These helpful tips are bound to make your hosting experience for thanksgiving organized and hassle-free!

Tips for how to have an organized Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s purely meant to be a day you enjoy your time with friends and family and be grateful for all that you have. If you are hosting, you need to be very smart to have a good day, and everyone around you can enjoy a good meal! However, many times that isn’t the case, and Thanksgiving ends up being a nightmare. So here are some tips for how to have an organized Thanksgiving.

The tips that we have come up for you are pretty handy; they’ll help you achieve a fun-filled and stress-free Thanksgiving where everything goes accordingly. Our mission is to assist you in enjoying the true meaning of this holiday without second-guessing anything!

#1 Preparing a list beforehand:

Trust us when we say lists are a lifesaver! These lists help you stay organized and on track even if they are used daily, especially on holidays where you need to ensure everything is done and dusted.

You can start by creating a list of all the items in your menu. Then, you can also send it to your family members so they can help as needed, or even as a fun way to build excitement.

With the menu list, you need to make sure you have all the available ingredients you need. Write down the list of ingredients you may need. Also, make sure you’re cooking items with ingredients no one is allergic to. A safe thanksgiving is essential!

#2 Shop before and get extras:

We can’t stress enough how vital extras are; they can include drinks, food items, desserts, and so much more. Stock up on more!

During the holiday season, it’s likely that people end up eating a bit more, so make sure you stock up, and since everyone has family or friends coming over, you won’t be able to find anything last minute.

You never know what may happen. A dish may burn, extra guests may show up, you may underestimate appetites. Have extras of your ingredients, especially staples you will end up using later anyway.

#3 Grab all the ingredients you need:

Nothing is annoying than constantly searching for ingredients and not being able to find them. So to make the task easier and save time, grab everything you need and place it right in front of you.

Before cooking, do recipe prep. Cut all the vegetables, and take out all the spices and sauces you may require.

You can place any snacking items you have in different baskets on your shelves, so they are easy to grab, and desert or frozen items should be kept in front, too, for easy access. This makes the process pretty smooth and hosting a convenient method.

#4 Get the dishes out the night before thanksgiving:

Make your morning less stressful and more easy-going by not having to worry about minor tasks. Since it’s the big day, having a stronger pre-thanksgiving is perfect for cutting down on workload so you can enjoy your day getting tired.

Get the dishes and plates out, clean them, and as soon as you wake up in the morning, you can easily set the table if people are coming over for lunch. If it’s a dinner, then setting things up in the day will still be practical too.

#5 Get the maximum work done the day before:

When hosting a complex dinner such as Thanksgiving, there is no way you should do all your cooking on the day of the meal. I recommend that you must focus on the main dishes on the day of Thanksgiving, and get the appetizers and desserts done before.

You can quickly get the side dishes done, make deserts, and promptly reheat everything the next day. This will make you feel at ease and help you stay focused on the main dishes. 

#6 Make sure your home is ready a few days early:

Your home must be clean, especially if you’re hosting indoors. A week before, you can start cleaning your rooms, and then as thanksgiving comes nearer, get done with the main rooms where your family will be lounging and eating.

Get the house looking cozy; bring out some cushions and scented candles, so your home looks and smells inviting. If it’s outdoors, make sure you have extra chairs and plates, so you do not have to wash anything last minute.

 #7 Silverware or disposal cutlery?

Having a solid cleaning plan is also important, because if you pull out a lot of plates and bowls, it’s likely that you’ll be spending your night and the next day holed up in the kitchen focusing on getting the dishes tidy.

Stop! Holidays are supposed to be stress-free, so make sure you come up with a plan. You can use serving dishes of your own, but using disposable plates and glasses will be pretty helpful as you can quickly dispose of all the dirty plates and just clean the serving dishes you use.


#8 Don’t hesitate to ask for help:

If you’re inviting over all your friends and family, it’ll probably get pretty challenging to cook up items that can feed an army of people. Ideally, you can plan with your family members and distribute items amongst each other this way, everyone can contribute something, or you could ask a few members to come over to help.

In both situations, your Thanksgiving can go way better and less stressful. If you’re not hosting and going over to someone’s place to enjoy a feast, offer to help and assist, so they don’t have as much of a burden, and together you can celebrate and be grateful for everything, including having each other.

Takeaway on how to have an organized Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is there to remind you to be grateful for all that you have and to be happy, and surround yourself with everything that makes you feel blessed. Things always turn out perfectly imperfect, and that’s what you should go for!

So, make sure you give your best, and follow these helpful tips to enjoy it to the fullest. It’s okay to drop an appetizer last minute, and it’s okay to get dessert from a bakery rather than making it. Keep it convenient and fun!

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