There are a variety of pink fruits to choose from. Pink fruits are high in nutrients yet have distinct flavor qualities.

Top 13 Pink Fruits

Fruits come in a wide variety of colors. Pink is among the most noticeable colors among several colors. However, we should try fruits for not only their vibrant color but also for their nutritious content. 

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 Here are some of the best pink color fruits:

1. Figs:

pink fig halves close up

Figs aren’t always pink around the outside; they can range from greenish to purple. The delicious pulp is pinkish.

Depending on the kind, the colors will differ. Calimyrna figs have such a wonderful pink inside those contrasts nicely with their green-gold exterior.

2. Pink Lady Apples:

freshly washed pink lady apples on a gray cloth surface

Pink lady apples are among the loveliest of apple kinds, with their pinky-colored skin. These lovely fruits have a naturally ‘hot pink’ exterior that softens to an apple green all around stalk when mature. It has a yellowish-white color on the inside.

This apple is grown in several places throughout the world. Therefore, it’s frequently available in local stores.

3. Raspberries:

raspberries overflowing from a white bowl onto a wooden surface

Raspberries are tiny sweet fruits. They have few calories and are high in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Raspberries can be found growing wild in unexpected areas in the UK, such as abandoned gravel pits, woodland borders and roadside ditches.

4. Strawberry:

Scattering of fresh red strawberries on an old white cutting board.

Strawberries are a lovely red-pink shade as ripe. They are great in fruit salads, smoothies, or just eaten fresh. If you like strawberries, make your strawberry jam to make the wonderful Victorian sandwich cake.

5. Guava:

Close up view of fresh guava fruits on a white background.

Guava is a subtropical and tropical fruit with a wide range of uses. They can be found throughout South and Central America, and Mexico.

It has greenish or yellowish outer skin and pink inner flesh. It is famous for eating raw, blending into drinks, and making jellies and jams.

6. Pomegranate:

Pomegranates are circular, pinkish fruits with such a stalk on upper and hard skin. They are overflowing with flavor.

Pomegranates are typically linked with warmer temperatures, so you might be stunned to discover that they can bloom in Britain’s more sheltered areas.

7. Pink Velvet Banana:

Pink velvet bananas (musa velutina) on tropical garden in minas gerais, brazil

One of the most unique exotic pink foods is pink bananas. They have wonderful pink skin and are long, pinkish, and fuzzy.

The plants are commonly planted for aesthetic reasons, although the fruit’s delicate flesh can be eaten. Just be careful with the seeds; they are quite hard and can break a tooth.

8. Lychee:

ripe lychees whole and unpeeled on a wooden surface

The outside of lychee fruits is hard and completely pink. The nutritious flesh inside, however, is white and transparent. This little fruit is mainly grown in China, but it is also grown in Africa and India.

Fresh lychee has such a sweet flavor with a tinge of acidity, making it perfect for a tart or cake recipe. Vitamin C, which works as a primary antioxidant in the body, is abundant in this little, inconspicuous fruit.

9. Cactus Pear:

Tropical opuntia prickly cactus pear fruit on wooden background

Also known as prickly pear or opuntia, this oval fruit with green skin and a bright reddish-pink interior is the fruit of the opuntia genus of cactuses. Although it is very famous in hot climates, the rest of the world is sadly unfamiliar with it.

Magnesium and Vitamin C are abundant in this fruit. This pink fruit could be used to make jam, desserts, or a smoothie.

10. Pink Pearl Apple:

The pink pearl apple is among numerous varieties of apples that have a pinkish color. The apple’s name comes from the coloring of its interior, which has a vivid pink hue.

The color of the external surface is transparent and yellowish-golden. The apples have a sweet taste that complements apple pie perfectly.

11. Grapefruit:

grapefruit half and section on a wooden cutting board with a knife

This fruit has become popular in many parts of the world, including the US, Brazil, and Africa. The luscious flesh makes up the majority of the fruit.

The inside of the fruit is dark pink, but the outside may range from green to yellow. It has a sharp flavor with a tinge of sweetness. The meat can be eaten whole or added to a fruit salad.

Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition, in terms of vitamin C content, this only comes in second after oranges and lemons.

12. Peach:

Peaches are a fruit that originated in China, but are now found worldwide. The outside is smooth and pink, and the inside is delicate and yellow. Carefully avoid the pit while eating it freshly because it has trace quantities of toxins.

Peaches are slightly sweet, so they pair well with desserts. Vitamins A and C are abundant in peaches. Peaches are used in a variety of dessert recipes, including peach pie, cobbler, and ice cream. They can also be used in savory dishes to add flavor.

13. Dragon Fruit:

red and white dragon fruit halves and cubes on a white plate with whole dragonfruit in the background on a wooden surface

The scaly exterior of the dragon fruit, which has a vivid pink color, matches the appearance of a dragon in Chinese folklore. As a result, the term “dragon fruit” has gained popularity among customers.

Internally, the flesh is either startlingly white or pink, with black seeds spread throughout. Dragon fruit can be added to salads, and smoothies to provide a boost of nutrients and antioxidants without adding a lot of calories.


Fruits are a great gift from nature, with such a wide range of colors and variety. This article should help motivate you to sample new fruits from all over the world, introducing the taste buds to different sensations and tastes. 

If you know any other fruit whose color is pink, let us know!

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