Asafoetida is a popular ingredient in well-known cuisines such as Mexican and Indian. This spice has a particular flavor that can be compared to an onion or garlic. However, because this unique spice is difficult to come by, you may need to look for alternatives. To make your life easier, we have put together a comprehensive guide to finding an asafoetida substitute.

 Asafoetida has a very powerful and pungent flavor, which will have a significant impact on the flavor of your food. You should choose replacements with a strong flavor so that they can also enhance the taste of your food.

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Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is one of the most commonly accessible asafoetida alternatives. As previously stated, asafoetida works by imitating both onion and garlic flavors. As a result, garlic powder can be used in a variety of cuisines.

In dishes where asafoetida is not the main or most significant ingredient, garlic powder is a good replacement. It is because garlic powder has a milder flavor and is less likely to overpower a meal. The powder can be used in sauces, curries, and other similar foods.

Onion Powder

You can substitute onion powder for garlic if you do not prefer the pungent flavor of garlic. Onion powder can add delicate characteristics similar to asafoetida, without changing the overall flavor. Furthermore, some onion powders contain a little quantity of garlic, making these versions an excellent substitute for asafoetida.

Please remember that onion powder can only be used if the recipe does not rely substantially on asafoetida. If you do not mind a strong onion flavor, go ahead and add a little extra.

Garlic and Leeks

garlic leek on wooden background


These two herbs together work well as asafoetida alternatives. Onion, garlic and leek are in the same family, and have similar taste profiles. Leeks have a softer flavor that goes well with many foods. Garlic has a stronger flavor. Thus, asafoetida can be replaced by using this mixture of milder and strong spices.

All you have to do is combine equal parts garlic and leeks, then sauté them. You could then use it in place of asafoetida in your dish. Remember that leeks are stringy by nature. It’s not entirely a bad thing, but it can change the texture of lightweight and smooth foods.


Shallots are similar to onions in appearance but have a considerably milder aroma. Therefore, if you’re only able to find shallots in your area, go with it. Shallots must be used in the same way that leeks and garlic are.

Simply chop a shallot into thin slices and sauté in vegetable oil. It will assist in releasing all of the characteristics of the shallot and give it an asafoetida-like flavor. Then, toss them in with the rest of the ingredients. Whenever it comes to quantities, it depends on what type of dish as well as the strength of flavor desired.


Chives are another member of the allium family, like onions. As a result, it has a taste that is comparable to onions, but is softer. Another fantastic feature of chives is that you may buy garlic chives, which provide garlic and light onion flavor. As a result, it is quite similar asafoetida, and will taste good in your dishes. In addition, chives keep the dish’s texture and volume consistent. As a result, there isn’t much risk in using them.

Onion Paste

Onion paste is not only a great asafoetida alternative, but it may also be used in a variety of other recipes. When asafoetida is roasted, it has a strong onion flavor. As a result, onion paste can easily replace asafoetida and provide a similar flavor to your food.

To get a fine mixture, simply purée onions in a food processor or blender. If desired, three to four garlic cloves can be added to this mixture to make an excellent asafoetida alternative.

Garlic Flakes

garlic flakes on wooden background

Garlic flakes are among the simplest asafoetida alternatives if you do not want to put in extra work. It is just garlic that’s been dried and dehydrated.

Garlic flakes have a smell that is comparable to garlic, however, it is a little less pungent. As a result, you may readily substitute it for asafoetida. An additional benefit of garlic flakes over other alternatives is their ease of use. It will give the food the same taste and texture.

Garlic Chives

Garlic chives are a veggie that belongs to the same family as onions. This veggie has a similar flavor to the onion and is more comfortable to eat than asafoetida.

Even though garlic chives have a milder flavor when cooked, I believe it is a good replacement for asafoetida. Furthermore, chives will not strongly affect the taste and texture of the food. There is no limit to how much chives you can use in the meals.

Sautéed Garlic

sauteed garlic in skillet

Garlic that has been sautéed is an essential seasoning in most of my dishes. I use sautéed garlic for pan-fried kale, in beans, and in curries, among other things. To complete the asafoetida substitution, fry two cloves of garlic in oil or plant-based butter. Garlic will also have the same digestive-supporting properties as asafoetida.

Conclusion on finding an asafoetida substitute:

Asafoetida was widely utilized in ancient times, but today it is difficult to come by in many areas. Using ordinary household ingredients, you can easily produce an asafoetida alternative in no time. You can keep a small jar of your favorite asafoetida substitute on hand for future usage.

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