Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Can dogs eat cherries? No, they can’t! Let’s dig in and find out why this yummy fruit isn’t dog-friendly fruit and what alternatives can be offered instead.

Dogs quickly get intrigued by the food we consume; it’s likely to happen that while enjoying your favorite fruit, your dogs are probably giving you the eyes. Remember, some foods are relatively safe for dogs to consume, while others may be harmful and may cause poisoning.

Can dogs eat cherries?

The soft flesh of the fruit is technically considered a safer option for dogs to consume. Cherries are a great fruit packed with nutrients that are good for the dog and you. It contains Vitamins A and C and fiber and antioxidants, which are suitable for dogs. But at the same time, the soft flesh of the cherry could contribute to an upset stomach.

The biggest drawback of consuming cherries with their pits is that it contains cyanide. This is quite toxic for your pup and can cause cyanide poisoning if taken in larger quantities. Yes, it’s true that a single cherry, if consumed with its pit, isn’t harmful but avoiding this risk is advisable to keep your dog healthy and happy.

What is cyanide poisoning?

Cyanide is a toxic chemical found in the stems, leaves, and pit of stone fruits. To activate the cyanide in stone fruits, one must chew, crack, and crush the pits. These toxicities end up creating a horrible poison making it very unhealthy for dogs.

Yes, it’s true that one or two cherries may not be quite harmful and won’t put your dog in a life-threatening position. A few cherries especially won’t affect large dogs, but cyanide toxicity can easily be caused in small dogs.

If your dog accidentally snatches a cherry, you may not need to panic. However, I would not feed your dogs cherries on purpose, in order to avoid the risk.

Signs of cyanide poisoning:

A few symptoms that may show after ingestion in your dogs are the following. If they occur, it’s a clear sign you need to take your dog to the veterinarian as quickly as possible!

  • Panting or Hypertension
  • Gums become bright red
  • Pupils are dilated
  • Heartbeat becomes abnormal
  • Seizures and convulsions
  • Collapsing

If you suspect your dog snuck a few cherries from the bowl on the counter and is starting to show these above-stated signs, it’s a sign that they have cyanide toxicity and may need a vet who’ll induce vomiting to remove all the toxic substances inside the stomach. They’ll also continue to keep an eye on them for further symptoms and assist their bodies in flushing out the poison.

Dog ate cherry pit?

 It’s okay if your dog gets his paws on cherry and gobbles it down, do not panic! Single cherries aren’t that dangerous and won’t result in cyanide poisoning. But some of the significant symptoms that you should be looking out for in your dog are signs of intestinal blockage that include constipation, a decrease in their appetite, puking, and low excrement.

Some of the symptoms can appear in recent hours, so, ideally, you monitor your dog during the first 24 hours when the pup ends up swallowing the cherry with its pit. It’s essential to keep a check on a small dog because it’s likely that he may end up getting it more if compared to a large dog.

Can dogs eat maraschino cherries?

Processed Cherries: Can processed cherries be consumed? They are laden with syrup and have added sugars, dyes, and flavors as well as additives, and aren’t safe for your dog. So this is a big no!

Maraschino Cherries: They are pit-less! Yes, that’s right, these cherries do not have any pits. But the drawback is that they have lots of sugar. These can easily be used in drinks and different desserts. Did you know that extra sugars make a dog sick and cause tummy aches, so it’s ideal to avoid the high consumption of processed cherries? Making them unhealthy for your dogs!

Cherries are likely to cause an upset stomach as well as cyanide poisoning, so yes, cherries are not for your pup!

sour cherry tree

So, are cherries good for dogs?

Your dog’s diet should be balanced and should contain and an equal amount of all nutrients. It would be best if you gave everything to your dog in the right amount, and anything given in an extra amount can result in diabetes and obesity.

Dogs do enjoy sweet fruits but remember, some of these fruits are risky than others. So you should speak to your vet regarding the other fruit or sweet intakes. Your veterinarian knows your dog better than you, too, and will suggest the right amount of fruits that will be healthy and your dog can enjoy without getting sick.

If you really want your dog to eat cherries, then try offering your pup fresh and organic cherries. Wash and rinse them properly, remove the leaves, the stem, and the pit of the cherries and chop them into small pieces to minimize any risk of blockage and choking.

Try adding them in yogurt with other fruits or make a smoothie so your pup can enjoy a fun treat, but make sure the cherries are in a smaller amount and aren’t the main ingredient of the treat that you serve your dog.

Final Verdict! Can dogs eat cherries?

Not an ideal choice for dogs to consume, that’s for sure! The outcome isn’t worth it because it can put your dog through a lot of pain and result in him dying. That’s how harmful cyanide poisoning is! So it’s advisable to avoid giving your dog this fruit. You could try feeding him other fruits. But keep him away from cherries unless, of course, you have the approval of your veterinarian. Happy cherrying!

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  1. Really I’m going to be giving my big dog cherry to eat but not in a large quantity , and I will be taking my dog to a veterinary officer for check up of the dog

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