Guayaba sounds like a pretty different word, but do not let it confuse you! It is the Spanish word for the guava fruit. Keep reading to find out all about guayaba!

Guayaba vs. guava?

 Guava Vs. guayaba, what’s the difference? There isn’t any difference! Guayaba is a fruit grown in tropical climates, and sometimes found in American grocery stores. It’s yummy and has multiple nutritional benefits. Keep reading to find out more!

Seasonal availability of guayaba:

These fruits are delicious, and the best part about them is they are usually harvested and available throughout the year, except in the months of May and June. Depending on the region or country it is being grown in, its harvesting seasons are August when it’s the rainy season, March-April during the spring season, and November-December during the winter season crop. It is awesome having access to this tropical summery fruit all year round.

Guava nutrition:

Guayaba is a very healthy that you can eat daily. Here are some of guava’s nutrition facts:


A complete cup serving of guayaba gives you 112 calories and an estimated 23.5g of carbohydrates. With zero starch content, most of these calories come from the natural sugar content present in guayaba. As per a scientific study, guayaba is healthy for diabetic patients with a glycemic index as low as 30.


Guayaba is a low-fat content fruit, going as low as 1.7g in a cup.


Guayaba contains over 4g of protein in a single serving, which is actually relatively high for a fruit.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Guayaba gives you a potent punch of vitamin C, as with so many other tropical fruits. It is also high in minerals, compounds that the human body converts to vitamin A, and is an excellent source of potassium. It also has traces of other vital vitamins and minerals.

Guava benefits:

Guayaba is pretty yummy in taste but it isn’t just a fruit with good taste; you can have it because of the multiple benefits it provides to you! Here are just a few:

Guayaba helps manage blood sugar:

Guayaba is pretty excellent in improving blood sugar levels inside our body.This is excellent news for all those who have diabetes, have it now, and be thankful later.

Did you know that a study stated that approximately 19 people had lowered blood sugar levels after having guayaba leaf tea? It’s that effective! So have it now and reap its benefits.

Guayaba for heart health:

Guayaba can be pretty helpful in boosting the health of your heart and making it better. It has a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants that may be quite helpful in protecting your heart from any free radicals.

The guayaba has a high level of potassium, which is again pretty beneficial in improving heart health. It keeps the bad cholesterol away and helps in rising and maintaining good cholesterol inside our bodies, read more here. Have a few bites of guayaba if you have cholesterol issues, and see the difference yourself!

Guayaba for menstrual cramps:

So many  women experience extreme pain and cramps in menstruation, and these become a hindrance in their daily life. Stomach cramps, nausea are some common symptoms of menstruation.

Guayaba can be helpful in lowering down your pain levels and can be pretty beneficial if taken as a snack on your menstruation days. They even help relieve painful urinal cramps. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it!

Guava for the digestive system: 

The digestive system needs to stay healthy and maintained if you want to function correctly. To do this, consuming food items that are rich in fiber is pretty compelling. Guayaba is an excellent source of fiber and can be pretty helpful in bowel movements and even help prevent constipation.

Did you know that you are providing your body with 12% of your daily recommended fiber just by consuming one guayaba? This is precisely what you need in your daily intake. It reduces any stomach problems, and helps treat diarrhea. You need this if you have constant stomach problems!

Guava for weight loss:

Guayaba is rich in fiber which essentially makes it a fruit that is excellent for losing weight. The fruit contains approximately 37 calories and is pretty filling too. You can devour this low-calorie snack and enjoy a sweet treat with added benefits. Guava is jam-packed with vital nutrients such as minerals and vitamins, so you get them all in one!

Guava for the immune system:

When the body has a low amount of Vitamin C, it becomes more susceptible to multiple diseases and illnesses. Guayaba is a perfect way to get the nutrients, as it is very rich in vitamin C. It actually has double the amount that you would get from an orange. It even provides micro-bacterial benefits, assisting in killing bacteria and various viruses that cause infections.

Bottom line:

Guava is exceptionally yummy and is jam-packed with all the nutrients your body needs to build a healthy lifestyle. It’s a tropical fruit that is low in calories, making it a healthy munch for those looking for snack alternatives and helps in balancing blood sugar levels which is excellent for diabetic patients, not just that buts it’s pretty good for weight loss and digestion as it’s fiber concentration is high and helps you stay away from any stomach problems. Guava is the fruit you need to have in your routine when it’s in season. Try it out today and thank us later!

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