From papaya to pears, there are lots of deliciously refreshing Fruits That Start With P. They can also make your skin radiant and your hair shinier!

Below are various fruits that start with P. Some of the most loved ones are listed below! The list includes juicy peaches, refreshing papaya, and the yummy pomelo.

Let us know in the comment section below how many of these fruits have you tried! All the below-mentioned fruits are both sour and sugary, and are full of essential vitamins and energizing minerals. 

Fruits That Start With The Letter ‘P’

1. Papaya

piece of papaya leaning on whole papayas on a wooden surface

This fruit originates from Central America and is full of nutrients and is super sweet in flavors. This plump and juicy fruit is claimed to be super powerful, having antioxidants, and also improves digestion.

Not only is papaya healthy but it also has a lot of other uses. This fruit is also used to create bathing soaps as it has great skin-brightening properties.

This fruit also possesses certain enzymes that make it a great meat tenderizer.

2. Passion Fruit

Farmer showing cut open fresh ripe passion fruit

This is a very bright and colorful fruit whose origin is Brazil. This has maroon and magenta colors on the outside and yellow colors on the inside.

Also, know that this fruit belongs to the family of berries. It is utilized in a lot of different ways around the globe and is also used in a lot of beverages.

3. Paw Paw

This is an absolutely rare fruit. This fruit has a flavor of both banana and mango. Your mouth is watering, right?

It is usually known to be a tropical fruit. However, it is native to Canada and the USA. This fruit has an oblong shape and has been grown for several years by the Americans now. You are never going to regret having this fruit.

4. Peach

wire basket of peaches on a gray surface

Peaches are a super delicious fruit that almost everyone knows and loves. In fact, August is the month of peaches. The whole month is dedicated to this amazing fruit!

These fruits have a sweet and tangy flavor and can go nicely along with any dessert. They are rich in Vitamin C and A and are super popular in the United States.

5. Pears

This fruit is known to have the highest fiber proportions and is loved by almost everybody. Pear is native to Europe and Asia and has around 3000+ varieties all around the globe. This fruit is considered to be very sacred in Greek mythology and is super healthy and delicious.

6. Persimmon

plate of whole and cut persimmons with a knife on a dark surface

This is one of my most favorite fruits! They are super yummy and are very cute. Persimmon belongs to the rose family and has a sweet but mild taste with a texture similar to apricots.

However, know that this fruit is quite expensive as compared to others. They can be very difficult to grow and usually require grafting. As they are becoming more common, the price is slowly decreasingly!

7. Pineapple

close up of pineapple triangles

This fruit has so many uses! Pineapple is native to South America. It is among one of most versatile fruits, since you can easily add them to desserts, drinks, and even savory dishes. Just like papaya, they also have the property to tenderize meat.

This is a large fruit that is juicy and fibrous at the center. It comes with an abundance of vitamin C. Pineapple is very famous and is cultivated all around the globe. It is mostly grown in warm climates like Southern Florida and California.

8. Pitaya

red and white dragon fruit halves and cubes on a white plate with whole dragonfruit in the background on a wooden surface

Pitaya, mostly known as dragon fruit, actually belongs to the family of cactus. This fruit, besides having a cool name, looks good too.

This fruit has green thorny leaves with a bright pink or yellow outer surface. It has white or bright pink flesh with black seeds inside. Depending on the variation, this fruit’s texture is very similar to peaches and kiwis.

9. Plantains

pile of ripe plantains with a wooden crate background

This one’s super recognizable. Plantains are thick, giant, and long-looking bananas. It is lower in sugar and higher in starch and can be cooked because it is sturdy and can endure more heat.

You can also fry these and coat them with brown sugar to have them as a snack. They can also be cooked like vegetables.

10. Plums

These fruits are super healthy! In fact, plums are great for a healthy heart.  This fruit can be as large as a baseball or as small as a cherry. It is grown in all continents, except Antarctica.

There are more than 200 varieties of plums, but the top varieties are Japanese plums and European plums.

11. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a very gorgeous-looking fruit. It has a deep and rich color. They originate from the Mediterranean, around the Middle East.

The seeds can be time-consuming to remove but this fruit is definitely worth your efforts. Pomegranate contains antioxidants, in fact three times higher an amount than green tea.

12. Pomelo

Pomelo is the king of citrus fruits! It is a large fruit that looks like grapefruit, and is very popular in Southeast Asian nations.

You can peel the rind off to get pink and pulpy flesh. It can be eaten in a salad or in juice. If you are someone who loves grapefruit, you’ll surely love pomelo even more!

13. Prunes

plums for prunes and prune juice with fall foliage on a wooden surface

Prunes are one of the most eaten dried fruits, after raisins. These are nothing but plums that have been dehydrated under the sun.

They are loaded with nutrients and vitamins. It is known to be among some of the greatest fruits for better bone health and gut health.

14. Pequi

It is one of the most common fruits grown in several parts of Brazil. These fruits take around half a year to ripen fully and end up forming a shape of a large orange.

15. Persian Limes

This is among the juiciest limes available. It is a mix of the regular lime we all know and love, with the more flavorful key lime. 


This was all about fruits starting with the letter P. Let us know if you have any more suggestions, we would love to hear what you think about this!

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