Thanksgiving is pretty much spent with family while devouring delicious meals, but as tempting, as it sounds, involving the family’s furry members is also essential. To ease your worries, quickly read through some pet-safe Thanksgiving tips.

Pet Safe Thanksgiving Tips

Amid gratefulness, we must include the cutest members of the family too, but it’s also important that you know what food items can keep them safe at thanksgiving. We are here to educate you all on it!

Bad food for pets:

It sounds pretty tempting to slip in a bite or two and have your pet enjoy the mouth-watering thanksgiving food that you are having too. As tempting as it is, make sure you avoid doing this, and let your guests know not to feed them as well.

The dishes made for thanksgiving dinners and lunches include various items of food that are good for you, but may be toxic for your pets. Furthermore, you may not know or forget what is in the huge variety of foods, and you don’t want to accidentally feed them something harmful. So, make sure you keep your little doggo and cat away from these dangerous festive food items:

cat with pumpkins


These yummy delicacies that you may enjoy aren’t suitable for your pets. Sweet dishes such as various pies, fruitcakes, chocolate chip cookies should be kept away from your pets, and make sure you tell your guests the same.

Did you know that chocolates are toxic for dogs and cats? That’s right, as yummy as it is, dogs and cats cannot eat chocolates. They also cannot have grapes, raisins, currants, and xylitol. So make sure you keep away most desserts, and especially keep the keto-friendly desserts for yourself and not for your pets.

Dough that contains yeast:

Unbaked dough that contains yeast isn’t good for your Pet. It may result in a blockage inside your stomach. This is because of the yeast present inside the dough, which rises and expands it. Did you know that natural fermentation, a property of yeast, can result in your dog getting alcohol poisoning?

So any bread items that you plan to make and bake for your guests, make sure all the unbaked dough is kept away safely. Microwave ovens are good options, rather than openly keeping them on the counter.

Keep pets away from garlic, chives, onions, etc.:

In Thanksgiving dishes, you’ll find the above seasonings quite commonly, bur keep in mind these are pretty toxic for your pets. Garlic, chives, onions, and leeks are dangerous because they may destroy red blood cells in your pets. Do not even give your pet a bite of anything that’s been cooked or seasoned using the above, such as gravy, mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing, etc.

Make sure your pets stay away from these food items, not just these items but make sure they aren’t lurking around trash; they may end up eating any leftovers from the trash, causing issues for you.

Pet-friendly food items:

Feeding your pets food options that are pet-friendly is essential. While the above-stated food items aren’t suitable for your pets, do not get overwhelmed.

Your furry family member can still enjoy various other pet-friendly things and are available at the time of your dinner. A good option is cutting up some fruits for them and even vegetables such as baby carrots, small chunks of sweet potatoes, green beans, and apples. Even pumpkin purée is very good for them, but make sure it has not been sweetened or seasoned.

Pet-proofing your household:

While the Thanksgiving weekend comes closer, make sure while cleaning your home, you not only tidy it but make it safe and secure for your pet. Some practical ways to secure your pet and ensuring they don’t run away is by setting up gates that surround the front door. Guests can easily come and go, but amid the chaos, you might forget to check on your pet animals.

Another effective way is to put your pets on a long tether to prevent any kind of door dashing, especially if they are dogs. You can also keep your cat in a separate room, so it doesn’t end up escaping.

If you can, obtain a trash can with a lid, or use some sort of makeshift cover for the day. Dogs especially love digging through the trash, and this is an easy way for them to eat something harmful. Also consider gating off the kitchen area, so that they can’t get accidentally burnt or cut by stray knives.

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Keep pets out of bags and suitcases:

Inviting guests over for Thanksgiving means you may be more than hosting for dinner; some guests might stay over. You must understand all the handbags, suitcases, etc., are possible hazards for your pets if they end up sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong at all.

Some things that can be harmful are sugar-free gums that contain xylitol, various candy bars, and different medications that your guests may have in your bags. These may end up dampening your holiday plans if your pet ends up getting into them and needing an emergency vet visit.

Make sure you hang your guests’ bags on hooks or close doors where suitcases are kept rather than leaving them lying out in places.

Pet safe thanksgiving tips in a nutshell:

Even though pets become a part of your family, their dietary requirements are pretty different from the food that we can eat. What may be a treat for us, may become quite toxic for them.

They may end up staring at you, with your little pup might give you the famous puppy dog’s eyes. However, it’s much better to stay strong than spend the whole night at the vets, or cleaning up a mess they have left. You’ll end up wishing you hadn’t given in and let your pet taste the food that you know isn’t good for them!

So keep potential sources of bad foods secure, keep pets secured away from the doors, have specific pet-friendly snacks set aside for them, and make sure your guests are aware of your pet safety guidelines. Have a happy holiday!

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