It’s been hectic lately and don’t see it slowing down for a while now. I’m excited to be out and about and meeting so many wonderful people. Last summer I pretty much stayed in to unpack and work on my cookbook. This summer I’m doing workshops, cooking classes, exercise classes and selling my skincare products. Last Thursday I had a wonderful time at the Lancaster library presenting on, “The Dangers of Gluten.”

This is a summary of what I presented:

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein structure  that is in grains such as wheat, spelt, barley, rye and contaminated oats. Gluten acts like glue, and is primarily known to give dough its elastic texture. So it helps foods to keep their shape.

Many diseases are linked to gluten and its estimated that over 99% of sufferers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance go undiagnosed.

-The 3 main types of gluten allergies, celiac disease, gluten intolerance/sensitivity and wheat allergies.

Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms:

Headaches/migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, Chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, numbness, bone/joint pain, eczema/rash, weight gain, weight loss, PMS

I then discussed the various reasons why eating wheat causes negative reactions in this country.

  • Modern wheat vs ancient wheat.
  • Modern wheat high in amylopectin A
  • The over consumption of wheat – wheat eaten for breakfast, lunch, supper
  • Gut dysbiosis
  • The use of glyphosate (Roundup) prior to harvest of wheat
  • Antibiotic wipe out beneficial bacteria, resulting in inflammation and intestinal permeability or leaky gut. Leaky gut causes protein or undigested foods (including gliadin protein from wheat) to get into blood steam causing allergic response
  • Gluten sensitivity and dairy

I also spoke about the obvious grains that contain gluten and hidden foods with gluten, such as soy sauce, soup bases, gravies, candies, beer etc.

I’m looking forward to my next presentation will be,  ‘How To Determine If You Have Food Sensitivities’

Anyway back to my yucca salad. Yucca root also known as cassava or manioc is similar to potatoes and can easily be used as a substitute for potatoes in your recipes. It is grown in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Growing up in Jamaica, we always had a plant that my mother used to make starch and cassava pone. It is also popularly used to make bammy, a traditional Jamaican flat bread or pancake.  Now I enjoy it boiled, then used to make this salad or sauteed with onions and lime juice.

Yucca has a white flesh with a thick dark brown skin that looks like a tree bark. The It is low in sodium, fat free, high in carbohydrates and vitamin C. I usual purchase mine here in the USA in the frozen section of the Asia, West Indian or African supermarkets. I have also seen it fresh in the International section of the grocery stores. I now prefer to purchase it in the freezer sections because its already peeled and ready to cook.

My husband is crazy about my yucca salad recipe so I decided to share it with you all. This is a perfect substitute for potato salad, its not only delicious but creamy! This recipe is a great alternative for those who suffer with autoimmune diseases especially rheumatoid arthritis and are avoiding nightshades. Please leave out red bell pepper also for its also a nightshade!



  • 2 pounds yucca (cassava), peeled and chopped if using fresh
  • 1 cup Vegan Mayonnaise (store bought or this one)
  • 1/2 cup red onions finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup red bell pepper finely chopped (optional)
  • 1 green onion, finely sliced
  • 1 celery, finely chopped
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • Pinch cayenne pepper


Place yucca chunks in large pot with water to cover. Bring to boil on medium high heat. Reduce heat to simmer for 30 minutes or until yucca is tender. Remove from heat, drain using a colander. When yucca is cool enough to handle, chop yucca into small cubes and place into a large bowl. Add mayonnaise, red onion, red bell pepper, green onion, celery, lemon juice, salt and cayenne pepper. Toss well, serve immediately or refrigerate.