Ajuga turkestanica is a beautiful flowering plant located in Central Asia. It is grown and harvested on a large scale due to its benefits for muscle growth.

This plant has been very popular in the science community since 1960 due to its effect on protein synthesis.

The ajuga turkestanica plant’s root, shoot, flowers, and leaves have been used in organic remedies to treat body aches, heart complications, and stress.

The growing and harvesting of the root and shoot of this plant are heavily controlled by Surhandarya local authorities due to their benefits for muscle growth. Moreover, the export of this plant is strictly controlled by the customs office.

This plant’s health benefits are due to its compound known as “ecdysteroids“. This is a plant chemical that has anabolic effects that are similar to testosterone and other androgens.

This chemical present within Ajuga turkestanica has been shown to benefit muscle recovery and improve libido.

What is Ajuga Turkestanica?

Ajuga turkestanica is a herbaceous plant with a height of 40 and 60 cm. The leaves of the plant have an elliptical oblong shape with pointed tips and straight edges.

The flowers are small and pink in color and appear between May and June. The flowers are located within the axil of two leaves. The fruit has four nuts and was born at the end of May.

This plant is native to the Pamir-Alay mountain ranges of Central Asia. The species has been typically found within Artemisia complexes.

Some of the species have also been found within the low mountain regions of southern Tajikistan. It can also grow in rocky clay conditions up to an elevation of 2500 meters.

Health Benefits of Ajuga Turkestanica

Turkestanica and some other species of Ajuga are claimed to have a lot of medicinal effects.

These species were used by the local herbalist, who recommended this herb as a tonic. There are various health benefits that can be obtained from this plant.

1. Can Stimulate Protein Synthesis:

Ecdysteroids have been shown to have anabolic properties, which can result in increased muscle mass.

Ajuga turkestanica also contains ecdysteroids, which have been demonstrated to increase mass muscle synthesis in animals.

This anabolic of Ajuga turkestanica is due to the ability of ecdysteroids to increase the formation of protein molecules by speeding up the translocation part of muscle development rather than producing the new muscles.

Various studies have also shown the anabolic effect of Ajuga turkestanica.

For example, in an animal-customized controlled study Arthur, 2014), mice were divided into two groups; one group was given 20 mg of Ajuga turkestanica extract for one month. After a month, the triceps brachii muscles of both groups were examined.

The researchers found out that the percentage of Notch signaling molecules used to activate satellite cells and responsible for muscle regeneration was significantly increased in the group given Ajuga turkestanica.

The researchers also concluded that “Ajuga turkestanica supplements in aged mice increase Notch and Wnt signaling in triceps brachii muscle and may provide a protective effect to maintain the integrity of aged skeletal muscle.

2. Helps With Post-Workout Recovery:

Everyone wants a post-workout blend that can fight fatigue and promote faster recovery at the same time. Ajuga turkestanica can provide both and even more.

The anabolic properties of Ajuga turkestanica make it beneficial for workout recovery by repairing the muscles after you hit the gym.

Moreover, the Ajuga plant also contains phytoecdysteroids, plant compounds with a lot of health benefits.

Turkesterone, is one of these phytoecdysteroids and one of the most important components in Ajuga. This Turkesterone shows its magic well after the resistance training by speeding up the muscle and tissue repair.

It has also shown to be promising in stimulating protein biosynthesis, which supports the theory that it can be an important addition to a post-workout regimen.

Moreover, various studies show that Turkesterone not only builds muscle but also helps in maintaining it in the long term.

For example, in one animal study, the anabolic properties of turkesterone phyto- ecdysone and turkesterone tetraacetate were studied on male rats.

The researchers found out that Turkesterone effectively maintained the integrity of skeletal muscles in aged mice.

So, if we look at turkesterone from a bodybuilding standpoint, it offers a safe alternative to anabolic-androgenic steroids, performance-enhancing drugs which you may hear about in the gym or changing rooms. But turkesterone is structurally different from these anabolic steroids and also works differently.

Flowering ajuga ground cover in a garden.

3. Increase Immunity:

Cold and flu season can affect immunity, especially if someone is trying to keep his strength training schedule straight.

Working out in such weather is not the best way to get better. So, if you are feeling down for the count, immune-boosting supplements like Ajuga can help you in fighting against such a condition.

This is because of the compound present in Ajuga turkestanica, like ecdysteroids, that can help in improving immune function. If it is applied topically, it can heal wounds, cuts, burns, blisters, and scrapes.

4. Improves Skin:

In addition to the different medicinal properties of Ajuga species, these are also potential for commercial application.

Ajuga turkestanica is also used in various cosmetic products and skin care. The first cosmetic use of Ajuga turkestanica was awarded in 2006 by a scientist at Dior Research.

The potent extract of Ajuga turkestanica shown in 2006 has a sufficient amount of ecdysteroids and other active ingredients, improving skin hydration and yielding an anti-aging effect.

The patent inventors observed that the extract of Ajuga turkestanica  is highly effective in regulating glycerol transport and epidermal water, which results in improving hydration of the basal layer of the Skin.

5. Scientifically Proven Medicinal Benefits

Ajuga turkestanica is not only beneficial for post-workout recovery and improving muscle mass. But there are also a lot of other medicinal benefits of Ajuga turkestanica as well, which have been shown in various scientific research.

