Eggplant Stew Recipe

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This flavorful Eggplant Stew recipe, one of the easiest eggplant recipes ever and it can be served with rice or quinoa.

Eggplant Stew Recipe

Eggplant Stew Recipe


I love to prepare stews because I love to transform simple ingredients into mindblowing dishes like my Chickpea Stew, Ital Stew, and my Eggplant Rundown.

Of lately the weather is very temperamental, one day it is very cold with threats of freezing temperatures and the next we are in the 80’s. Today while we are enjoying relatively warm and sunny weather here in Florida, in the Northeast USA they are under a heavy snowstorm.

This Vegan Eggplant Stew is dedicated to all my readers experiencing the cold weather. I decided to make a  Caribbean Eggplant Stew that is hearty comforting, warming and a flavor bomb!

Eggplant Stew

This Eggplant  Stew recipe is extremely easy and cheap to prepare and so delicious. I made a large pot of stew and had leftovers after serving it for dinner. This summer if you are planning to plant a vegetable garden, please include eggplants so you can make some of my delicious eggplant recipes:

  1. Baked Stuffed Eggplant
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  3. Ratatouille

What do I need to make this Eggplant And Lima Bean Stew?

Smoked Paprika


Diced Tomatoes

Italian Seasoning

I also used canned lima beans, to prepare this recipe, I saute onions, garlic, and seasonings. Then I added tomatoes, veggies and lima beans and allow to cook until thickened.

Eggplant Stew Recipe With Lima Beans Served over Turmeric Coconut Rice

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What should I serve my Eggplant and Lima Bean Stew with?

Serve it with this delicious Turmeric Coconut Rice recipe.

Turmeric Coconut Rice



(Per portion)
  • Energy: 248 kcal / 1037 kJ
  • Fat: 8 g
  • Protein: 6 g
  • Carbs: 19 g

Cooking Time

  • Preparation: 10 min
  • Cooking: 20 min
  • Ready in: 30 min
  • For:
  • 4 Servings



  1. Heat oil in a large saucepan, add onions and cook until soft, about 3 minutes. Stir in garlic and green onions, cumin, smoked paprika, Italian seasoning, turmeric, thyme, allspice and cook until fragrant.
  2. Add diced tomatoes, tomato paste, Bragg's liquid aminos, eggplant, butter beans and vegetable broth. Bring to a boil, cover saucepan and reduce to simmer for 20 minutes or until thickened. Serve on a bed of rice or quinoa.


Eggplant And Lima Bean Stew Pin

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Michelle Blackwood, RN

Hi, I’m Michelle, I’m the voice, content creator and photographer behind Healthier Steps. I share vegan and gluten-free recipes because of past health issues. My goal is to help you make healthier choices and show you how healthy eating is easy and delicious.

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  1. Kaytee
    May 10, 2020
    I enjoy eggplant and this recipe was simple using spices all ready on my spice rack. It smells delightful and the family enjoyed it. The request was made to add to our weekly menu. I did not use butter beans, I used chick peas (Garbanzos) and it was still delicious. Thank you for sharing these recipes.

    • Michelle Blackwood, RN
      May 11, 2020

      Kaytee, I’m so happy you enjoyed this eggplant recipe and I love how you made it your own. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

  2. Shanice
    December 9, 2019

    My entire family ate this up in no time, we served it over rice!

    July 29, 2019

    Michelle, thanks for this recipe. there are never good uses of eggplants around for my money.
    question: you used dry beans. don’t they have to be soaked overnight before you can add them to stew? wouldn’t they still be uncooked otherwise?
    thanks in advance
    patty from philly

    p.s haven’t made recipe yet.

    • Michelle Blackwood
      July 29, 2019

      Hello Patty, I used canned chickpeas for this recipe however you can soak dried chickpeas overnight then cook until tender in water before adding them to the stew. I hope you enjoy.

  4. Kristin Williams
    September 10, 2018

    Pineapple Fried Rice – flavorful, easy and amazing.

    • Michelle Blackwood
      September 11, 2018

      Thank you Kristin for your feedback, so happy you enjoyed my Pineapple Fried Rice recipe.

  5. philly
    April 29, 2018

    Had this last sunday hubby loved and it he had a friend over and he enjoyed it too. Thanks

    • Michelle Blackwood
      April 29, 2018

      That’s wonderful, I’m so happy that your you all enjoyed it, I appreciate your feedback!

  6. Priscilla
    April 7, 2018

    I’m happy you shared this recipe, I had an eggplant in the refrigerator for awhile and couldn’t figure out what to prepare with it. This recipe was so flavorful, thank you.

  7. Philly
    March 27, 2018

    I would like to make this… how much cups of beans if I am going to use dry lima beans…thanks

    • Michelle Blackwood
      March 27, 2018

      Hello Philly, I was thinking about you last night that I haven’t seen any recent comments from you. Happy to hear from you, about 3/4 cup of dry beans will work fine. Hope you enjoy!