Many foods begin with the letter I, which may surprise you. Let’s have a look at them and understand a few fun facts about each of them. These all foods are delicious. Here we compiled a list of foods that start with I. 

Ice cream 

When we think of the letter I, one of the first foods that come to mind is ice cream. Ice cream is the most common snack or dessert in the world. Chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and so many more tastes and colors are available in this sweet frozen dessert. In the 1930s, ice cream became popular in the US. Amazingly, the first ice cream was created from snow in China around 200 BC. This simple but tasty dish is now one of the most popular treats.

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

Cherry Coconut Ice Cream

Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Ice cream cake

The cake is a hit at every event, especially children’s birthday parties. Although it is best served in the summer. Ice cream cake is delicious at any time of year. They come in a variety of flavors, just like ice cream, with numerous selections for both the cakes and ice cream flavors. And although they used to be a luxury dessert only for the wealthy.

Ice pops

Ice pops are a delicious treat that attracts both children and adults, and they come in practically any flavor and variety. You can buy ice pops in a variety of flavors, including cherry, banana, root beer, lemon, orange, grape, and many more. Water, sugar, and flavoring are the main ingredients in ice pops. Use blended fruit and freeze it in popsicle molds to make it healthy, which is a wonderful way for children to get additional fruit while thinking like they’re having dessert.

Watermelon Ice Pops

Avocado Lime Ice Pops

Iceberg lettuce 

Iceberg lettuce is a delicious salad ingredient. This bright green veggie is famous for its delightful crunch. Even though it lacks the nutritional and vitamins worth of other green leafy vegetables, it is still a healthy choice. It contains a lot of water and is delicious in burgers and sandwiches. 


Icing is a wonderful addition to any cake. It is the perfect cake topping, even though it’s just sugar. While frosting is commonly referred to as icing, icing is a thin covering of frosting put to the top of a cake. Icing is available in a wide variety of flavors and colors.

Vegan Cream Cheese Icing

Idaho potatoes 

Idaho potatoes are among the most common potato varieties. They’re big potatoes with a white center and brown skin. These potatoes are especially good for baking and making mashed potatoes. Russet potatoes are another name for these potatoes.

Hasselback Potatoes


This is a meal that you must try at least once in life if you live in or visit the south of India or Sri Lanka. These rice flour noodles are flavored and eaten as a side dish. Idiyappam serves as a base for many dishes, usually curries. To make it a sweeter breakfast food, add a glob of sweet coconut milk and shredded coconut.


Idli is a traditional South Indian breakfast meal. Most Indians believe it started in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu however food historians believe it originated in Indonesia. It is a delicious rice cake that’s usually eat-in breakfast. A batter of fermenting black lentils and rice is frequently cooked to make the cakes. It has a smooth, fluffy texture and therefore it is high in nutrients. 


Imarti, commonly known as Jalebi, is an Indian dessert. This dessert was regarded as a regal delicacy and was exclusively served in the Rajput’s’ and Mughals’ courts. It has the appearance of circular pretzels and is orange-red, and has a sweet, sticky flavor. Imarti is a fermented dough that is put into boiling oil in a spiral shape and fried then dip in sugar syrup. 


Imqaret is a sweet dessert that’s full of dates. If you order this dish in a Maltese restaurant, it comes with ice cream. It usually has the shape of a diamond; this is where the name comes from. It purchases in a rectangular shape. In Malta, they’re a popular street meal. 

Indian black salt

Himalayan pink salt is used to make Indian black salt, which is volcanic rock salt. The pink salt is mixed with Indian spices. After that, the salt mixture is heated over extremely high heat until it turns black. Aside from its unusual color, Indian black salt has a unique, terrible odor, which is due to sulphur. This salt, also called kala namak, is used traditionally in Indian dishes, but is experiencing a surge in popularity due to its sulphuric flavor acting as a great substitute for eggs.

Vegan Egg Salad

Indian chutney

Indian chutney is a condiment that has its origins in India. According to what you serve it with, it might be hot, savory, or sweet. Fruits, veggies, and/or herbs can all be used to make chutneys. They are used to bring a sense of balance to dishes or to draw attention to a certain flavor. Chutneys are a delicious, healthful, and low-calorie condiment. They can help with digestion and inflammation. 

Indian curry

Curry is derived from the Tamil word ‘Kari,’ which means sauce or soup to be served with rice. Curry isn’t only for rice, though. It goes well with any type of naan or chapati or just with salads and chutney. The 3 spices turmeric, red chilies, and cumin are commonly found as a curry sauce’s basis. You can always purchase a pre-made high-quality curry powder to save time. Remember that each curry powder has its particular flavor, so try a little before using it in a dish. 

Curry Chana

Tofu Tikka Masala

Instant mashed potatoes

While nothing beats freshly made mashed potatoes, instant mashed potatoes are a good option if you need a quick side dish or entrée. Instant mash is made more flavorful by adding salt and butter. It is worth keeping in the pantry, even if it isn’t the most nutritional dinner accompaniment. 

Instant noodles 

Instant noodles are popular in a wide range of countries. This convenient meal, which originated in Japan, is available in a variety of flavors. Flavoring powder is included with the noodles. Instant noodles are acceptable once in a while. The versatility of quick noodles is one of their advantages. You can make a sophisticated dish out of it by adding pan-fried meats and/or vegetables, or you can eat it plain with plenty of liquid.

Instant oatmeal 

Instant oats are a great choice which is also very delicious. Serves for breakfast, and all you have to do is boil them up with some water or milk. They are relatively healthy, and you can top them with a variety of toppings, ranging from various fruits and berries. They offer the same nutritional value as conventional oats but require less preparation time. 

Instant pudding 

Instant pudding is a powder that you combine with milk or other liquids to make a pudding. Sugar, flavoring ingredients, and thickeners are all present. It’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, and youngsters will enjoy it as well. 

Irish moss

Sea moss is an edible sea vegetable, of many varieties and colors ranging from red, brown, black, yellow, and purple. It is commonly grown to process as carrageenan, a gelatinous carbohydrate used in the cosmetics and baking industry. Carrageenan may be found in anything from ice cream to infant formula since it can be utilized as a vegan alternative for gelatin and as a basic emulsifier.

Irish moss is packed with many benefits and can help to heal the skin, immune system, and digestive tract issues. It is usually called Irish moss in warmer climates. 

Iodized salt

Iodized salt contains iodine, which is extremely good for your health. Iodine insufficiency is a dangerous condition that affects the majority of individuals. When the human body is deficient in iodine, it can lead to intellectual and developmental problems. Iodized salt is an excellent toxin extractor for the body. Iodine also aids in the regulation of blood processes and promotes thyroid function. 

Irish soda bread

Soda bread is different from other types of bread. Irish soda bread is made with baking soda, as the name suggests. The reaction of the ingredients creates microscopic bubbles in the bread, which gives it its distinctive texture. It has a slightly different taste than “normal” bread.

Italian ice

If you don’t like dairy products or are vegan, Italian Ice is the greatest ice cream substitute. It can be frozen or semi-frozen and is frequently sweetened with fruits or other natural/artificial flavorings like juice, concentrates, or purees. It is a fantastic alternative for vegetarians and vegans equally because it does not contain any dairy or egg ingredients.


So of all the foods that start with I, which are your favorite? Most people like these foods. If you know any other tasty foods that start with the letter I, comment below!

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