  • Cell Regeneration: Various animal studies on mice show the cell regeneration ability of Ajuga turkestanica.
    For example, in one study (Arthur, 2014), one group of mice was given Arthur, 2014) extract for 28 days. And after that, the triceps muscles were analyzed in both groups of mice with and without Ajuga turkestanica extract.
    As a result, researchers found out that Ajuga turkestanica has significantly improved the stimulation of satellite cells.
  • Protein Stimulation: Ajuga turkestanica can also increase the production of the protein.
    According to one animal study (Syrov, 1978), Ajuga turkestanica was given to mice on a regular basis, and the researchers found out that this Ajuga activates biosynthesis of protein in the liver.
  • Increase Muscle Mass: One of the main reasons behind the popularity of Ajuga turkestanica in the bodybuilding world is its ability to increase muscle mass. Various studies have also proven this effect of this plant.
    One study (Zubeldia, 2012) of the Ajuga turkestanica extract on mice shows that Ajuga can increase mass muscle growth after six hours of incubation. The researchers also found that Ajuga has no side effects of typical androgenic drugs.

Ajuga Turkestanica Extract and Its’ Uses

The extract of Ajuga turkestanica has been used for many medicinal purposes like reducing fever and swelling, cooling and heating blood, and treating symptoms of pulmonary heat hemoptysis.

Moreover, extract of this plant has also been used to increase physical endurance and muscular strength in harsh and exhausting conditions.

Ajuga turkestanica extract is an anabolic agent used to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. It has been used for many years to improve muscles for athletes and bodybuilders.

This extract is also added to sports supplements. It not only works as anabolic androgenic steroids, which exert their effect hormonally, but the turkesterone present in this extract seems to have several different mechanisms.

As it appears to work as a potent adaptogenic compound that enables athletes to increase their workloads and gain strength and stamina during a period of intense physical activity. In fact, it appears to have a “super training effect.”

But not only this, this extract has many other uses as well:

  • Health Products: Due to the anabolic properties of ajuga turkestanica, it is used in various health products. As it can reduce body fat and increase muscle mass, its extract is also used in various weight loss supplements.
  • Beverages: Bodybuilders and other athletes often add ajuga turkestanica extract into their drinks and beverages to increase their strength and stamina. It also works best after high-intensity training.
  • Cosmetics: Due to the hydrating effect of ajuga turkestanica on the skin, it is added to various skin care products and cosmetics.
  • Additives: Ajuga turkestanica has been used by herbalists for many years as a tonic. This plant extract is also used these days as an additive in some strength-boosting products or herbal remedies.

Ajuga Turkestanica Supplements

Due to its ability to increase muscle mass and helps with post-workout recovery, ajuga turkestanica is used to make supplements, which are very popular in the bodybuilding world to promote lean muscle growth.

As a supplement, Ajuga turkestanica can be beneficial for fitness as it can build muscle mass, speed up muscle recovery and also improve focus.

So, for the bodybuilder, who puts in tons of effort to take care of his body and to improve health, ajuga turkestanica supplements can be a good option.

These supplements are present in different forms, including tinctures, powders, pills, and capsules.

Among all these forms, ajuga turkestanica extract powder is considered one of the most effective supplement forms of this herb due to its high concentration of the beneficial muscle-building compound.

The recommended amount of ajuga turkestanica dietary supplement is 500 mg daily or as prescribed by the health care provider.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects from turkesterone, a primary component of ajuga turkestanica, are not common, as well as any reports of hormonal issues caused by Ajuga.

However, ajuga turkestanica supplements can cause certain health issues like allergies, headache, or mild hypertension if taken in a higher dosage. So, consult your doctor in case of any of these symptoms after taking the supplements.

Moreover, pregnant and breastfeeding women should also consult a doctor before taking ajuga turkestanica supplements.

Because ajuga turkestanica can produce some responses in the body similar to the other hormones, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.

If a person is facing a health issue already or taking medication, ajuga turkestanica supplements can interact with them.

These supplements can cause digestive upset, especially if a person has a history of gastrointestinal issues. So always consult your doctor and make sure the supplements will work for you or not.

If you experience any allergic reaction like inflammation, shortness of breath, or headache, after taking ajuga turkestanica supplements. Seek medical help immediately.

So, What Is Ajuga Turkestanica?

Today, many supplements and herbal remedies claim to increase your performance in the gym and muscle mass. Many of these can be harmful, and few of them are illegal as well.

Ajuga turkestanica, on the other hand, is a purely natural supplement. It can increase muscle growth, provide strength and improve athletic performance without any serious side effects.

Ajuga turkestanica is a beautiful flowering plant located in Central Asia, grown and harvested on a large scale due to its benefits In muscle growth.

This plant’s health benefits are due to its compound known as “Ecdysteroids”. This is a plant chemical that has anabolic effects that are similar to testosterone and other androgens.

Turkesterone is one of these phytoecdysteroids and one of the most important components in Ajuga. This Turkesterone shows its magic well after the resistance training by speeding up the muscle and tissue repair.

Due to all of these properties, this plant is used to make supplements for improving stamina, recovery time, and muscle mass.

Today, many bodybuilding supplements are present on the internet, containing ajuga turkestanica extract. These supplements are present in different forms, from pills to powders and capsules.

But if these supplements are taken more than the recommended dosage, these can cause mild side effects. So, better consult your doctor before starting any kind of supplementation, especially in case of any medical condition.

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