High fructose corn syrup has become a popular ingredient used by manufacturers here in the USA, during the last 10 years. Manufacturers love to use corn syrup because it makes food sweet like sugar but less expensive. It is also used by many home cooks in baked goods, beverages, jams, jellies, ice cream, granola bars, candies. Did you know that there are much healthier alternatives? Here are 7 vegan substitutes for corn syrup.

However, Europe has placed a restriction on the use of high-fructose corn syrup by manufacturers. Dr. Mark Hyman wrote an article for Huffington Post. explaining that the fructose and glucose in high-fructose corn syrup get separated by the body, the fructose is transported to the liver, causing lipogenesis or high-fat production. 

This causes a condition referred to as fatty liver, which leads to pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. 

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7 Vegan Substitutes for Corn Syrup

Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar is a substitute for corn syrup that is mainly produced in Mexico. It is made from the Agave Tequiliana, which is a tequila plant. This healthy corn syrup substitute is extracted from the Agave plant through a series of chemical processes.

It contains purely condensed natural plant sugars that you can easily use in baking, but make sure you decrease your temperature by approximately 25 degrees to prevent the burning of early browning of the desert.

Cane Syrup:

Cane Syrup is quite popular in the south. it is made by simmering sugar cane juice in large kettles until it reaches a thick consistency. Pretty similar to molasses in taste, but it doesn’t have sulfur molasses.

Do you know that cane syrup is a substitute that undergoes lesser processing and does not have additives and even sugar preservatives, making it a healthier alternative? Cane syrup comes from the stems of sugar cane grown organically and isn’t treated with chemical fertilizers. Yes, that’s right, it’s safe!

Brown Rice Syrup:

Brown Rice Syrup is made by fermenting brown rice, and then the liquid is heated until it thickens. This is a very healthy substitute and is filled with fiber, sodium, and even potassium that you should take daily. Its taste is similar to that of nuts and tastes terrific in baked goods.


Maple Syrup:

maple syrup on white background

The perfect dream for every pancake lover, maple syrup is created from the sap of a maple tree. It’s naturally made and is a perfect sweet substitute for corn syrup, but maple syrup has a high nutritional value compared to corn syrup. It includes sodium and potassium as well as different vitamins such as B6 and riboflavin. Not only is it high in nutrition, but it contains antioxidants that help strengthen our immune system.

Golden Syrup:

This is a thick and amber-colored substance with a different flavor than corn syrup and honey, yet it is a good substitute for corn syrup. It’s very rich and caramel-like and can make cookies, puddings, baked tarts, etc. Golden Syrup is a healthy alternative and, if incorporated into your routine, can help battle heart diseases and safeguard against cancer.

This is a syrup made out of refined sugar, meaning it contains inverted sugars. So if you want to make cookies and see corn syrup in the recipe, do not worry because you can easily use golden syrup to give a buttery yet caramel-like taste. Sounds yum? It sure does!

Date Syrup:

date syrup on white background

Date Syrup isn’t just sugar, but it is made from fruit. It’s full of sound and healthy nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Its antioxidant level is similar to that of raspberries which is pretty dense. Did you know that date syrup contains potassium which aids in absorption and regulating sugar in the bloodstream? Date Syrups are made by boiling multiple chopped dates, and then the cooked dates are puréed. The liquid is then squeezed, leaving the thick paste behind. Use it as a sweetener in shakes and smoothies. It’s a pretty good alternative and can be stored in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

Yacon Syrup:

Yacon is extracted from the roots of the yacon plant and made into yacon syrup. The plant is mainly found in the Andes Mountains in the South of America. The yacon plant has been used and eaten for medical purposes and helps improvise diabetes.


 It can be used for digestive disorders and even to help people having problems with their kidneys. The juice of the plant is extracted and then filtered and extracted in an environment that is chemical-free to make it as healthy as possible.


 It’s similar in consistency to molasses and is sweet in taste and dark in color. It’s a dietary fiber and has anti-obesity properties, having a fantastic effect on metabolism.


What more do you need? Sweet with a dash of health!

Avoid the Hidden Hazards of Corn Syrup Choose a Vegan Product:


Corn syrup contains a high amount of fructose and has quickly crept up in many food items we consume since the past few decades. Compared to sugar, corn syrups are pretty cheap, and many companies choose them instead of sugar.


Corn Syrup is high in fructose, and having a higher amount of it can lead to resistance in insulin, that’s right! There is a higher chance of diabetes type 2. Consuming more elevated amounts of fructose also increases the appetite and encourages obesity, resulting in cholesterol problems and even higher blood pressures. Read More 1, 2, 3


This helps us conclude that choosing corn syrup products and cooking recipes without adding corn syrup is the best way to avoid a list of unhealthiness. So go for vegan products that are safer and have a higher nutrient rate, which is an excellent healthy option! Try it out today, and thank us later.



Even though corn syrup is a part of numerable recipes to make sweets and desserts, that does not mean you can avoid the formula. Skip the syrup! That’s the perfect way to make something you love but by adding any of the substitutes above to maximize health benefits and at the same time enjoy your favorite sweets. Trust us; you won’t even be able to tell if there was a substitution made; how perfect!

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