There is a variety of foods that start with the letter “J”. Some of which you may be familiar with and eat, and others of which you may not aware of. While we can’t possibly list all of the meals available in the world, we can provide some guidance to assist you to get more familiar with foods. Here we compiled a list of foods that start with J.

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The jackfruit grows on the jack tree and it can be found in South Asian nations. The jackfruit has the look of a huge melon. Even though it is a fruit, jackfruit is used in Savoury recipes such as stews and Curries. The Ripe Jackfruit itself is quite good and also tastes like pineapple. The consistency of jackfruit is similar to that of pulled pork, which is why it’s used as a meat substitute in vegetarian meals. See Jackfruit Carnitas, Instant Pot Vegan Jackfruit, and Potato Curry, Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Wraps.         


Jalapeno is a tiny green chili pepper used in Mexican cooking. When it relates to spiciness, jalapenos are a hot pepper to eat. These are more tasty and useful pepper than the others. They are a highly popular item. Use in cuisine due to their natural and earthy taste. After roasting jalapeno takes a strong, smokey flavor.                                


One of India’s most famous desserts, jalebi is a spiral dessert that takes time and practice to master. This sweet and salty treat is dipped in sugar syrup and bursting with flavor.                                


Jam is a smooth and creamy condiment used in sandwiches, toast, scones, and muffins all over the world. Several cakes and sweets, such as jam rolls, use jam as a primary ingredient.

Jam is made by mashing and boiling fruit, then sweetening and preserving it with a large amount of sugar. You can prepare jam out of practically any fruit you can think of, but strawberry jam is probably the most common.                                    


Jambalaya has a lot of similarities with recipes like paella and Jollof. The dish has a long and illustrious history, and it has since become a popular supper in the Deep South. It’s made out of sausage, pig, or chicken, as well as seafood like crawfish or shrimp. With a combination of spices, onions, and peppers.                              

Japanese Plum

The Japanese plum is a fruit cultivated in Japan. The fruit is small, but its flesh is dense and dark purple to red. The flavoring is very sweet. Pickles and jams can also be made using it. Japanese plum is known as the Japanese apricot. In Japan, it is a very common fruit.                              


Japchae means “mix vegetables”. But, Korean noodles, commonly known as glass noodles, are the major ingredient in this popular meal. For classic holidays and special events, japchae is a must-have food. Numerous varieties are using various ingredients. Try Vegan Japchae.               

Jasmine Tea

Green tea leaves are used to make jasmine tea, which is fragrant with fresh jasmine blossoms. This tea type is known for its delicate and mild flavor, as well as sweet floral overtones and a nice scent.


The bright colors and wobbling consistency of jelly make it a popular delicacy. It’s made by combining fruit juice and boiling water, then adding gelatin to solidify the mixture into an elastic form. Serve jelly with fruit and ice cream.

Jelly roll

It’s a puff pastry with 2 very thin sheets and a layer of raspberry jam in the center. After a heavy meal, a jelly roll is a nice treat to prepare. It’s a tasty treat that doesn’t take long to prepare. It’s also a joy to offer to your visitors.

Jamaican Jerk

The word “Jamaican jerk” can refer to either a spicy, slow-roasted meat marinade, slow-roasted pork meal made using the marinade. The dish originated in Jamaica. Nowadays, you can easily prepare your own homemade Jamaican Jerk Sauce, Jerk Cauliflower Steak, Vegan Jerk Potato Salad, Jerk Tofu. 


Jicama is a Mexican vegetable. It is a root vegetable with a taste and texture comparable to an apple. It is sold by street food vendors in Central America with lime juice or lemon and chili pepper. Check out Vegan Jicama Slaw, Jicama Pineapple Salad, Jicama Wrap,  Jicama Fries in the oven, or Air-Fryer Jicama Fries.

Jerusalem Artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke is a sunflower’s family member. It resembles a skinny and bobbly potato and has a sweet and nutty flavor. After cooking, the vegetable has a taste comparable to that of artichoke hearts. Read More.

Johnny Cake

In North America, a johnnycake is a form of cornbread that offer as a staple dish. Use white or yellow cornmeal to make the cake. With the addition of sugar, the cornbread serves as sweet. The sponge for the johnnycake fry on a griddle and includes leavening ingredients to provide a soft and springy rise.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a West African rice dish with a long history. Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, and Ghana are among the countries that enjoy it. Jollof rice is made by cooking rice on a wood fire and then letting it burn, giving it a rich, smokey flavor. There are several types of jollof rice throughout West Africa, but they all have the same distinctive taste which has made it so famous. See Jollof Rice recipe and Jollof Quinoa.


The foods that begin with the letter “J” come in a wide range of flavors. We hope that this list has given you some ideas for your next dish. Tell us about some of your favorite dishes that begin with the letter J in the comments section below.

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