Substitutes for Turbinado Sugar

Substitutes for Turbinado Sugar

Whether you don’t have turbinado sugar or you are out of while preparing a recipe, below are the best substitutes for turbinado sugar.

Turbinado or raw sugar is partly refined sugar that retains the original molasses to some extent, which gives it refined caramel flavor.

It is composed of sugarcane, which is not a genetically modified crop. Most of this crop is grown organically. 

The rust or golden-brown color and giant crystals- offer a natural appearance to make its better substitution with white sugar.

It can be obtained in food stores, supermarkets and available as single-serve packets in some coffee shops.

Turbinado Sugar vs White Sugar:

Both white and turbinado sugars have sixteen calories and four grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon with some fiber. It also contains traces of iron, calcium, and antioxidants in leftover molasses during processing.   

How To Use Turbinado Sugar?

It’s used as an everyday sweetener but used explicitly as toppings for foodstuffs. The large crystals of it hold up well under heatstroke.

Turbinado sugar works well for a variety of food items. For instance, hot cereals, i.e., wheat cream and oatmeal.

You can sprinkle it on muffins, bread, cooked sweet potatoes, baked carrots, beets, etc. It is used in glaxed nuts, such as almonds and pecans.

Turbinado sugar can make up various baked fruits, such as apples, pear, and peaches; as décor by giving a natural look to the toppings of apple crisps, pastries, cookies.

As sweetener of hot beverages like tea, coffee, etc., and turbinado sugar benefits by providing natural body scrub or face exfoliation.  

Best Substitutes For Turbinado Sugar:

Added sugar, one of the most contentious ingredients in the modern era diet. It may result in many severe disorders, including heart disease, obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

Unfortunately, though, the problematic situation is that most people consume it too much without knowing its downsides.

Luckily, food sweetening can be done in many other ways without adding sugar. So, this article based on exclusive research explains healthy alternatives you can substitute for turbinado sugar.

1. Coconut Sugar

coconut sugar in measuring spoons

This sugar is taken out from the sap of the coconut palm. The essential nutrients present in it consist of zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, and antioxidants.

In addition, the lower glycemic index due to its insulin content makes it a perfect substitute for turbinado sugar.

Insulin categorizes as a type of soluble fibers known to hamper digestion, enhance fullness and feed the healthy microbiota in your gut.

However, coconut sugar contains high calories, holding the same calories per serving or regular sugar.

The fructose content is high in this sugar, which is the core reason why regular sugar is so unhealthy on the primary basis. 

So, it contains fewer nutrients and fibers, but the high fructose level limits it to be used moderately. The similarity of coconut sugar to regular table sugar also restraint its excess use.

2. Maple Sugar

maple sugar in a brown sack on a wooden background

Maple syrup is a viscous, sugary liquid obtained by cooking down the fluid of maple trees. It constitutes a suitable quantity of minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, and manganese. Therefore, the ratio of antioxidants is higher in maple sugar/syrup as compared to honey.

A recent study on rodents founded that when taken through oral passage with sucrose, it significantly lowered glucose concentrations of plasma more than taking sucrose singly.

The oligosaccharides are made up of repeating monosaccharide units in maple sugar and are responsible for lowering blood plasma glucose concentration. 

Undoubtedly, it’s exciting for you to know about oligosaccharide’s effectiveness against type 1 diabetes in mice.

In addition, several test-tube studies show the anti-cancer properties of maple syrup, but still, research on it is in progress.  

Despite having healthy nutrients and antioxidants, it still has immense sugar in it. The glycemic index in it is though slightly lower, comparable to regular sugar. Nevertheless, it is less likely to raise blood glucose levels quickly. 

Still, chances persist in raising them. Much like honey and coconut sugar, maple sugar is a somewhat better choice than regular sugar. But, still, its moderate consumption is good for health.

3. Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar in a wooden scoop on a white background

Out of countless substitutes available for turbinado sugar, demerara sugar is one of them. People view it as a healthier form of sugar, which often pops up as a substantial alternative to regular white sugar.

This sugar is produced from sugarcane and consists of large grains which offer an excellent and crispy baking texture. Used as sprinkles to décor cakes, muffins, coffee, and tea.

The natural composition of it comprises a small quantity of molasses. As a result, light brown texture and caramel flavor is observed.

So, the question arises that how much it’s healthier than white sugar? Some advocates of this sugar highlight or claim its positive impacts over white sugar. Yet, there is a need for you people to know some interesting facts.

Demerara undergoes minor processing and retains vitamins and minerals. Whereas white sugar undergoes more processing and is lacking these healthy nutrients. Despite less processing, demerara is believed to be added sugar, which is no longer in its natural form.

The high amount of added sugar is associated with a greater risk of obesity, heart disorder, and diabetes type II.

Although it is less processed, both types share an equal amount of calories (15 calories per tablespoon/4 grams), sucrose, and the same impacts on blood glucose levels.  Therefore, it’s crucial to consume it sparingly or occasionally.

4. Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado sugar on a wooden background

Muscovado is minimally refined, which makes it a better substitute for turbinado sugar. Just like traditional brown sugar, it contains molasses. Since the moisture or molasses content of it is much higher in contrast to brown sugar.

Its varieties include both light and dark. The dark one is more common with no molasses removed, while a portion of molasses is extracted from light, leaving it lighter. Demerara and turbinado are not as moist as it so, make it a decent option for various recipes.

5. Palm Sugar

palm sugar isolated on a white background

Palm sugar is such a natural sugar traditionally used in Asia, which is extracted from palm sap. Today, it is declared as a common store staple.

So, it’s pretty easy to switch regular white sugar and replace it with palm sugar. This is perfectly interchangeable with having an equal ratio to white or brown sugar.

6. Yacon Sugar/Syrup

yacon sugar in a glass bowl on a white background

This sugar extracted from the plant Yacon, which tastes very sweet, appears dark and vicious, akin to molasses.

It contains 40-55 % fructooligosaccharides, a type of indigestible sugar by humans. They are involved in the feeding of a good microbiome, which in turn leads to better health.

It is generally considered safe, but the excess amount may lead to diarrhea, gas, or digestive discomfort.


The substitutes mentioned above of turbinado sugar show the multifold benefits that may assist in losing weight, controlling blood glucose, and ensure other health conditions.

So, using these sweeteners can be a beneficial decision to decrease the amount of added sugar in one’s diet.

But, the excess use may lower their effectiveness and, aside from them, away from their original value. So, the moderate use of these sweeteners is favorable and going to work for you guys.

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