Artichoke hearts are being used in a variety of cuisines. It can be hard to come by or pricy if you don’t buy it on sale. If you are searching for several substitutes then you are in right place. Here are the Best Substitutes for Artichoke Hearts.

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Cardoon, also known as artichoke thistle, or Cardone, has a celery-like appearance. It has an artichoke-like flavor. It should be cooked before eating. It is also known as a delicacy for a special dinner. It could be used in place of artichokes in toppings because it has a similar flavor. Due to its unique texture and consistency, it is not suitable for sauces or gravy.     

Jerusalem Artichoke


This little veggie is sometimes confused with an artichoke. Apart from the texture, it has a delicious flavor, a strong surface, and none of the properties of an artichoke. In mixed greens salads, it is incredibly fresh. One can use Jerusalem artichokes instead of artichokes to provide the dish with an artichoke-like texture. 

Read More about Jerusalem Artichoke.                                             


kohlrabi purple and white on white background


Kohlrabi is related to cabbage, kale, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and belongs to the cabbage family. This has a long, greenish stem with a purple, white, and light green, spherical bulb.

It is always white-yellow on the inside. The bulb is commonly used in salads and broths, but it can also be sautéed or roasted. Its stems and leaves have a slight chew to them and cook in the same way that collard greens do. Read More About Kohlrabi.                                       




Chayote is a member of the squash family, it has a mild flavor, but it may also be used to substitute other veggies with a similar texture, such as zucchini, jicama, and artichoke, when cooked. Its low carb level makes it ideal for dieters looking for cholesterol and calorie replacements for a few of their favorite recipes.

Chayote is also high in vitamins C and A, folate, calcium, fiber, and potassium, making it a fantastic choice for those who wish to eat healthier without compromising flavor or taste. Read More About Chayote.                                    

Bamboo shoots

bamboo steamed in a white plate

Artichokes can be substituted with bamboo shoots, which are both tasty and healthful. They have a similar texture to artichoke hearts but are lower in calories and easy to cook. Bamboo shoots can be eaten fresh or prepared in several ways. Read About Health Benefits Of Bamboo Shoots.

Broccoli Stems


Broccoli stems are nutritious, low-cost, and adaptable veggies that may be prepared in a variety of ways. Among the most intriguing uses is as a spaghetti or appetizer substitute for artichoke hearts. Stems have such a texture similar to hearts and can be cooked in the same way.

Roasted using olive oil, garlic, and salt, they are also delicious. Broccoli stems are not just a tasty replacement, but they are also high in vitamins K and C, which are essential for healthy bones, iron, which keeps you active throughout the day, and fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol levels. See Health Benefits Of Broccoli.                               

Brussel Sprouts


For the next lunch, turn Brussel sprouts into imitation artichoke hearts with some simple changes. Brussel sprouts are often regarded as an unappealing side dish during vacations. Brussel sprouts are a vital source of Iron and Vitamin C in the diet.



Asparagus is a healthful veggie that can be used in place of artichoke hearts in a variety of dishes. Because asparagus is usually gluten-free.  I find it very easy to prepare asparagus by sauteing it with olive oil and salt.                                          

Heart of the Palm


The palm heart is made up of the palm trees inside white sections. It is abundant in antioxidants as well as minerals like calcium, potassium, copper, and zinc. Its crispy texture is comparable to asparagus, and its mild, somewhat sweet flavor is comparable to that of an artichoke heart. As a result, the heart of the palm will be a delicate and non-sharp replacement for artichoke hearts for cooking gravy and sauce.


eggplant on white background


Might seem odd to suggest eggplant as an alternative to artichoke hearts. Because of its comparable texture, eggplant can be used to substitute artichoke hearts in mixed vegetable recipes or as a grilling side dish. See Health Benefits Of Eggplant.                                  



Artichokes are a tasty vegetable, however, it is not always available to everyone. We explore many delicious substitutes. which are not only flavorful but are nutritious. 

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