I retrieved my rounded temperatures from this Wikipedia article and this article by The Spruce Eats.

Baking Tips

  • A lot of ovens are not very accurate, so the best way to make sure you are baking at the right temperature is to use an oven thermometer. This will make sure that you do not frequently over or undercook your food.
  • Preheat your oven, so that from beginning to end, your dish is baking at the correct temperature
  • Once you are baking your dish, leave your oven door closed. It can be tempting to constantly open the oven door to check on its progress, however every time the oven door is opened, the internal temperature of the oven changes. This can have anywhere from minor to catastrophic consequences, depending on what you are baking.
  • Check cakes and bread by inserting a dry knife or toothpick, and making sure it comes out clean.

Celsius To Fahrenheit Chart

This temperature conversion chart will definitely be super useful in any kitchen, especially for those who like to experiment with recipes created in other countries.

How Do You Convert Celsius To Fahrenheit Fast?

In my research, I found this easy trick to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. Multiply the temperature in degree Celsius by 2, you then add 30 for the estimated temperature in Fahrenheit. 

a chart with common celsius and fahrenheit cooking temperatures

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