Whether you believe it or not, Fruits That Start With Y are among the most loved fruits around the globe. These fruits are incredibly toothsome and these delectable bites will help you keep your craving for junk food at bay.  Even though the list might be short, the fruits are worth a shot!

Let’s dig in and know more about fruits that start with the letter Y starting with my favorite yellow Guava!

Yellow Guava

yellow guava fruits on wooden background

Although yellow guava does not contain many vitamins and minerals, it is much better and nutritious as compared to oranges. It contains more proportion of vitamin C as compared to oranges. The inside part of this fruit is yellow and has a smooth orangish-yellow rind. The best part about this fruit is that the seeds can be easily consumed. There are a lot of individuals who love eating this fruit, raw, including the skin itself. The taste of this fruit is lemony and sweet. You can utilize it to prepare Jan, smoothies, jellies, juices, etc. Read More.

York Imperial Apple

This variety of apples is super duper delicious in nature. They are extraordinarily juicy, but not as juicy as Fuji apples. These apples are a perfect combination of tart and sweet. They look funny because it seems they have been squished funny. You can always eat them raw, with or without their skin. You can even bake them, turn them into juice or cook them in some different manner, as you like.



yumberry in green basket

This fruit originated from China, and can only be found in season for only about two weeks in the whole year. This fruit has one of the most alluring appearances of a berry that you’ll ever see. This fruit is super delicate. The majority of the individuals would only taste this in the form of juices or smoothies as these berries are super tough to secure, sell or transport due to their tender nature. Just in case you’re lucky enough, then only you’ll be able to taste them raw. They are delicious.


They taste more like a mixture of cranberries and pomegranate seeds. This fruit is super juicy. Hence, you should be very cautious while tasting this fruit as it can stain your clothes, which might never fade. It’s advisable to keep a napkin beside you.



Yunnan Hackberry Fruit

These berries are very small and look like cherries and grapes. They are most purplish-red. These berries can grow only up to three inches in diameter. This fruit is crunchy and super dry, with purple or red skin covering the top. One thing to note is that it is not that juicy as compared to other types of berries. You’ll find these berries hard to consume raw. You can make a paste out of them which is hearty, tasty, and nutritious.



yuzu oranges on white backgrournd

This looks like wrinkled oranges. They come in the category of citrus fruits that can be seen in various regions of Asia. They have a sour taste and you cannot consume them raw. They can be used in recipes as a substitute for lime and lemon if you want to. They are also used as garnishes especially in mixed drinks and seafood.


Yemenite Citron

This fruit is also famous as the original citrus fruit since the biblical era. They look exactly like lemons. But, they are much larger and have bumpy rinds. The rind of this fruit is thick and inedible as well. However, the pulp is edible but is sour in taste. You can use it in recipes just like you use lemons. It is also called etrog citrus and is highly used in Jewish festivals.


Young Mango

These mangoes have originated from South Florida and are a mixture of Edward and Kent varieties of mangoes. They are golden yellow in color and have an orangish blush texture on their skin. The inside of this fruit is pale yellow in color just like lemon. They are not that famous but are renowned enough to be sold exceptionally well in the market.


Yellow Passion Fruit

yellow passion fruit isolated on white background

This is not the most loved fruit. But, it is widely consumed. They are egg-shaped and have yellow and thick skin. The inside of this fruit is white in color along with a yellow pulp and dark brown seeds. This is a tropical fruit with a flavor that’s super difficult to explain. This fruit is high in carotene, citric acid, niacin, amino acids, and riboflavin. You can very easily consume it raw and can also use it as a topping in yogurt, parfait, and ice cream. They are also used to make jams, pie fillings, and syrups. Read More About Yellow Passion Fruit.

Ya Pear

It resembles a pear in both shape and size but is entirely white in color. They are very sweet and juicy and are super crunchy in nature. They have a unique taste and are tropical fruits.


Yucca Fruit

This isn’t a fruit that you would consume on a regular basis just because you like them. You would only want to eat it if you’re lost in the desert and need some food to survive. Also, this fruit doesn’t taste that poor. When roasted and grilled, it tastes just like a dash of bell pepper and once you top it with salt or garlic, it’s heavenly and super tasty. Also, this one tastes more like a vegetable and less like a fruit. Along with carbs, yucca also supplies vitamin C, phosphorus, and calcium. Yucca roots are utilized as a laxative by Americans. You can also boil and mash Yucca fruit and also fry it to consume them.

Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelon isolated on a white background

Yellow watermelons are nothing different. They look exactly like the regular watermelons. They gave a regular shape and size. As soon as you cut them open, you’ll see them appear bright yellow just like a banana. It tastes exactly like regular watermelon but is much sweeter.


This was all you would ever want to know about Fruits That Start With Y. Do mention in the comments section if you have ever tried any of the above fruits.

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