Ever stuck in a name, place, animal, thing game wondering if there is actually any Fruits That Start With N? Let us help you out here; we have listed down a number of fruits that start with N.

It is weird how there are so many fruits across the world that most of us haven’t tasted yet. We have mentioned some of them below. Let us know if your country has any of these N-starting fruits. Keep reading!

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1.  Nectarines

nectarines on white background

Ever seen a peach with a smoother outer skin? Well, that’s nectarines. Not only the physical appearance, but nectarines also taste like peaches too with a hint of extra sweetness. However, it does not have a fuzz like peaches.


Nectarines can be consumed raw as well as in making jellies, pastries, jams, or any other sweet treats.

2.  Nopales

nopales fruit on paddles

Nopales is a food item that belongs to both the families; vegetables and fruits. They are more commonly known as vegetables since they come from cacti. They belong to the same plant of cacti that prickly pears come from; since prickly pears are fruits, it is difficult to say whether nopales are vegetables or fruit.

They are edible. You can make them by removing the thorns and cooking them to a point where they are tender and juicy. They make a great food item in tacos or salads. Read More Here

3.  Naranja

Did you know that an orange has 400 different varieties?

Similar to orange, Naranja is a much sweeter and juicier form of orange. Orange is known as a Naranja in Spanish; however, it has the same taste and color as an orange. It is consumed raw as well as in the form of juices.

4.  Nonda Plum

No, this fruit isn’t a pen name or nom de plume. Nonda plum is a beautiful colored fruit whose color varies from a yellow-orange to a purple shade. They have an oval-shaped hard outer skin. However, some people do not find their taste appealing, while some find them tasty.

5.  Newtown Pippin Apple

There are several different varieties of apples. One such is a Newtown pippin apple. However, this apple is not done on a commercial scale. It is greenish-yellow in color. Newtown Pippin apples are great for eating raw or using to cook for a hard cider.

6.  Nance Fruit

Nance fruits are commonly known as hog berries. They have a similar physical appearance to those of cherries in terms of size and shape, however, they have a richer golden orange color.


You can also find a red flesh type of nance fruit in Mexico and Costa Rica. Some people like eating them raw while some prefer cooked nance fruit. They also make a great ingredient in smoothies and healthy drinks because they have many health-related benefits. For example, they have Vitamin C, are high in fiber, and are low in calories. It is also believed to improve one’s immune system, according to different studies.

They have a fruity cheese kind of taste with a strong scent.

7.  Nashi Pear

nashi pears on white background

Most commonly known as an Asian pear, Nashi pear has a lot of different names — from the Korean pear to the Japanese pear, the Chinese pear, the zodiac pear, the papple, the apple pear, the sand pear; well the list just goes on.


They have a watery texture that makes them unfit for baking, however, people like to consume them raw. About their physical appearance, they have a light, sandy brown color with darker spots around them.


Unlike usual pears, Nashi pears aren’t pear-shaped. They are round like the shape of apples. They have a high mineral and vitamin content which is the main reason for their increasing popularity.

8.  Northern Spy Apple

Another variety of apples, Northern spy apples are the kind of apples that people started growing in the early 1800s. These are known as winter apples. They are round and large like usual apples with a layer of multicolored skin having red, yellow, and green stripes.


They have a crispy outside with a soft and tender inner flesh. A lot of people compare its taste to that of a pear but a little more hint of tarty-ness. People usually cook it to make cider.

9.  Nagami Kumquat

Nagami kumquat is a less common fruit, however, you must have seen it. The reason why you probably never heard of them is that people refer to nagami kumquat as just kumquat. They are the most common type of kumquats consumed and sold.


Nagami kumquat is bright orange in color with a hint of tanginess to its flesh. People usually consume it raw because the skin of nagami kumquat is sweet.

10. Nuts

nuts on white background

Nuts? As Fruits? Well yes, most of the nuts belong to the fruit family. Except for peanuts, all other nuts are fruits. This includes hazelnuts, chestnuts, acorns, cashews, etc.

Next time you consume a nut, remember you are consuming fruit or seeds of the fruit.

11. Navel Orange

One of the most popular varieties of orange, navel oranges is known for their juicy and tenderness. They are very common for eating in the United States.


Navel oranges have a unique appearance; they are round in shape and orange in color having a small spot on the bottom that looks similar to a human navel. These oranges are seedless, easy to peel, and extremely juicy.


12. Neem

neem fruits on tree

Neem mostly grows in India. The neem plant grows fruit which is usually used as a vegetable in the cooking process. Moreover, neem also has different health benefits too; it is used in medicine as well as in the form of insect controllers.


It is great for eye disorders, nose bleedings, intestinal worms, etc. Moreover, neem flowers are also used in fresh, dried, and powdered forms.

13. Nocera

An Italian grape, Nocera is used in the making of different types of wine. This fruit helps in making wines highly acidic. It is a high-quality grape. 

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