Breaking Free: Understanding the Cycle of an Abusive Relationship

“Breaking Free: Understanding the Cycle of an Abusive Relationship” is a guide that sheds light on the complex and often confusing nature of abusive relationships. This article offers a comprehensive understanding of the various forms of abuse, the stages of an abusive relationship, and the ways to identify and break free from it. With a focus on empowering individuals and providing them with the tools to break the cycle, this article aims to be a valuable resource for those seeking to escape an abusive relationship and reclaim control over their lives.”


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What Are The Stages Of An Abusive Relationship

    1. Tension-building stage: The abuser may begin to display controlling or jealous behavior.
    2. Incident stage: The abuser uses physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to assert control over their partner.
    3. Honeymoon stage: The abuser apologizes and promises to change, making their partner feel hopeful and secure.
    4. Calm stage: The relationship returns to a calm state, often making the victim question their own perceptions of the abuse.
    5. Tension-building stage: The cycle begins again, with the tension-building stage.

    These stages may repeat multiple times, and the length of each stage can vary from relationship to relationship. It is important to note that abuse can escalate over time and become increasingly dangerous.

    Understanding the Cycle of an Abusive Relationship

Being in an abusive marriage is detrimental to the well-being of both partners and, if there are children present, to their well-being as well.
Abusive relationships can have lasting impacts on the children within the home. They can negatively impact their academic performance, shape their views of life, and harm their physical and emotional health.
It’s crucial to understand the person you’re entering a serious relationship with, as they will likely become the parent of your future children.
There are a lot of people that entered into relationships and marriages without taking the time to identify all the red flags that could’ve preserved them from having heartbreak and living a life of bondage or misery.
As a result of not being Vigilant entering into the relationship, they are forced each day to live in a toxic environment feeling spiritually and physically unhappy, depressed, exhausted, stagnant, etc.  

Personal Questions to Self With Answers

If you find yourself in an Abusive relationship/marriage, you may ask yourself these questions:  Am I the only person that’s going through this? Will I ever escape this life? Is there Hope for me? How can I get out of this? I want to answer all those questions for you. 

Are You The Only Person That’s Experiencing Abuse?

 No, you’re not the only person, there are thousands of people across the globe that are hurting and experiencing abuse in their relationships on a daily basis.
Some of them may experience One or two out of the many abuses that exist, while some may experience all of the abuses that we can imagine and think of such as
: Physical abuse, Verbal abuse, sexual abuse, Emotional abuse, etc. You’re not alone. t can make you feel very scared and feel like committing suicide but there are many who have been there and overcome. You too can overcome.

Will You Ever Escape From Such A Life? 

There’s only one person that can decide that, and can you guess who that person is? No, it’s not your abusive spouse. The answer is YOU.
It is only you that determines whether you will escape or remain in that toxic and Abusive environment.
Always remember what the book of Philippians 4:13 Says:  I Can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Is There Hope For You? 

I want to assure you that there’s hope for you. However, you’ll have to believe from your heart that there’s something greater than awaits you over on the other side.
Be bold enough to make the first step. That is to look to the Lord in prayer for his infinite Wisdom so you can make accurate decisions, and find success along your journey. 
You may have friends and family members that will not agree with your decisions, and they will try to discourage you and distract you from leaving or doing as the Lord instructs you. They may tell you that ” The grass is not always greener on the other side.”
Which is very much true but, staying in an abusive marriage or relationship is more destructive than the grass they assume is not greener.
In this life You may never actually know what God has in store for you if you don’t take risks. Sometimes it is the risk that we take which unlocks the doors to our breakthrough, happiness, liberty, soul mate, etc.
Are you willing to take some risks so that the light of God can shine into your life?

How Can You Break Free: From The Cycle of an Abusive Relationship? 

It is not always easy to escape from an Abusive relationship, especially when children are Involved. But you must always let the safety of your children and you become a priority and be willing to do anything to ensure that you’re all safe. 
In order for you to escape you must be willing and ready to leave at any cost. You must have a Plan A and a Plan B or if possible, a Plan C.  Keep your plans very private. The fewer people who know about your plans the safer you will be.
Follow the leading of the Lord. Pray and Ask the Lord daily to detach you from every feeling, bond, etc. that you may have with your Abusive partner.
Do Not allow the abusive partner’s one act of kindness to change your mind about leaving. Believe in your plans. Eliminate all fears. Run with your children if possible and never look back. There’s plenty to achieve and to be grateful for when you finally leave. 

Prayer To Break Free: From The Cycle of an Abusive Relationship

I want you to pray this prayer with me if you are living in an abusive relationship/ Marriage:
Most eternal and righteous father, I call upon you today because I believe in you and I believe in the power that you possess, you are the God that delivered the children of Israel when they were in the house of bondage for  400 years, you said you are the same God yesterday, today and forever, and I believe with all my heart that you will never change.
Today I ask that you look down on me in this bondage and deliver me as you delivered the children of Israel, remove all fears from inside of me and around me and fill me with your Love, power, and a sound mind. 
Deliver me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically from every spirit of bondage and Sabotage, lose me, and set me free from everything that is keeping me captive in this relationship/ marriage grant me the wisdom to escape safely, break every stronghold and power over my life and destiny and grant me your freedom, protection, joy, blessing, victory, and peace in Jesus Christ name! Amen.

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