Fruits That Start With L

How many fruits have you come across that start with the letter L? Well, we’ll introduce you to a bunch of fruits that start with L!

Have you ever heard of the fruit Lady Apples Fruit or Lablab Fruit? These are some fruits that are not common, yet they are incredibly healthy and nutritious.

Like them, we have collected a bunch of others fruits that start with L. So, gear up and be ready to get introduced to a new variety of fruits!

1. Lablab Fruit

labdab fruits on bush

The species to which lablab belongs is beans, and the family is Fabaceae. This fruit tree is typically found in tropical regions but also found in places such as grasslands.

This fruit has various names: Australian pea, bonavist pea,  bonavist bean, Indian bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Dolichos bean, and seem bean. The color of this fruit is purple.

2. Lady Apple Fruit

lady apple fruits isolated on white background

This variety of apple is found mainly in France and is an immensely popular French apple. The flesh of this type of apple is sweet-tart.

 The flesh of this apple is tender and not crispy like the other apples. The other name for Lady Apples also called wax apple and api in French. They are used as decorations, ornaments, and also making cocktails.

3. Lakoocha Fruit

Lakoocha Fruit on the ground

The Lakoocha tree is mainly found in tropical regions and found in other regions such as India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The taste of this fruit is somewhat similar to citrus fruits; a combination of sweet and tangy flavors.

Lakoocha fruit has a few other names: barhar, monkey fruit,  tampang, lokhat, monkey jack, lakuch, badhal. Lakoocha fruit belongs to the family Moraceae.

4. Langsat Fruit

 Langsat Fruit isolated on a white background

Langsat fruit belongs to the Family Meliaceae. This fruit is produced chiefly in Malaysia and is a fruit in the Mahogany family.

Langsat looks like potatoes on the outside with white translucent flesh and bitter seeds. It is eaten raw or made into a syrup that is bottled.

5. Lapsi Fruit

lapsi fruits

The fruit is primarily green in color. Its fruit is about 3cm long and has soft whitish flesh and greenish/ yellowish skin.

The origin of this plant is in Nepal, and it belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. It is also called Nepalese plum, hog plum, Napali hog plum. It is eaten raw, and used to make tarts, candies, and pickles.

6. Lardizabala Fruit

Lardizabala fruits on tree

It is best grown in temperate regions such as central and southern Chile. Lardizabala fruits are eaten cooked or raw and they have a sweet taste. Vendors sell the pulp of the fruit at local markets. 

Lardizabala tree called coguil or cógüil in Mapuche language, and it belongs to the family Lardizabalaceae.

7. Legato Fruit

This fruit is a hybrid fruit! The exceptional combination of tomato and lemon is called legato. It is a genetically engineered breed hence not found commonly. It belongs to no species or family.

8. Lemon Aspen Fruit

lemon aspen tree

Lemon Aspen Fruit is Found mainly in Australia. It belongs to the family Rutaceae. This fruit is acidic and has a notable aroma, with a tart, lemon flavor.

Lemon aspen has been used by the Aborigines in Australia for thousands of years. The fruit is used to make sauces, jams, jellies, sauces. 

9. Lucuma Fruit

lucuma fruit

This fruit belongs to the family Sapotaceae. This fruit is also known for improving fertility and is also called a superfood. Lucuma fruit tastes similar to sweet potato.

10. Lychees

lychee in a wooden bowl

Lychees are small fruit plants that usually grow in tropical regions. This fruit belongs to the family of soapberry. When dried, lychee is acidic, and when fresh, the pulp is juicy and aromatic.

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