puree of apple and give it to your baby as a healthy diet.


whole mango and mango halves cut into chunks on cutting board

Mangoes are a good source of vitamins B, C, and A, as well as copper, fiber, and copper when add to the healthy diet between the ages of seven to ten months.

This sweet delight can be blended or you can easily mash it with a fork and served it with vegetables, yogurt, or given separately.

Thoroughly slicing mangoes as babies begin to feed themselves to help them improve motor skills. You may serve it diced or mashed. If you don’t want to put in extra work, buy a packet of frozen mango chunks and thaw them.


pile of apricots with some cut in half

A selection of baby fruits would be incomplete without apricots. When this fruit is in season, they are a great fruit for babies.

They are an easy-to-digest fruit for babies, so they are a delicious alternative to peaches and plums. If they’re too hard, they’re not yet ripe. Give your baby soft and sweet apricots as part of a healthy diet.


cantaloupe slices

Cantaloupe is one of the best fruits to give your baby’s around nine months for a healthy diet because they are fresh and delicious.

Vitamins C and A are abundant in this melon, which is also high in antioxidants. It is ideal for the tiny shakers and movers, and it can be chopped up for those who are just starting to feed themselves.

Combine small melon squares with yogurt or brown rice to add texture to your meals. Generally, fruits have a sweet taste as well as a high nutritious value.

Fruits may enable babies to grow up healthier and happy if offered to them at the correct time and given with some other healthy foods.


pile of raspberries close up

Raspberries are high in vitamins and fiber, and they’re easy to care for because you don’t have to cut them.

For six to eight months babies, you may wish to divide or mash them based on their experience eating solid food.

If fresh raspberries are too expensive during certain seasons of the year, purchase frozen raspberries from stores and use them in smoothies instead. For a yummy snack, try freeze-dried or dehydrated ones.


jar of strawberries close up

Fresh strawberries are a delicious and easy to consume meal for babies, and also a popular fruit for babies.

Find ones which have bright red color and are fully ripened. To increase the freshness of your fruits, wash and dry them completely before storing them in a box or container.

This fruit is a good source of fiber and a strong source of vitamin C. One mug contains about 170 percent of the daily vitamin C need for babies.

Vitamin C is necessary for a baby’s growth, tissue healing, and health of the digestive system.

Pro tips for feeding babies fruit:

An allergic reaction like diarrhea, rashes, stomach pain, vomiting, and constipation should be taken seriously for babies.

If the baby has an allergic response to fruit and you’re not sure which one, stop giving them to your baby. Visit a doctor, immediately if the allergic response continues. 

If the doctor agrees, you can try it again after a few weeks. Slowly add in one fruit at a time to find the culprit.


There are several delicious fruits that you can give your babies according to their solids experience. Now, you’ve learned about the delicious fruits that can be used to make meals for babies. If you know of any other fruit for babies, kindly let us know!

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