Foods That Start With V

Foods That Start With V

So many delicious foods that start with V! With fruits, vegetables, and dishes from all over the world, use some of these foods that start with V for some ideas to spice up your meals.

Vada Pav

Vada pav, often spelled wada pao, is a vegetarian fast food dish from the Indian state of Maharashtra. A deep-fried potato dumpling is put inside a bread bun that has been cut practically in half through the center. It’s usually served with one or more chutneys and a green chile pepper.


The fruit of orchids of the genus Vanilla is used to make vanilla “beans.” Vanilla extract is created by soaking vanilla beans in an alcohol solution in order to “extract” (get it?) all of its delicious ingredients.

Valencia Orange

Florida Valencia oranges, named after the Spanish city of Valencia, are medium-sized oranges with thin, vivid orange, finely-textured rinds that may be difficult to peel. Valencia oranges are juicy and have the proper sweet-tart taste ratio, making them excellent juicing oranges.

Vegan Broth

Vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed, herbs, and aromatics are used to make this vegan bone broth. It produces a rich and powerful soup with a delightful flavor that is both warming and restorative.

Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable biryani is a fragrant rice dish cooked with basmati rice, vegetables, herbs, and biryani spices. Biryani is a pot of food packed with unusual tastes, brilliant hues, and appealing fragrances. As a result, this vegetarian recipe is a delicious and filling supper filled with fragrant rice, veggies, crunchy nuts, aromatic spices, and herbs. It’s a meal you’ll want to make again and again!

Vegetable Chips

Vegetable chips are tiny pieces of vegetables that have been deep-fried or baked till crunchy. The potato chip is a well-known sort of vegetable chip that is popular all over the globe. Vegetable chips may be produced from a broad variety of vegetables and seasoned and spiced to taste.

Vegetable Oil

The phrase “vegetable oil” refers to any oil derived from plants, and the healthfulness of a vegetable oil is determined by its source and intended application. The majority of vegetable oils on the market are a combination of canola, maize, soybean, safflower, palm, and sunflower oils.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup is an Italian thick soup cooked with vegetables, frequently with the inclusion of pasta or rice. Beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes are common components.

Velvet Bean

Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume native to Africa and tropical Asia that has been extensively naturalized and cultivated. Monkey tamarind, velvet bean, Bengal velvet bean, Florida velvet bean, Mauritius velvet bean, Yokohama velvet bean, cowage, cowitch, lacuna bean, and Lyon bean are some of its English common names.


Verjuice is a very acidic juice obtained by pressing unripe grapes, crab apples, or other sour fruits. To modify the flavor, lemon or sorrel juice, herbs, or spices are sometimes added. Throughout Western Europe throughout the Middle Ages, it was commonly used as a component in sauces, as a condiment, or to deglaze recipes.


Vermicelli is a typical round-sectioned noodle, comparable to spaghetti. It is normally thinner than spaghetti in English-speaking nations, but thicker in Italy. Vermicelli is also used to describe several kinds of thin Asian noodles.


Vetkoek is a kind of fried dough bread native to South Africa. The vetkoek is an important aspect of South African culture. It’s related to Caribbean Johnny cake, Dutch oliebol, and Mexican sopaipillas. Amagwinya, the Zulu word for this fried dough ball, is another comparable South African cuisine.


Vichyssoise is a creamy soup prepared with boiling and puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. It is often served cold, although it may also be eaten hot.

Victoria Plum

For eating fresh, Victoria plums are frequently thought to be inferior to other dessert plum kinds. This belief, however, is most likely based on the poor flavor of store-bought Victoria plums, which are often plucked much too early. The secret with Victoria plums is to keep them on the tree until they are completely ripe, at which point the skins will become a deeper red rather than the more common orange flushed color. At this time, the flavor should not disappoint, even if it is not equivalent to the greatest dessert plums.

Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria sponge cake is a traditional British dessert. It’s a vanilla sponge cake sandwiched between two layers of jam and buttercream (or whipped cream). It is one of many forms of sponge cake. Others are not often filled with jam and cream.

Vidalia Onions

Vidalia onions are a kind of sweet onions. It has a moderate taste, a distinctive flat form, and a high sugar content. Because the soil near Vidalia, Georgia has a relatively low sulfur content, this cultivar tastes more sweet than sharp.


Vindaloo is a famous Indian dish that originated in the Indian state of Goa. It’s a strongly spicy meal that may be vegetarian or include pork, chicken, or tofu. Because of the chiles, Indian vindaloo is blazing hot and spicy!


Vinegar is an acidic liquid created by acetic acid bacteria via the fermentation of ethanol. It is utilized in cooking for its chemical capabilities as well as its taste features. It may be created from a number of basic components, each of which contributes its own distinct qualities to the vinegar and adds more taste and brightness to the dishes with which it is used.


Piper borbonense is a plant species of the genus Piper. Its berries are used as a spice known as voatsiperifery, which is derived from voa, the Malagasy word for fruit, and tsiperifery, the plant’s native name. It is a wild pepper that grows in Madagascar.


A vol-au-vent is a little hollow puff pastry casing. It was formerly known as a patty case. A vol-au-vent is normally produced by cutting two circles out of rolled-out puff pastry, making a hole in one of them, and stacking the ring-shaped piece on top of the disc-shaped piece.

Vori vori:

Vori means “ball” in Paraguayan Guaran, and vori vori is the plural form. The spherical dumplings that float in the soup are referenced in the name. The soup evolved from a mix of Spanish Franciscan missionaries’ and Guaran people’s cuisines.

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