You may be curious how many veggies start with the letter C. It’s hard to find veggies that begin with the letter C. But we understand how to make this task simple for everyone. Here are some Vegetables that Start with C.


Cactus, sometimes known as Cacti, is a deserts plant. It is the truth that a desert plant’s seeds and leaves have grown in a dry environment. Cactus plants grow in moist environments; therefore, many people refer to deserts as cactus habitats. If you ingest more cactus, the digestion will improve, allowing more nutrients to be released.   

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prickly pear cactus                                


Cabbage is available in a variety of hues, but most prefer the lush green variety, which is well-known over the world. It’s also available in different colors, white, reddish, and purple. Cabbage is famous for its weight-loss properties, as well as its ability to enhance the skin.

Cooked cabbage provides 33 calories per cup, is low in calories and high in fibers, and can help you lose weight and keep your skin looking healthy and glossy.

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Carrots are one of the most popular veggies for salads. To be healthier, you must drink the appropriate quantity of water for a normal human being. Although carrots are made up of 88 percent water, they are good for our health. 

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Carrots on a brown background                       


Cauliflower is a veggie that resembles broccoli in appearance. It is also known as broccoli’s relative. Man creates cauliflower with wild mustard, which eventually transforms into kohlrabi.

Broccoli differs from cauliflower in that broccoli contains the appropriate amount of vitamins C and K, while cauliflower is better for eyesight. Several people enjoy eating the edible leaves of broccoli, as well as the leaves and stems of cauliflower.

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Cassava is an edible tuber-like potato that is grown mostly in tropical regions of Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Cassava is also known as Yuca, manioc and the starchy tuber is boiled, fried, baked and the leaves are also cooked like collard greens.   

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Celery, also known as Ajmoda, is a vegetable that looks like parsley. Long stalks and leaves make up this plant. Both of these are edible.

Celery is widely available in most kitchens, and every part of the celery can be eaten. Celery has the right nutrients to keep your liver healthy. I’ve discovered that drinking celery juice regularly can help avoid jaundice, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease.

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Chaya is a natural Mexican shrub. Chaya is good for kidney stones and eye disorders. The cooked leaves of Chaya trees have a spinach-like flavor. To prepare Chaya leaves for cooking, thoroughly wash them and place them in a cold-water container. Make careful to cook them for 15 to 20 minutes on low heat.

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Cherry Tomato: 

It is a kind of tomato that has a small circular shape. Pasta is made with roasted cherry tomatoes. Jerry tomatoes have a similar aroma to other tomatoes; however, they are smaller in size.

This is why it is sweeter and so more concentrated. Cherry tomatoes take 6 to 8 weeks to develop from seed.   

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Black chayote is a summer squash-like zucchini from the Cucurbitaceae family, also known as the gourd family.  It is delicious, sauteed, boiled, and baked, it can even be used as a substitute for apple pie.

Black Chayote         

Chocho/Chayote Casserole

Curry Chocho

Sauteed Chocho And Carrots


Chives are an excellent flowering plant with edible leaves and blooms. Add chives in garnish, salads, and veggie stock if you have a lot of them. Add the herb to any dish that would look well and taste excellent before serving the veggie food.

chives in the garden                                              

Collard Green:

Cabbage and broccoli are the same veggies. Collard greens are high in vitamins and supply sufficient nutrients to prevent cancer. The collard green includes raffinose, which is important for gas production. As a result, collard greens may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. The collard green includes raffinose, which is important for gas production. As a result, collard greens may cause gastrointestinal irritation.

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The cucumber is a plant that grows almost everywhere in the world. These are low in calories. The most beneficial effect of cucumbers is that it protects you from several ailments such as diabetes, HCV, and losing weight.

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cucumber isolated on white background




It is an aromatic plant with edible leaves. Cress is beneficial for health. If you consume Cress daily, it will aid in the improvement of bowel movements, which have been the last stop in the digestion of food. Cress has been used to produce medicine, and it is the best plant that naturally grows quickly after being chopped.





Courgette or zucchini is a summer squash, from a herbaceous vine plant. Courgette is harvested when the seeds are still young. Its long green vegetable with edible flesh is eaten, fried boiled, steamed, roasted. It is low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, and great for weight loss. 

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zucchini isolated on white background



Chick Peas:

Chickpea originates from the Fabaceae family and is a tropical plant. Gram, garbanzo, Bengal gram, and garbanzo bean are all names for chickpea. You can eat chickpeas direct from the can. It contains vitamin B and iron, among other vitamins and minerals.

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Jamaican Style Chickpea Curry

Vegan Chickpea Stew



All the above vegetables start with the letter “C”. There are many other vegetables that start with the letter “C”. If you know any other food let us know.

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