Stuck in a game where you can’t think of any fruits that start with M except for mango? Well, we are here to save your day. This article has a list of fruits that start with M. Keep reading!

1.  Maprang Fruit

Also known as Bouea Macrophylla or mango plum, Maprang is a tropical fruit. These fruits have a similar color as a mango when they are ripe. They can be both; sour and sweet depending upon the type.

2.  Macadamia Fruit

Most people think the Macadamia plant only grows nuts. Whereas in reality, macadamia plants also grow fruits. However, the macadamia fruit is not popular among people because of its texture; it is hard and tastes bitter.

3.  Madrono Fruit

Also known as the Irish strawberry, the Madrono fruit tree is an attractive-looking tree that grows up to a height of 15 meters. It is used for public landscapes as it tolerates and absorbs pollution from industrial areas. Madrono fruit is not eaten raw; it is used to make liqueurs, beverages, and jam.

4.  Malay Apple Fruit

Scientifically known as Syzygium Malaccense, Malay apple fruit is grown in tropical climates. It is widely used in the production of wine.

5.  Mamey Sapote Fruit

Mostly found in Central America, Mamey Sapote fruit is an oval-shaped fruit that is also known as tropical tea fruit. The taste of mamey sapote has a touch of sweet potato and a hint of nuts.

6.  Mammee Apple Fruit

Related to mangosteens, mammee apple is a juicy fruit. Before ripening, mammee is hard; however once ripe, it gets softened and easier to eat. It has a taste similar to that of a passionfruit with a little hint of berry-like flavor.

7.  Mamoncillo Fruit

Want to have a wine bite? Well, try having mamoncillo fruit. The flavor of mamoncillo fruit is similar to that of wine. It has thin skin and juicy innards. It is green from the outside and orange from the inside.

8.  Mandarin Fruit

peeled mandarin orange in front of a basket of mandarins

One of the most well-known oranges in the market, mandarin orange fruit is a lot of people’s go-to snack. It is a refreshing fruit that goes well on everything from desserts to salad to yummy morning boost juices.

9.  Mangaba Fruit

A weird combination of an apple and an orange, Mangaba fruit comes from South American countries. It is an oval berry-shaped fruit with a sweet flavor.

10.  Mango Fruit

sliced mango halves on a cutting board

Who doesn’t like mangoes? Mangoes are one of the most sold fruits in the fruit kingdom. Sweet in taste, appealing as milkshakes, mango has a lot of different types. Some commonly known types are: Alphonso, Ataulfo, Amrapali, etc.

11.  Mangosteen Fruit

cut mangosteen halves on a wooden surface

As the name suggests, mangosteen fruit is from the mango family. It is a tropical fruit that originates from Asia.

12.  Manila Tamarind Fruit

Commonly found in Southern countries, Manila Tamarind fruit is an edible fruit that is sour in taste. The pulp of manila tamarind pods is eaten raw, otherwise, it is usually used in cooking and not eaten raw.

13.  Manoao Fruit

Manoao fruit is scientifically known as Manoao Colensoi. It is similar to young kahikatea. Manoao fruit tastes bitter, however, some people find it appealing for their taste buds.

14.  Maqui Fruit

Maqui fruit comes in a beautiful purple color. Native to Chile, maqui fruit is also commonly known as a berry fruit.

15.  Marang Fruit

Commonly known as a cousin of jackfruit, marang fruit has a weird odor. It smells like gasoline and tastes like a pear. Its exterior is covered in a thorny-like texture.

16.  Marionberry Fruit

A specific kind of blackberry, Marionberry is a hybrid between Olallie and Chehalem blueberries. The taste is tart with a little hint of sweetness.

17.  Marula Fruit

Marula fruits are harvested on the ground. They fall off a tree after they ripen. It is commonly used in making beers and cosmetic products.

18.  Mayan Nut Mayapple Fruit

Seeds coated in a citrus-flavored skin, Mayan Nut fruit is an edible fruit that grows on Mayapple tree. These seeds are often used in cooking as well as dried out before consumption to get a kick crunchy taste.

19.  Maypop Fruit

Well-known for their therapeutic qualities, maypop fruits are used as a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety. It is also used to cook dessert or jam. It belongs to the passionflower genus Passiflora.

20.  Melinjo Fruit

 Orange-red in color, Melinjo fruit grows on a tree called Gnetum gnemon. The seeds of Melinjo fruit are used to make crackers and soup.

21.  Melon Pear Fruit

Also known as Pepino dulce, Melon pear fruit resembles a pear and tastes like a cucumber. It is a fleshy fruit with a sweet flavor.

22.  Midyim Fruit

Native to Australia, Midyim fruit is common among indigenous people. Once ripe, it is soft and round. It tastes like a blueberry with a hint of spice.

23.  Miracle Fruit

As the name suggests, the Miracle fruit has qualities that change the sour taste to sweet. The trick is to eat the berry before consuming anything citrusy, like a lemon, to make it taste sweet.

24.  Mock Strawberry Fruit

Belonging to the Rosaceae family, mock strawberry looks like a round version of a strawberry. What makes the two different is their flowers; mock strawberry grows yellow flowers while a strawberry grows white flowers. Moreover, mock strawberries do not taste as good as regular strawberries.

25.  Monstera Deliciosa Fruit

Monstera plants grow fruits having a pleasant aroma. They are green, edible fruits that are as long as 25 centimeters. Monstera deliciosa fruit plants grow beautiful leaves.

26.  Mora De Castilla Fruit

A type of blackberry, Mora de Castilla fruit, comes from South America. It is a good ingredient for jelly, juice, and pastry.

27.  Morinda Fruit

Morinda fruit has different types. It belongs to the species of the coffee family. Morinda fruit is commonly used in medicine, it is a well-known herb.

28.  Mountain Pepper Fruit

Mountain pepper fruit is used as a spice in many countries. Initially, it is red and turns black when it ripens. It is commonly used to enhance the flavor of food, such as curry.

29.  Mountain Soursop Fruit

Native to Central America, mountain soursop fruit is an edible Amazonian fruit. The mountain soursop plant grows fruit all year long.

30.  Muscadine Grape

Muscadine is a type of grape with a very thick skin. It is dark purple or black when it ripens. It is commonly used in making wine or jelly.

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