It’s always fascinating to learn more about the food we consume, and it actually inspires us to take better care of our health. Today, let’s talk about Fruits That Start With D

We always want to eat something that is both tasty and nutritious. Fruits are natural snacks that everyone loves eating, and they are always beneficial for anyone who eats them. Whether they are children or adults or are trying to lose weight or gain weight, fruits always have something to offer.

You perhaps already know some of these, but some might come as a surprise to you. We have covered all fruits from Dates to Daleb and Dewberry. All the fruits in this list are edible and highly nutritious.

Let’s get started!


daidai bitter orange on tree

The Daidai is a small orange that grows on a bitter orange tree. Its bitter, acidic, and intense flavor is similar to bergamot and is ideal for preparing sauces and marmalades. In addition, it is used as a flavor in cooking, and its peels are used in traditional Japanese medicine. The best-known use of Daidai is at the top of Kagami Mochi, a Japanese New Years’ decoration.

It is harvested from November to January in Japan and the Asian region.


damson plum in a glass bowl on white background

Damsons are plum-like fruits that grow across Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. They are a variety of common plums. They have a similar flavor but with a slightly more astringent taste and higher sugar content.

Damson plum fiber is also a great option to decrease excess cholesterol, thereby helping to maintain proper body cholesterol levels. In addition, they are commonly utilized in culinary applications due to their sweet-sour flavor, particularly fruit preserves and jams.


dates isolated on white background

Dates have been a chief food of the Middle East and the Indus Valley for many years. They are tropical fruits produced on date palm trees.

These are highly nutritious and quite sweet fruits, making them an excellent option for sweetening food without the need for additional sugar.

Fresh dates vary in size and color from bright red to bright yellow, depending on the type. The most popular types of dates are Medjool and Deglet Noor.


While the name may not sound appealing, the jelly fruit pulp is surprisingly sweet and delicate compared to watermelon. The common name “Dead Man’s Fingers” comes from the apparent resemblance of the fruit with cold human fingers.

The blue bean-like fruits grow on small trees or shrubs in eastern Asia. They are mainly cultivated for decorative purposes, while the fruit is of great value for food in some Indian communities.


The Deleb Palm, also known as the African Fan Palm, is a tropical plant species native to Africa utilized for both medical and non-medicinal purposes worldwide. It gets its name from its crown, which is made up of a cluster of fan-shaped leaves.

The fibrous tissue encircling the seed can be eaten raw, roasted, or cooked at full maturity. It is reported to have a coconut flavor.


Desert lime is one of the world’s fastest-growing citrus species after flowering. Although the flavor is pretty intense and unique, the shape, size, and color are similar to any other typical lime.

They are indigenous to Australia and thrive in arid conditions. They are mainly used to flavor beverages and to make jams and marmalades.


dewberries on a wooden background

Dewberries can be found all over North America and Northern Europe. They are similar to raspberries and blackberries, but the seeds are much tougher. They are ideal for jams and jellies, as well as pastries such as cobblers and pies.

When they’re ready to eat, they’re a dark blue-purple color. The flavor is comparable to that of blackberries but more solid and packed. Dewberries, or wild blackberries, will end producing fruit in early May. In contrast, cultivated blackberries will continue to develop later in the summer and even into the fall.


The Dika Nut tree is a huge, evergreen tree with a dense, compact canopy. It may be found in tropical Africa, where it is highly sought for a variety of applications. One of these is the edible seeds, which are used in soups and as a food seasoning. 

The seed is also used to make odika, commonly known as dika bread or Gabonese chocolate. Bread tree, African wild mango, and bush mango are some of the other names for this plant.


double coconut on a beige background

The coconut tree receives its name from its look. The name implies that it is remarkably similar to a regular coconut.  But, it is one of the world’s most uncommon and sought-after fruits. It is also known as the Coco De Mer or the Sea coconut by the locals. 

They ripen in about ten years and have a fleshy and fibrous envelope enclosing a hard, nutlike part that is often two-lobed, resembling a double coconut. The nut’s contents are edible but not commercially valuable.


dragon fruit in basket

The bright pink-purple skin and green spikes of dragon fruit distinguish it as a stunning tropical fruit. Because it is highly juicy, it is often used in tropical juices and beverages, not only for flavor but also for color.

The flesh inside resembles kiwi fruit in appearance. However, it usually is white with tiny black seeds that are edible as well. The flavor is sweet but moderate and unmistakably tropical. Read More.


duku fruits on a banana leaf

Duku is small to medium in size, round to slightly oval, and these fruits grow in big clusters of ten or more.  The Duku is commonly cultivated in all tropical areas of the world for its sweet fruit.

It is best suited for raw applications since its sweet and tangy flavor shines through when eaten fresh. You can devour it as a snack or as a light dessert. It is also often segmented and put into fruit salads, green salads, juiced or blended into fruit drinks, and coated with syrups for a sweeter flavor.


durian fruit on white background

Durian is a tropical fruit that nurtures in Southeast Asian countries. It is also known as the “King of Fruits.” It has a spiky outer shell and smelly flesh that varies in color. It can be found in both sweet and savory dishes.

Durian is also a very nutritious fruit, high in fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, and other beneficial plant compounds. However, the most talked-about part of durian is its scent, which is notoriously unpleasant and the source of much debate.

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