8 Pumpkin Soup Recipes

What says fall more than pumpkins? I am loving the farm-fresh pumpkins I can get, and have been making so many delicious pumpkin soup recipes.

Pumpkin nutrition:

Pumpkin on dried hay

People often associate pumpkins with fall, pies, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Although pumpkin plants are often associated with fall decoration and holiday dishes, you should also consider the numerous pumpkin nutrition facts and benefits.

In addition to being a plump, nutritious orange vegetable, pumpkin is also an extremely nutrient-dense food. Its flesh, seeds, leaves, and juices contain vitamins and minerals, and lots of fiber.

It can be used in desserts, soups, salads, preserves, and even replace butter in some dishes. Below are some of my favorite pumpkin nutrition facts.

Types of pumpkin?

types of pumpkins piled on hay

Pumpkins grow on a vine that could be 2 feet to 20 feet long; they come in different sizes. There are many varieties of pumpkins. In this article, we will cover different types of pumpkins according to their size and weight.

How to cook pumpkin?

roasted pumpkin for pumpkin soup

Pumpkin is one of those foods that you may not use for days or weeks, but when the holidays arrive, pumpkin dishes begin to appear all over the place. Pumpkin may be utilized in a variety of ways, from breakfast to supper to sweets, because of its versatility. Here’s all you have to learn about how to cook pumpkin!

Pumpkin soup recipes:

Pumpkin lends itself so beautifully to so many different flavors. Here are some of my favorite pumpkin soup recipes with a myriad of flavors and textures.

Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (Pureéd)

Jamaican pumpkin soup pureed

This Jamaican Pumpkin Soup is an adapted version of Jamaican style pumpkin soup without meat. Pumpkin soup was my family’s favorite when growing up, which my mom made weekly. Enjoy the taste of the Tropics with this delicious and easy to prepare soup! It is vegan and gluten-free.

Jamaican Pumpkin Soup (Pureed) is one of my favorite soups, I decided to take new photos but I haven’t changed the ingredients at all because this recipe isso good, so flavorful, so memorable and comforting.

My mom would always make pumpkin soup on a weekly basis, but she always added beef, yellow yam, chayote, and dumplings. I wanted that same delicious flavor sans beef so I made this tasty version. I get to taste the delicate and sweet flavors of the pumpkin and coconut along with the robust thyme.

Thai Pumpkin Soup

Thai pumpkin soups in white bowls on white marble background

This spicy Thai pumpkin soup is naturally vegan, gluten-free, and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. It’s full of flavor and the perfect winter warmer. Pair it with your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Loaded with Thai red curry, it has just the right amount of spice to keep you warm without being too much. Additionally, the coconut and vegetable broth provides healthy fat and collagen, which will keep you full throughout the day.

On the other hand, ginger imparts a lovely soothing warmth to this soup, while coriander (cilantro) imparts an impressive fragrant depth.

Curry Pumpkin Soup

curry pumpkin recipe on white plate with orange

If you are getting tired of the regular pumpkin and butternut squash soups, try this Curry Pumpkin Soup! It is so warm, creamy, and comforting.

Have you tried pumpkin dishes yet this fall? Warm yourself inside out with this delicious curry pumpkin soup. This mildly spicy, butter-smooth soup is made with pumpkin puree, coconut milk, vegetable broth, and some spices, which takes this soup to the next level! 

Pumpkins are something that everyone craves every Halloween and Thanksgiving as they can be displayed for a show, and even they are delicious when you make recipes. When pumpkins are sliced and cut, they can be easily cooked as roasted, pureed into soup, or baked into pies. You can also prepare the seeds in many ways. 

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

vegan creamy pumpkin soup

This vegan creamy pumpkin soup is a perfect recipe for the fall season. This soup is smooth, aromatic, and nourishing. Garlic adds a sweet and spicy note to this seasonal dish. Ideal for warming you up on a chilly fall night!

It’s October, one of the most beautiful times of the year. There is a chill in the air, the leaves are changing colors, and pumpkins are popping up everywhere.  Pumpkin is Americans’ favorite fall flavor. We hardly hold for Thanksgiving to enjoy pumpkin pie! I know you will also enjoy this vegan creamy pumpkin soup.

You are also probably thinking about the health benefits of pumpkin and other ways to use it in your meals throughout the fall. You’ll be surprised to know that the humble pumpkin, which is usually associated with Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, is a nutritious powerhouse.

Haitian Pumpkin Soup

Haitian Pumpkin soup

Delicious, hearty, and packed with robust flavors, this Vegan Soup Joumou, or Haitian Pumpkin Soup, is a celebratory dish. It is served every year on the 1st of January to celebrate the Country’s Independence and is one of Haiti’s most savored foods.

This vibrant Haitian soup is what you would expect at every Haitian household on January 1st. And yes, people expect you to come to their house to enjoy this dish with them.

Traditionally cooked with beef, this recipe is a vegan version that is just as delicious and packed full of flavor.

Easy Veggie Pumpkin Soup

vegan vegetable pumpkin soup

This easy vegetable pumpkin soup is an easy, delicious, and healthy recipe. With the soup only requiring 4 ingredients and taking less than 30 minutes to prepare, it is sure to be a family favorite. It is so creamy, filling, and flavorful!

Winter is approaching, and the temperature is dropping, so I’m always on the lookout for comfort food to keep me satisfied and warm during these chilly months. Undeniably, when it’s cold outside, nothing beats a big bowl of warm creamy pumpkin soup and a blanket. There’s nothing better, in my opinion… Especially with a 30-minute Easy Vegetable Pumpkin Soup as an option!

Jamaican-style Pumpkin Soup

Jamaican-style pumpkin soup

This flavorful Vegan Pumpkin Soup is an amazing Jamaican-style version, it has pumpkin, carrots, yellow yam, potato, Chocho (chayote), and dumplings cooked it a creamy, velvety, and spicy coconut broth is perfect for fall.

I decided to share a more traditional way to make pumpkin soup in Jamaica that is vegan and gluten-free that includes local vegetables.

This is the vegan version of Jamaican Pumpkin Chicken Soup, one of my childhood recipes that my mom made weekly when I was growing up. We traditionally used Grace Cock Soup or similar prepackaged seasonings to flavor our soups in Jamaica but to create this vegan version, I used vegetable broth and coconut milk.  You can make your own or use a store-bought version.

Lentil Pumpkin Soup

vegan lentil pumpkin soup

This pumpkin lentil soup packed with nutrient-dense ingredients is naturally gluten-free, oil-free, vegan, and ready within 30 minutes! It is perfect for a chilly autumn day lunch or dinner!

I was in dire craving for a delicious hot bowl of soup —something hearty and nourishing. So I gathered a few ingredients from my kitchen and then prepared this amazing Lentil Pumpkin Soup, satisfying all of my soup cravings.  It has everything I’ve ever wanted in a soup. It’s hearty, bursting with warm flavors, and pairs perfectly with your favorite crackers or garlic bread.

There are plenty of nutrients and comforting flavors in this Lentil Pumpkin Soup, so you’ll want to make it again and again. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to prepare with only a few pantry items and spices. Plus, it’s full of delicious pumpkin flavor, and I know you’re all as crazy about pumpkin as I am.

More of My Best Vegan Recipes:

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