I am definitely a lover of fruits. However, what we see in supermarkets is barely a scratch on the surface of the varieties that exist! So I’d like to continue sharing interesting fruits with you all, now with fruits that start with B.

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Fruits That Start With B

One of the most striking facts regarding food is that there are nearly 300,000 types of food in the world but we can consume only 10% of that variety.

Another amusing fact about food is that more than 20+ food items start with every alphabet. So, let’s explore the letter B today. The below-mentioned list includes a sample of fruits beginning with the letter B.


bael fruit

Bael is a renowned fruit in some parts of the world and popular for the health benefits it offers. Its juice is highly recommended for digestive issues. It also has amazing medical benefits that can help with symptoms of hepatitis and even tuberculosis. There are numerous benefits that Bael offers, such as blood purification, low cancer risk, and it also helps new mothers during the process of lactation.



Banana on a white background

Bananas are one of the most deliciously healthy fruits that one can have. As we all know, fiber helps in losing weight, by helping out the digestive process, while also keeping us feeling full. This superfood is also immensely rich in potassium that helps in preventing osteoporosis and balancing blood pressure in the body. Bananas are usually consumed as a snack or used as an ingredient in cakes.

Barbados Cherry

barbados cherries in a wooden bowl on a white background

Barbados cherry is highly rich in Vitamin C. It is a perfect fruit to provide your immune system with an additional boost. The Barbados cherries flood your tastebuds with its juicily sour flavor. As Barbados cherries are rich in antioxidants, they can guard your body against various viruses and diseases. 

Bayberry Fruit

bayberry in a green basket

These berries are known as the most delicious berries of all. In fact, some people actually refer to them as the Yumberries. The bayberries are red and sweet, and are mostly grown in parts of China and Japan. If you find these berries outside of Asia, they are probably frozen, dried, or sold in the preserved tin packages. They are incredibly delicious to eat fresh or frozen. The majority of the people use these yumberries to make tasty treats, such as bayberry juice, bayberry sour plum soup, and more.



Bilberries are incredibly famous for their sweet and tarty taste. They are famous for the name of European blueberries. These European blueberries are somewhat similar to American blueberries, having similar shapes and flavors. However, the color of their peel is purple and red. Bilberries are a good ingredient for baking. You can make a tasty upside-down cake, bilberry pies, and bilberry muffins for all your friends and family.


Bilimbi on a white background

Another food that starts with the letter B is Bilimbi. This fruit is not eaten raw, as it tastes incredibly sour when eaten on its own. If you are craving a yummy sour flavor, Bilimbi pickles or Bilimbi squash should be your go-to option. The Bilimbi fruit is sometimes also called the cucumber tree. The reason is that the fruit Bilimbi looks somewhere similar to a small cucumber. This fruit is most actively used in Indonesian cuisines, prized for its sour and intense flavor. This fruit grows to be 4-inches long, and is firm with a waxy textured skin.

Bitter Melon

Bittermelon fruit

You will be amazed at the kind of medicinal benefits that bitter melon carries. As the name suggests, the white peel texture of the fruit is quite bitter. However, if it is cooked perfectly on a low flame, the bitter taste gets suppressed, and it tastes excellent. This superfood regulates blood sugar levels, reducing bad cholesterol, and can aid the weight loss process. 


Blackberries in a wooden bowl

Blackberries have a substantial amount of fiber. This lip-smacking fruit is exceptionally healthy to consume raw. Additionally, this fruit is incredibly healthy and beneficial to control cholesterol and weight gain. Blackberries are loaded with B vitamins, essential nutrients, and various antioxidants that can develop your immunity to fight against various viral diseases, while helping with your heart health. These yummy blackberries are the perfect ingredient to add to your crumbles, pies, or any other sweet delights.

Black Cherry

black cherries on white background

Black cherries are rich in antioxidants and incredibly beneficial due to their significant anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants. For adding the extra luscious taste to your snacks, make sure to use black cherry jam and jellies to satisfy your dessert cravings. Consuming black cherries daily can guarantee the overall health and well-being of our body. Moreover, black cherries act as natural pain relievers in arthritis and muscle pains. 

Black Currant

black currant bush

Black currant is a popular choice flavorsome smoothies and drinks. It is mostly bloomed in parts of Asia, the UK, and Europe. The tiny and tart bits of black currant berries are used in drinks, healthy food items, and various nutritious drinks. You can add these black currant berries to bake some delicious cakes or cream tarts, or finger-licking sweet jam. The benefits of consuming black currant berries are infinite. However, these berries are highly rare to find here in the US, unless they are dried.

Black Mulberry

black mulberry in a silver can on a blue background

At a glance, it is tough to distinguish between black mulberry and blackberries. The only difference is that these berries are a tad bit longer than blackberries. These fruits are extremely juicy, and the sweet sap bursts like a water balloon on a bite. They are usually available in dried, frozen, or tin-canned packaging. Black mulberry is used to make yummy jellies and jams, or mulberry cakes. You can also eat black mulberry jam with cookies and pastries.

Black Raspberry

Black raspberries on raspberry bush

Black raspberries are incredibly rare to find when compared to red raspberries. They are closely related to red raspberries in flavors, size, and shape. However, the only difference is in the color of the peel and texture. Also, numerous people find that these raspberries sweeter than the red ones. They are rich in antioxidant properties. Black raspberries are that hidden ingredient in your pudding, cakes, and muffins that make them delectable and luscious.

Black Sapote

black sapote cut into half with green skin and black flesh on a white background

The Black sapote fruit does not match in its appearance at all. The outer peel of this fruit is forest green, but when the insides are revealed, a dark brown creamy texture that matches chocolate pudding is found. This fruit is incredibly creamy and decadent when it is eaten raw. It also has various health benefits, such as balancing cholesterol in the body. Black sapote brownies are also a delicacy!


blueberries in a basket on the ground

Blueberries are packed with 80% of water, making them such a refreshingly perfect treat. They are a very popular smoothie ingredient, and for good reason. Blueberries are also arguably one of the most popular fruits for baked goods. Not only do they taste good, but blueberries are also incredibly high in antioxidants that can help in reducing inflammation in joints, prevent memory loss, and many other health issues.

Blood Orange

blood orange on a wooden background

Blood orange is named because it looks just like an orange, except for its burgundy color and unique flavor. The blood orange’s crimson red color is due to antioxidants called polyphenols. Blood oranges actually taste slightly sweeter when compared to regular oranges or raspberries. These special oranges taste great wherever you would add oranges, be it in juice or in baked goods.


breadfruit on a white background

Breadfruit belongs to the family of mulberries and jackfruit. It is a staple food in various cultures. Breadfruit can be deep-fried or baked quite like potatoes. In Jamaican cuisine, it is commonly fried or roasted plainly and eaten with spicy dishes in place of rice or bread. It is also eaten for breakfast with ackee, callaloo, and boiled dumplings.

Buddha’s Hand Fruit

buddha's hand on white background

Buddha’s hand is a weird-looking fruit known for its finger-like structure. It is extremely citrusy, similar to lemon or oranges. This fruit is most commonly used for edible decorative purposes. Furthermore, the citrusy taste of this fruit is also used to intensify the flavor of desserts, drinks, and various food items.

Burmese Grape

Burmese grape bunch

Burmese grapes are commonly cultivated in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, hence the name. The fruit comes in various colors, such as greenish yellow, intense purple, and red. This fruit tastes like grapes, and is sourly sweet. Burmese grapes are eaten raw, as well as cooked in traditional dishes. 

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