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Have you ever heard of carrots being black? Well, if you haven’t, then you are about to be shocked because it exists! Growing up, we all have enjoyed carrots, and it’s always orange, but did you know carrots have another type, and it is Black Carrots! Read further to find out what it is and how important and beneficial they are!

Varieties of carrots including black carrot on a black background

What is a Black Carrot?

Carrots customarily are orange in America and various parts of the world. However, carrots can come in numerous tones, including red, purple, white, yellow, and dark. The variety in color is overwhelming because of the centralization of mixtures found in the different kinds. 

The dark shade of the purple and black varieties flags a high grouping of anthocyanins. However, in general, orange and yellow carrots will be more elevated in beta-carotene and other dynamic ingredients. Black carrots have an exceptional taste, exceptionally not the same as white or orange carrots. Black carrots have startling pleasantness to them, as well as a subtle spicy aftertaste.

 Although these carrots are dark from the outside, many of them will be paler in shading in the middle. Black carrots are most regularly accessible in the East, where they are developed; however, in a claim to fame and import stores, you can, in any case, discover these exceptionally colored vegetables.

Black carrot extract is also broadly utilized for its health properties.

Let’s read more and find out more about this fascinating vegetable. 

How essential is its extract? 

Let’s begin with how essential extracts from Black Carrots are. 

  • Did you know that Black carrot extracts are used in the preparation of food coloring? The color of the extract is a mixture of red-blue or magenta. This extract is given a lot of preference over other food extracts. 
  • Food manufacturers often choose the extract by black carrots because it tends to retain its color better than a grapefruit extract. 
  • The extract is available in solid as well as liquid form.
  • Its pH range is the most stable and intense. Ideally, it is used to make various food items that you may be consuming, such as beverages, yogurts, candies, sherbets, and other confectionery items. 
  • The carbonated drinks and non-carbonated drinks that you consume also use these extracts. The dairy industry uses black carrots extracts for various items they produce, such as milk and ice creams.
  • The cosmetics industry also includes its extracts in various items as it is said to be good for the skin.

How shocking it is to find out that so many things we have been using in our daily lives might have its extract as a part of their product. Let’s read more to find out how black carrot juice benefits us! 

Black Carrot Juice is a thing! 

Sick of consuming a regular carrot juice, well, you have an option, switch up to black carrots and avail yourself more benefits. 

  • The contraction of antioxidants in a Black Carrot is 12 times more if compared to a regular carrot. 
  • Not only does it have added health benefits, but the juice is added to the strawberry marmalade to keep the color steady and extensive.
  • Are you conscious of your weight? Well, you need not worry because 100 grams of black carrot may contain just 20 calories! Shocker? Well, we are too. 
  • It is said to be an excellent blood cleanser and helps purify your blood. 
  • The vitamins found in the juice are vitamins B, which is said to be a tranquilizer and is very effective for liver and stomach problems. 
  • Are you a runner but not fond of milk? Well, here’s a solution for you, consume black carrot juice, and not only is it healthy, but it contains Calcium which is excellent for your bones and teeth. 
  • The consumption of Black Carrot juice also benefits organs such as the heart. 
  • This is a very wholesome product, including vitamins for A-B-C benefiting the human body overall. 

Black carrots with one sliced

What does Black Carrot taste like? 

When you first look at a Black Carrot, they may attract your eye as they are quite eye-catching, but the carrots may not be entirely black from the inside.

Some of them are purple on the inside, or the core might be orange if seen closely. They are delicious and sweet in taste and can sometimes have a peppery side. The pepper taste is not that strong and may come off as very subtle. All in all, these carrots can be eaten raw or as an hors d’oeuvre with a dip, in salads, and even in pickles. 

Why do you need to consume the juice of black carrots? If you’re a skincare junkie, you will love what’s next!

Carrot Recipes To Prepare

Skincare Benefits of Black Carrots:

Since black carrots are quite effective in increasing blood circulation, they somehow keep your skin looking shiny and glowing. Have you heard that having a sound digestion system and eating clean shows on your face? 

Well, this is true when your stomach is clean and better than your skin becomes better too. Black carrots help tone your skin so all that discoloration and unevenness on your skin can easily be minimized, giving you better-looking skin.  

Say goodbye to acne and skin problems and say hello to your new skin and achieve your wanted skin goals for a long time. 

Black Carrots for the Skin? Yes, yes, yes! 

Kinds of Black Carrot: Spanish Black Carrot. 

 Among the varieties of black carrots, the Spanish Black Carrot, also known as the Daucus Carota, is the actual heirloom carrot. These are long and plump with a black exterior but are light yellow or orange from the inside. 

The best time to harvest them is in the fall season, and they require a soft mushy, loamy soil to grow. It is open-pollinated and has an intense flavor to it compared to the other kinds of carrots. The violet-blackish color in these carrots is developed due to a substance known as “Anthocyanins.”

 You’d also find this color while slicing into blackberries, black currants, or red cabbage, and surprisingly have antioxidant properties. Like the regular carrots, these can also be used in juices or salads or any way you’d like to have them.

Please keep reading to find out the benefits of a black carrot and why they need to be in your fridge! Read More.

Benefits of Black Carrots: 

Black Carrots are rich in nutrients and have quite a few essential health benefits that treat various diseases.

  • Treats Cancer: 

Black carrots have an extremely high concentration of anthocyanins that boost your body and fight against cancerous cells. The Antioxidants help cancel out the free radicals and equalize cancer cells’ activity inside the human body. Read More.

  • Enhances Vision: 

Black carrots are known to be high in beta-carotene, which enhances and protects vision. The antioxidants in the vegetable risk the chances of your eyesight weakening and results in you seeing better for a more extended period! Read More.

  • Aids and Assists in Digestion: 

The fiber in carrots is exceptionally high with that being said; they are excellent and healthy for the digestion system. Fiber is a nutrient that improves the gut’s nutrients and results in more accessible and better digestion. Keeping a low cholesterol level is also something that fiber maintains. Read More.

  • Suitable for diabetic patients: 

Consumption of black carrots can be essential if you are someone having diabetes. It keeps your insulin production in check and maintains a healthy glucose balance, which is good news for you if you have diabetes. Read More

  • Treatment of Arthritis:

The ingredients actively found in a black carrot have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, which help slow down chronic diseases and weaken them. Not only that, but it also decreases oxidative stress, which is a cause of Arthritis. Read More.


Until now, you have probably grasped the importance of this vegetable. How beneficial it is for your body and various diseases. Black carrots are somehow helpful for everyone. Even if you are not someone facing any illnesses stated above, you can still consume them for the sake of improvising your health and strengthening your body from both inside and outside. 

The vegetable is eye-catching too, so if you are bored of the orange carrots, quickly grab the black carrots and benefit from them! 

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