Over the years, I have learned How To Ship Vegan Baked Goods to loved ones without the disappointment of my goodies being turned into a crumpled mess.

There are certainly many different people out there who may benefit from your incredible baking skills during this time. You could take blondies next door, or a cake to your parent’s house. However, what if you need to get baked goods further afield?

Your only option to get baked goods, vegan or otherwise, to a place that’s particularly far away is to ship them. However, thinking about that may bring certain calamities to mind. Namely: squashing, freshness, and melting.


Imagine: you’ve spent a few hours making some absolutely beautiful cupcakes. They’re light, airy, and moist. You choose to ship them to your aunt across the country, only for them to get crushed during that journey! Luckily, there are ways to prevent this.

You can buy boxes to house your vegan cupcakes which have slots for each, individual cupcake. By placing each cake in a slot, you minimize their side-to-side movement. Cutting down on lateral movement like this is a great way to reduce cupcake squashes.

To prevent cupcakes being squashed from above, UPS recommends inserting small candy sticks into the top of your cupcakes, so that the lid of the box won’t fall and touch them. If you’re making Christmas themed cupcakes, for example, you could use miniature candy canes!


Of course, when shipping vegan baked goods you need to consider how fresh the cakes are likely to be when they get to the other end. Is the shipping going to take a fortnight, and you’ll have little rock-solid cakes on your hands?

Luckily, there are ways to prevent that from happening. Firstly, you can choose to use an extremely fast shipping method. Having the cakes from the shipping place to the recipient in less than twenty-four hours is sure to optimize how fresh they can be.

Similarly, you can ensure freshness by sealing the cakes or other baked goods in airtight containers. If the vegan baked goods cannot oxidize, then they’re much likely to become brittle and stale.

Make sure to bake your goodies the same day you plan to ship them. Make sure you cool your vegan baked goods completely wrapping them individually.


This is another big one. Of course, shipping an ice cream cake cross-country is perhaps a poor idea, but you may have frosted delicate images onto a batch of cookies. If that frosting were to melt in a hot van or truck, then your work would go to waste.

If you insist on shipping frosting with your baked goods then ship the frosting separately in a container with a tight lid.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, there are a number of different tips and tricks. Most notable is insulating packaging. If you firstly seal your baked goods in a standard box and then wrap that box in insulating foam planks, you’re sure to maintain a good temperature. Just remember to use the crushing tips from above to protect your delicate work!

How To Wrap Vegan Baked Goods?

  • Cookies – for sturdy cookies, you can stack cookies but place a sheet of parchment paper in between each cookie. Place them in a tin container and make sure they aren’t moving around. For delicate cookies, individually wrap each cookie with plastic wrap then place it in a tin, then place the tin in the box you are shipping. Make sure to put paper or shipping peanuts, bubble wrap to cushion the tin so it doesn’t move around in the box.
  •  For loaves of bread, Cakes, Muffins – cool completely, wrap individually with plastic wrap, and make sure it is airtight. Pour peanuts, bubble wrap, or paper at the base of the box. Place your baked goods, add more cushioning at the sides and on top, making sure you fill all the spaces and the baked goods fit securely and don’t move around.

Other Tips:

  1. Make sure your loved one is aware that you are shipping your care package so they will be home to collect the package right away.
  2. Write perishable on the box so special care will be given to your package during the entire process until your package is safely delivered.
  3. Including other goodies in the package like cookbooks or kitchen, gadgets is a great idea. 
  4. Use Express Mail (overnight service) for fast delivery to Wherever you might be shipping vegan baked goods to, the recipient is sure to love them.
    Make sure to follow the tips that we’ve outlined in this article, and your baked goods will arrive in the same condition that you sent them in. The only trick now will be making sure that the recipient is home when their parcel arrives!