Since the release of my book Healthier Steps: 125 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes, it has been a roller coaster ride and I’m enjoying it. Its such a joy and relief to see my goal become a reality. For the past two years, I anticipated releasing my cookbook.

I knew I was equipped in terms of creating the recipes but I wanted to take my own photos throughout the book including the cover. I wanted to work closely with the editor and the designer of my book. I basically wanted the cookbook to reflect my personality. But somehow none of these requirements just wouldn’t transpire.

I kept on hitting roadblock and discouragement one after the other. Whenever some of my friends would see me busy working on recipes or my blog, they would say ‘oh I thought you published your cookbook already.’

Presenting: Healthier Steps – 125 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

The strangest thing now looking back is, I never gave up on my goals. The desire kept raging inside me, I knew someday somehow it would happen.

I’m so thankful for the family members and friends who believed in me. My life took a significant turn when my husband got a call about taking up a job in Ohio. The call came in one evening on our way home with the family from a shopping trip.

The children were sleeping and I remembered hearing the phone ringing while dozing off to sleep. I never asked my husband about the call until two days later when he told me what the call was about. He said he waited to tell me because he believed that my answer would be no. I said, ‘YES.’ I was ready for a change in my life, I felt immediately that it was time to move. Sometimes in order for a situation to change, one has to make some changes in their life.

After the confirmation, we had two weeks to pack and leave. I must say it was very stressful but the excitement of moving made the move easier. After arriving in Ohio, my husband started working, my daughter started college, I started a health coaching course and I got busy finding a routine. One thing I loved was the lovely bay windows in our new home, perfect for taking food photos.

Then came the strong urge to open the file I had of over 200 recipes, that I had created during the last two years. As I opened it, it brought back memories of when I prepared the dishes and served them to my family, feelings of anticipation about publishing the book that hadn’t happened.

I had to dispel the negative thoughts about the doors that kept on closing over the past 2 years. I embraced the notion that it just wasn’t my time then. I decided to redo all 200 recipes and then the next beautiful thing happened. I got an email invitation to a photography class I had signed up for maybe a year before. I had forgotten about the class.

I accepted the invitation and for the next 30 days, I was taking photos, re-doing recipes, hosting guests, engaged in my health coaching class.

One of the major concerns I had was that most of my kitchen wares were still inboxes. I didn’t let it stop me, I improvised and kept doing my best. To this day the majority is still packed away because my husband is renovating the kitchen.

I put my heart into the recipes and took over 100 photos, I narrowed down the recipes to 125 of my favorite. My editor Maria and my designer (my younger brother) worked closely with me. They were very patient, understanding, and tried to please me from cover to cover.

Presenting: Healthier Steps – 125 Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes

I’m happy to present my debut gluten-free cookbook to my readers, this truly is a piece of my heart. Thank you for your support for the last 3.5 years. You have read my comments, written to me, bought my skincare products, commented on my posts. Some of you and I have become close friends as a result of this blog. I appreciate your patience and love.

My cookbook contains over 125 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are all plant-based and free of wheat, rye, barley, milk, cheese, butter, eggs, gums, or refined sugars.

The recipes are inspired by my travels to Europe and the Caribbean, and while living at a missionary college for over 10 years. I include lots of smart tips, explanations, and ideas for creating tasty gluten-free meals. I explain where unfamiliar ingredients can be purchased and what their substitutions are. Gluten-free pantry and grain lists are included. My dishes are healthy, colorful, and vibrant with the use of whole foods.

Enjoy mouthwatering dishes like crowd-pleasing pulled jackfruit sandwich, Jamaican dumplings, brown rice pelau, artichoke spinach lasagna, black bean quinoa burrito bowl, chickpeas, and dumplings.

Also Check out my lentil tacos, brown bread, Victoria sponge cake, coconut lime berry tarts, and various salads, soups, smoothies, and juices.

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