Fruits That Start With Z

Fruits are one nutritious thing and at the same time, they are super juicy delightful treats. There are several fruits that we like, but it is a mind-boggling trick to figure out what all Fruits That Start With Z? Z also stands for Zesty! and a Zestful soul!

It is needless to say this isn’t a long list of fruits that we have with the letter Z. To fix the situation, we devised a list of unique fruit names that we frequently overlook.  Let’s see what Z tastes like..!

Ziziphus Fruit

Ziziphus Fruit isolated on a white background

Ziziphus fruits are not widely available in North America or Europe, either under this name or as the more well-known Jujube fruit. They have, nevertheless, been a mainstay in Asian cuisine for centuries.


There are three main categories of Ziziphus fruit, and all of them are consumable. They are also used medicinally in China, where they are said to calm tensions. Ziziphus jujuba is said to improve liver health, increase strength, and promote hunger. Also, it is said to help wound healing, cure dry skin, relieve sunburn, and decrease wrinkles and other symptoms of aging when applied directly to the skin.

Zabergau Reinette Apples

The Zabergau Reinette apple is popular within native Germany. It is a large russet apple variety, brownish-green in color like other russets. The apple may be taken raw. Although, it tastes considerably sweeter after a month or two in the refrigerator. The flavor is strong right off the vine, and the meat is thick and difficult to chew. It becomes softer as well as sweeter after only a period of storage. Fruits That Start With Y



Zalzalak fruits, which resemble red persimmons or red variants of the black sapote, are native to Iran. The only distinction is that they’re oval-shaped rather than circular. They have a sweet and savory flavor, and they, too, offer a long list of health advantages. People consume them to avoid heart disease, for example. They’re also a good source of antioxidants.

Zante Currant

Zante Currant isolated on white background

Zante currants are like raisins and aren’t a distinct variety of fruit. Instead, they’re dried grapes from the Black Corinth region of Greece. They are popular in British cuisines.

They are seedless, black, and have a tangy acidity to them, similar to grapes. They’re not currants at all; they’re raisins.

Zestar Apple

Zestar is a late-season apple developed by the University of Minnesota’s breeding department. It’s an excellent, sturdy early apple with a sweet-tart flavor and a touch of brown sugar. The apple is medium in size, round, and has a red cover that occupies nearly 60% of the skin, based on the sun exposure and a yellow undertone. The flesh is white and crisp, and while this is a good texture for cooking, the apple color rapidly.


The flavor is excellent for an early-season apple, and it has a decent shelf-life of a few months. Zestar is grown to be cold-hardy, and it thrives in chilly conditions.

Zhe Fruit

Zhe fruit tree is scientifically known as Tricuspidata. It originated from East Asian countries like Nepal as well as China. It was also used in Japan too.

Zhe fruit resembles mulberry, but, significantly, they have not been classified as mulberries. When fully mature, the fruits are crimson or maroon in hue and comprise a vibrant red pulp with about three to six seeds per fruit. Che, Silkworm thorn, Chinese mulberry, Cudrang, and mandarin melon berry are some of the other names for Zhe. Fruits That Start With L

Zig-Zag Vine Fruit

Zig-Zag Vine Fruit is scientifically known as Melodorum Leichhardt. Eastern Australia is the home of this tree.  When fully mature, the zig-zag fruit becomes orange and has a flavor similar to spicy orange-sherbet. This is one fruit that is typically used to produce sauces in meals and should not be consumed uncooked. Mehrangarh, Wild Banana, and Acid Drop Vine are other names for Zig-Zag Vine fruit.

Zill Mango

Many mango varieties, particularly the Zill mangoes, are grown in Florida. It used to be a popular mango in the United States, but it is no longer farmed commercially due to its poor storage qualities. However, it is now widely grown on a commercial basis in Africa.

The crust is solid and juicy, with a delicious fragrance. The taste of Zill mango is sweet, with a touch of pineapple. From June through early July, the fruit ripens.

Zinfandel Grapes

The Zinfandel grapefruit tree is scientifically known as Vitis Vinifera. Zinfandel grapes are a black-skinned wine grape type genetically related to Croatian grapes.


zucchini on a yellow background

Zucchini is often used and treated as a vegetable, nonetheless, it is a type of fruit. It is well-known for its adaptability. The Zucchini fruit tree is scientifically known as Cucurbita Pepo. Fruits That Start With G

Zucchini is famous for its nutritional quotient. A rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, niacin and protein are all abundant in this summer squash. It also consists of vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6. It also consists of omega-3, niacin, zinc, calcium, and other minerals.

Zweigelt Grape

It’s a hybrid between Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent, and it’s Austria’s most widely planted red wine grape. The wines that result are sharp, acidic, and fruity. Zweigelt grapes are named Zweigelt after Mr. Friedrich Zweigelt, the man who invented them. They’re an Austrian grape variety that’s also becoming more popular in Canada.


Zwetschgen in a blue bowl on a blue background

Zwetschgen, often known as prune plums, is a popular fruit in Europe. They can be either eaten raw or, as they keep their form so well, can often be used in tarts and other sweets. They’re sweet and somewhat sour. As a result, they resemble large black grapes rather than plums.

Other Names Of Fruits

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  2. Fruits That Sart W


Manier times we miss out on the fruit names that start with the letter Z. Finding out so many rare fruits that we don’t discuss very often. It not only helped us improve our knowledge about fruits. But it also helped out finding various interesting and tasty fruit choices that we never knew we had.

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