Is miracle fruit truly a superfood? What are the health benefits of miracle fruit? With its increasing popularity across various countries, many are taking notice of its nutrient-rich content and unique taste-altering properties.

Known by different names such as the miracle plant, berry, and more commonly, red berries, its scientific name is Synsepalum dulcificum.

Remarkably, despite its significance, its size is comparable to a coffee bean. With all these attributes, it begs the question: what are the health benefits of the miracle fruit?

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What Is Miracle Fruit?

Miracle fruit originated from west and central Africa and countries like Nigeria, Congo, and Ghana.

People love to eat miracle fruit because it is very beneficial for health and has taste-altering properties. The berry is rich in miraculin. Actually, miraculin is a type of glycoprotein (sugar molecules are attached to amino acids)

This miraculin binds to taste receptors near receptor sites in the oral cavity. It sweetens the taste of sour or acidic foods like lemons, vinegar, pickles, etc.

The amazing thing about the miracle fruit is its taste change lasts 30 minutes. Do you want to eat miracle fruit? If your answer is yes, you must first know its benefits and side effects before consuming miracle fruit.

In this article, we will tell you the common health benefits of miracle plants, and we will guide you about their dosage, and side effects. keep reading

Miracle Fruit on a bush

Benefits Of Miracle Fruit

The miracle fruit is bestowed with nutrients, that’s why it is super beneficial for human health. Miracle fruit is packed with vitamins A, E, and C and contains amino acids that are needed for different body functions. This fruit also contains polyphenolic compounds. These compounds are antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

This berry improves organ function and regulates the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It helps in the treatment of multiple diseases and prevents a few diseases, such as

1. Help prevent cancer

Nowadays, cancer is a common but severe illness. A large population is affected by cancer. According to a report, about 18.1 million people in the world are affected by cancer. Additionally, in the United States, 1 in every 3 women is suffering from cancer. But you can prevent cancer by eating miracle fruit. Miracle fruit plants contain flavonoids and terpenoids. These two compounds are helpful in preventing cancer.

These antioxidants decrease the malignant cancer metastasis(spread), e.g., in colorectal areas.

These miracle fruits are also packed with syringaresinol. This slows down the aging process and helps in preventing skin care.

According to a study, when your taste is altered due to chemotherapy, miraculin helps improve the taste through its taste-altering properties.

2. Manage blood sugar level

Are you struggling with managing your blood sugar level? A report showed that about 37.3 million people have high blood sugar levels. But miracle fruit helps people to manage their blood sugar levels. According to a study, the fruit and leaves of this plant cause increased insulin production and sensitivity.

In other studies, this plant was given to mice who have diabetes and showed improvement in their blood sugar levels.

However, more research is needed on humans.

3. Act as an anticonvulsant

According to research antioxidant properties of seeds are helpful in preventing death and cause quick recovery after seizures. However, more research is still needed.

4. Help to treat gout

Do you Want to get rid of gout? Gout is a painful condition and needs treatment. Lab investigations and zoological studies suggest that the extracts from these Miracle fruits help improve uric acid levels in the blood, which cause gout if present in high content. These fruits may act as a potential treatment for gout.

These may work more effectively than allopurinol. These fruits extract to lower the blood uric acid levels without doing any harm to the organ systems of our body.

Researchers recently conducted a study on mice to assess the comparative effects of these fruits and allopurinol. Interestingly, while allopurinol presented some side effects, the fruit extracts, on the other hand, showed none.

5. Weight loss

Are you struggling with weight loss? According to reports, more than one billion humans are overweight. If you are overweight, don’t stress. You can lose weight by adding miracle fruit to your diet. Red Berries or miracle fruit are the natural sugar-free additives to our diet. And if you crave something sweet after your meal, you can try these. These not only satisfy your sweet cravings but also help you lose weight owing to low-calorie content.

6. Boost immunity

Miracle fruits are an important source of vitamin C, which boosts immunity against viral and bacterial infections. During the covid-19 people used miracle fruit to boost their immunity. These fruits, if taken on a regular basis, may help in the production of white blood cells, so in turn, they boost our immunity.

7. Improve vision

Do you have blurry vision? If yes, eat red berries and miracle fruit. Miracle berries contain vitamin A, which is very important for protecting vision. You must include these batteries in your diet and take them almost 2 times a week for these blue and macular degenerations and cataract formation at an early age.

8. Get rid of metallic tastes

The best thing about miracle fruit is that they can vanish the metallic taste in the mouth of people undergoing chemotherapy. Chemotherapy causes a bitter metallic taste in the oral cavity.

So, doctors suggest eating miracle fruit after every session of chemotherapy. It can clear the mouth’s metallic taste and change it into sweetness. It enables the patient to eat regular food and provides all the required nutrition.

9. Effective food enhancer

Miracle fruit makes the taste of different vegetables and fruits better

Like strawberries, grapefruits, pineapple, broccoli, lettuce, grapes, lime, and lemon. It improves the taste of these vegetables. Additionally, people use it to sweeten palm wine, sour fruits, and some other foods and drinks. It enhances the flavor of soured cornbread.

These berries are fresh to eat. People use it to sweeten bitter medicines. In its native range, they use this fruit to enhance the taste of stale food. Manufacturers can use it as a source of natural food sweeteners.

Possible Side Effects of Miracle Berry

While Miracle fruit boasts potential health benefits, it’s essential to weigh its side effects before incorporating it into your dietary regimen.

  • Acidity

Taking miracle fruit enables you to take more sweet food but changes its taste too sweet. In this way, you consume more sour foods, which can lead to high acidity levels in the body.

  • Stomach issues

This fruit makes you eat more spicy food without feeling the heat. This results in Heartburn or GIT distress. Thus, you should take this product in moderate amounts.

Other uses of miracle fruit

Miracle fruit is being used as a culinary and food-manufacturing ingredient.

Moreover, the Miracle fruit imparts an orange-red color hue. This characteristic means that manufacturers can utilize it as a food coloring agent in a variety of beverages and sugar solutions. However, it’s worth noting they can’t rely on it to add sweetness to products that are inherently sweet, such as chocolate. It adds flavor to fewer sour foods like tomatoes and strawberries.

Thsalso used as a replacement for sugar. Thus people can use it in their diets to lose weight.

How to preserve miracle fruit

Do you want to store miracle fruit? As you know, this amazing fruit originated in west Africa. It changes your taste bud. Thus, it makes the lemon taste like oranges and hot sauce like barbecue sauce. That’s why people want to store it. There are some easy ways to preserve the miracle fruit.

Follow these easy tips for preserving miracle fruit

  • You can store these berries for an extended period. When you’re ready to use them for a meal, rinse them thoroughly with cold running water for about 30 seconds. Then, drain them well, ensuring all the excess water is removed.
  • Now spread the berries on a baking sheet.
  • Keep the baking sheet in the freezer for a night.
  • Put frozen berries in ziplock bags. Write the date with a marker.
  • Now you can use it for 6 months by keeping it in the freezer

Dosage of miracle fruit

The correct Dose of miracle fruit changes with different factors like age, health, and different other conditions. However, there is no scientific information to find out the exact and accurate Dose. Carefully follow the directions labeled on products and consult your doctors before consuming any product.

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Miracle fruit is amazing food to eat because it contains healthy nutrients that help people to prevent diseases. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy compounds. It helps to prevent cancer, manage blood sugar, boost immunity, promote weight loss, treat gout disease, etc. you can eat it in different ways and the best way is to make miracle fruit fresh juice. you can preserve miracle fruit for future

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