Florida Pomelo is one of the sweetest citrus fruits worldwide. Some people call it citrus fruit because it is a genus from the Rutaceae family, also known as the citrus family.

Here in North Central Florida, pomelo trees grow abundantly and are super sweet. Pomelo is also known as pummelo and may also be called Pamplemousse, pommelo, Bali lemon, Limau besar, Shaddock, and Chinese grapefruit.

They are predominantly native to southeast Asia but also available worldwide. It is also rich in other minerals and vitamins such as potassium and proteins. 

There are unlimited fruits out there worldwide, and we never taste some of the fruits in our entire life, but it does not mean they are not tasty and good for human health.

Nothing is useless in this world, especially in the category of fruits. 

Florida Pomelo Size

Pomelos are different from grapefruits. Grapefruits are smaller in size; however, pomelos are the largest fruit from the citrus family. These pomelos are purely natural and non-hybrid fruits.

Pomelo Tree

Pomelo trees are native to South East Asia, but we are fortunate to grow them here in Florida. The pummelo tree looks like a thick canopy with its compact leaves.

Here in Florida, during the winter, the evergreen foliage is very showy, and in the spring, the white aromatic flowers are very welcoming!

Pomelo Tree

Pomelo vs. Grapefruit

Pomelo is not only the largest citrus fruit, it has a slightly rougher skin texture than a grapefruit. Overall. pomelo fruit is sweeter than grapefruit, even though there are excepts to the rule. 

Note that both pomelo and grapefruit interact with certain medications, talk to a health care provider to see if applied

Florida pomelo fruit with lemons

Is the Florida Pomelo Fruit Healthy?

It is an essential fruit along with the other famous ones. It contains a large variety of minerals and vitamins; also, it is a great source of vitamin C in the citrus family. It can help you to lose weight in the least time if you try to concentrate on diet plans.

Moreover, it can also boost your health of heart to make you healthy and strong. Pomelo fruits are naturally saved from antibacterial and antifungal problems just like other fruits.

The very thick rinds protect the pomelos naturally. Pomelo fruit is the richest source of fiber; even one pomelo almost contains more than 5-gram fiber in it that can be helpful for your daily life.

Pomelos are not hard to find even these pomelos are available in every grocery store, especially in Asian and the Latin market.

Additionally, Pomelos from Florida are famous for their juicy and sweeter species and readily available in better and good quality to provide the full taste of nature.

Pomelos are the same in taste as others grapefruit, but it tastes a little juicier and sweeter than other grapefruits. It looks like a teardrop and has green and yellow flesh and a very thick pale rind over it.

Florida pomelo on a grey cloth

Where to Buy Florida Pomelo?

Suppose you are worried about where to buy a pomelo, so the solution is right here. The best time to purchase pomelo fruit is from September to March. They are readily available in every grocery store nearer to your place. Still, if you are living in Florida, you are lucky enough to taste the organic flavor of big heavy pomelos. 

1. Grocery Stores

If you ever think of purchasing pomelo fruits, always go for the yellow to pale green pomelos because they are hard, sweeter, and heavier. People avoid soft and dull-color pomelos that look dry from their rind.

People always go for the heavier pomelos as they are known as the right choice. There are so many grocery stores worldwide so everyone can buy these pomelos easily from the grocery stores in their living premises.

2. Buy Pomelos Online

You can also buy pomelos from an online store. There are several online health and food websites and e-stores on the internet, including the famous one Amazon.

People are purchasing pomelos from this easy way when pomelos are not available in their nearer grocery stores. 

pomelo fruit peeled

How To Eat A Pomelo?

If you have never tasted pomelos before, you should at least give it a try and eat it to feel the juicier taste of it. People know them worldwide by different names like shaddocks, pomelos, or pummelos.

Pomelos are the largest citrus fruit. Pomelos are mostly sweeter than grapefruit and have no bitterness. Some people use pomelos to make salads in Chinese restaurants, and some people served this as dessert.

The most popular and dominant way to present the pomelos in front of your loved ones is with the salt mixture on the top edge of the pomelos to cut down the sweetness and sugary feel. First thing first, you have to cut the cap of a pomelo carefully with a sharp knife.

You need to be careful while cutting the pomelos because the outer peel of any pomelo can be very tough and hard. Then it will be in the form of two same looking pieces. Then you can start cutting off the hard rinds of pomelos through a knife.

After that, you can remove the thick pales sticking over the pomelos. Then you can take a bite to taste it, or you can also choose them to eat as slicing. You can make vertical shaped slices around the whole pomelo. Six to eight cuts are enough.

A popular French drink called jus de Pamplemousse is known in French countries.

green Florida pomelo


Pomelos are beneficial for human health. We should try to taste every fruit on this planet because every fruit has its benefit. Pomelos can heal your heart, and it enriches minerals and vitamins present in your body.

Pomelos are good in salads and salsas. You can enjoy them the same way that you would want any other natural citrus fruit. Give it a try, I bet you’ll love it.

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