Fruits That Start With H

If you are interested in learning about some new and exciting fruits that start with H, then you are at the right place. Fruits are the seed-bearing structures of a plant that have nutritional value. They are high in fiber and are a good source of vital vitamins and minerals. They also include a variety of antioxidants, including flavonoids, which are beneficial to one’s health.

We can not take good care of our bodies unless we are fully aware of the components and parts of the fruits we eat.

This article is all about the fruits that start with the letter ‘H’. From Honeysuckle to Huckleberry, all of these fruits are not only edible but highly nutritious. Some of these might even surprise you.


Hala fruit on a tree

Hala fruit, a SouthEast Asian native fruit, is made up of dozens of segments, called keys or cones. The inside of each cone is pulpy, while the outer green edge is fibrous. It can be eaten as raw fruit, boiled with grated coconut, or ground into a  paste.

The Hala fruit has a slightly sweet, tropical flavor that tastes like a combination of mango and pineapple with a strong banana aftertaste. The flavor has been compared to jackfruit by some. It has a frightening appearance and resembles an exploded planet.


Eastern hawthorne

Hawthorn fruits are only the size of berries with pulpy flesh and thin skin. These berries are high in nutrients, have a tart, acidic flavor and a slight sweetness, and offer a variety of colors ranging from yellow to bright red to black.

The berries of hawthorn are edible, but the seeds are not. Hawthorn seeds, like apple seeds, contain cyanide. Due to their astringent texture and extremely sour flavor, they are rarely eaten fresh off the tree.

Furthermore, taking a hawthorn extract produced particularly for medical purposes is a faster and easier way to obtain health advantages. They are more often blended with sweeter fruits and berries to process into jam or pie filling.


Hog plum

Hog plum, also known as Yellow Mombin, is a plum native to tropical Americans. The fruits have wrinkled skin and are tiny, yellow-green ovals. The flesh is acidic and harsh in flavor and is typically used to make jam or sweets with a lot of sugar.

Many people compare hog plums to crab apples because of their rough skin and spine inside. However, these plums are edible. The plum is pickled in vinegar and eaten with chile and salt in Mexico. It tastes like a pickled apple and is tart, spicy, and semi-bitter.


The horned melon, also known as Kiwano, is an unusual-looking fruit native to Africa’s central and southern regions.

Its wild look and unique flavors mix the cucumber and melon families, bringing a burst of flavor and a highly harsh reaction from anybody who has tried and tested it early. It may be eaten raw or added in fruit salads, smoothies, or salsa.

It may be eaten raw or added in fruit salads, smoothies, or salsa. Unfortunately, horned melon is not accessible in every store, but if you can locate it, it may be a nutritious addition to your diet, including protein, Vitamin C, and iron.

African horned cucumber on a white background


honeyberry with leaves

Honeyberries are a delicious treat that should not be missed at all. Also known as Haskap berries, they are nutritionally edible berries with a distinctive sweet-tart flavor. Haskap relates to Japanese varieties, whereas edible honeysuckle refers to Siberian hybrids.

The fruits taste and look remarkably similar to blueberries and may be eaten raw or used in jams and jellies. They are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, just like blueberries, and make a fascinating addition to your fruit collection.


Honey crisp apples bundled together

Honeycrisp apples are a beautiful yellow-green apple with a blush that develops as it ripens. It’s a crisp apple with a wonderfully balanced strong flavor that sweetens as it matures.

The Honeycrisp apple, unlike the great majority of modern commercial fruit, was not developed to grow, store, or ship well. It was cultivated to be delicious: crisp, with a balanced sweetness and acidity.

Two characteristics distinguish ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples from other apples. The first is their extraordinarily crisp and juicy feel, while the second is their incredible storage life.

You can pick an excellent apple and keep, sell, or enjoy it for more than half the year!


Honeydew melon on wooden board

Honeydew melons have a large, oval shape with a smooth rind and a softcore. Honeydew melons, despite their name, are not high in sugar. Instead, they have a high water content, which dilutes their natural sugars.

Although Cantaloupe and Honeydew are related, they are not the same fruit. They’re both sweet, yet their appearances aren’t the same. Cantaloupe has a darker, netted skin and orange meat, whereas honeydew has a smooth, light-colored skin and green flesh

Honeydew melons also include fiber and a variety of vital minerals, such as vitamin C and potassium.


honeysuckle fruits

Honeysuckle is a red, blue, or black spherical, elongated fruit with numerous seeds; the berries are moderately toxic in most species, although a few are edible and produced for personal use and commerce.

Honeysuckle is hugely vital to wildlife, supporting a variety of species, many of which are endangered. The majority of honeysuckle berries are appealing to animals.


huckleberry on a tree

Huckleberries are tiny blue or blackberries that grow in the wild throughout North America. They resemble blueberries in appearance and flavor, but unlike blueberries, they only grow isolated berries where the leaves meet the stem.

Huckleberries can be eaten fresh from the bush, although they are more commonly used in baking, cooking, and flavoring drinks.


huiti fruit cut into half showing the seeds

Huito is a plant that is often found in South American jungles.  The flesh is exceptionally juicy, with many cream-colored seeds, and has a highly astringent flavor.

Huito may be consumed in a variety of ways. For example, it may be eaten raw directly off the tree, or it may be used as a primary ingredient in various processed food items such as jams, sweets, sauces, and lemonades.

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