Do you find yourself craving some yummy granola or granola bars, only to find out that you have run out of oat flour, and oats too? It turns out you do not have to worry, because we have here for you an ultimate guide to satisfy your cravings! Get back on track and easily bake using any of these substitutes for oat flour. Keep reading!

Substituting ingredients is all about finding the right match for your cooking needs! We have found a list of a few elements that may serve best and can easily be found in your kitchen too. Let’s dig in!

Oat flour, by far, is considered one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates. Yes, that’s right, for all those looking to complete their daily requirement of carbs can incorporate this in their diet to gain carbs, added fiber, and keep in mind it never lets you down! However, if you aren’t a fan of it and have stumbled upon a recipe that requires some oatmeal, the substitutes below will be a great help for you.

Substitutes for Oat Flour:

Use these substitutes based on your desired results, or what you have on hand.

1. Coconut Flour:

If you have decided to say no to anything that has gluten in it, then coconut flour may be the right substitute you can use instead of oat flour. Like oat flour, coconut flour is also gluten-free and safe to use for all those who cannot use gluten and for those who enjoy safe eating.

Coconut flour has health benefits in abundance, meaning you’ll find fiber, protein, and even MCTs and can easily combat rising sugar levels inside your body. It can be used by all the people who have digestion problems and heart problems too. Additionally, it’s pretty low in terms of calorie count and is excellent to keep your weight at bay; calling out to all health freaks, coconut flour is for you. It’s a carb you can easily rely on!

The one thing that’s good about using coconut flour is the amazing aroma; yes, that’s right, you can use it in multiple baking dishes, and you won’t even have to incorporate vanilla essence because of the amazing smell of the flour itself. But do keep in mind that it’s highly absorbent, so be careful when using it!

When deciding how to substitute coconut flour, you can use it in the ratio of 1:1, meaning if your recipe requires a cup of oat flour, you can use a cup of coconut flour instead. Keep in mind that you should adjust the liquid in the dish accordingly, so it doesn’t become very dry and crumble.

2. Brown Rice Flour:

After a lot of procession through grinding and liking, we finally got the brown rice flour in fine form. Do not confuse and assume it’s made from white rice because it’s not; it’s very different from each other and has its procession and benefits.

Brown rice remains brown because it is not getting refined and retains a higher concentration of natural elements. Brown rice has multiple nutrients, and one of the highlighted benefits is fiber because of the lack of refinement. Hence, brown rice flour is an amazing alternative to oat flour for many people looking to cut down on carbohydrates.

You can add it to the cookies you’re planning to make or even the granola bars you are craving. You can easily incorporate it into your food items if you do not have oat flour at home. It’s flexible and is one of the best substitutes for oat flour. You can mostly use it in desserts such as making cakes, cupcakes, and especially sticky rice. Sounds yummy! When you plan to substitute it, make sure you use 3/4 cups of brown rice flour in place of each cup of oat flour. You’re good to go!

3. Almond flour:

Flour that’s made from freshly grounded almonds is an excellent substitute for oat flour. It’s a superfood and is amazing for all those people planning to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Are you someone who doesn’t consume meat? Almonds and almond flour are an excellent way to make your diet better and get the protein your body needs to function efficiently!

Did you know that almond flour has become quite popular because of its health and economical and is easily available in the market? You can also easily make it at home by using a food processor and grinding some almonds according to hour usage.

You can easily store it in an airtight jar and make use of it whenever you need it. From using it to make healthy cookies, various baking items such as cakes, cupcakes, pies, and brownies, you can add almond flour; it’s versatile and easily available too! When substituting, you can easily replace a cup of oat flour with a cup of almond flour to easily substitute! Try it now!

4. Amaranth Flour:

Another amazing alternative to oat flour is amaranth flour. It’s produced by grinding the Amaranth seeds from the Amaranth plant itself. The flour is a gluten-free type and is the perfect alternative for all those looking to avoid any gluten items. It’s jam-packed with multiple nutrients such as various proteins, vitamins, and even minerals.

Did you know that Amaranth Flour and its seeds were widely used by ancient civilizations such as the Incas and the Aztecs! It’s been serving as a great healthy flour for years.

Even though Amaranth seeds aren’t grains, the flour has a touch of nuttiness to it and is used widely today. It’s pretty amazing because of the antioxidant properties it has and is an excellent source for people who are allergic to gluten itself.

Are you wondering how to make use of this amazing Amaranth flour? Use it for baking bread and thicken various shades; you can even mix it with other flours such as rice and almond to elevate its benefits! Try now and see how amazing your dishes turn out.

Make the right choice!

So next time you end up running out of oat flour, try incorporating any of the above items in your dishes. They’ll save you a trip to the grocery store and prove to be the best kitchen hack, with its yummy taste and excellent benefits to follow. Try it, and now thank us!

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