Fruits That Start With O

In case you are seeking fruits that begin with the letter ‘O’, then this is the perfect place for you! Do you choose fruits over sweets? Well, the good news is that the below-mentioned list includes everything, right from olallieberries to oranges. Here are some more Fruits That Start With O. 

Among these, there are some fruits that you already know. However, others could be your new favorite snack!

One should try uncommon fruits once in a while. Additionally, it is good to learn about some juicy fruits. Let’s get started with fruits that start with ‘O’.

List Of Fruits Starting With The Letter ‘O’

●     Oranges

oranges on white background

This is one of the most renowned names on the list of O-lettered fruits. This fruit is great for snacking. You can also add them up in your salad or lunch box. Some people like to squeeze out fresh orange juice for their breakfast, and it is one of the major sources of vitamin C. There are a lot of orange varieties available. You can choose any of them. We’re sure you’re going to love it.

●     Olives

Most people don’t know that olives come in the category of fruits. They’re also considered as fruits just like nectarines, plums, and peaches. There are about 2000 varieties of olives. But, all people know is black olives and green olives. The green olives are saltier while the black olives aren’t.

●     Orangelo

These are the offspring of oranges and grapefruit. They look exactly like grapefruits. Orangelos are not too large but have pinkish-red and orange skin flesh, inside. A lot of people cut them into halves and eat them out of the flesh, via spoons. Orangelos are very sweet as compared to grapefruit and they are super easy to peel.

●     Oval Kumquat Fruit

This fruit is also popular as nagami kumquat. This fruit is the brightest orange and is 100% edible. The rind of this fruit is chewy and the flesh is a little tangy. This fruit is very common in Asia. However, they are mostly related to the United States.

●     Ogallala Strawberry

These succulent and fat berries are extraordinarily juicy and sweet. They taste like wild strawberries and are popular because they can even grow in the cold. These are perfect for making chocolate delicacies. You can also beat them up into jelly or jam.


●     Opal Apple

opal apple on wooden background

These apples are curated by combining golden apples and topaz apples. They are super identical to the Honeycrisp apples. Their taste is dissimilar and ranges between floral and fruity sweet tastes. Whenever you bite them, you’ll get a super satisfying crunch.

●     Osteen Mango

These originated from Florida and have been super desirable and sold as mangoes since then. These mangoes weigh about a pound and have an oblong shape and look super strange. Osteen mangoes can either be green, red, or yellow. When fully ripe, they turn purple. This fruit has a mild flavor. But, like any other mango, they are tangy as well as sweet.

●     Ozark Beauty Strawberry

Ozark strawberries are super famous as they tend to grow the whole year. They have a decent size and are super juicy and sweet. They don’t have the regular strawberry shape. These strawberries are sometimes longer or wider but taste great. Also, you can enjoy them raw too. These are great for making jams and jellies as they give out a better texture and flavor than the normal strawberries.

●     Ozark Gold Apple

If you want to use yellow apples in your baking attempts, you can choose to utilize good apples as they are among the best apples available for baking. These apples have a unique taste. They’re extra sweet and juicy and have a honey-like flavor that has a spice in them. These apples are crispy, firm, and yellowish-orange in color. These apples can grow to medium or large sizes and they are also among the largest varieties of apples you’ll ever find.


●     Okra

This is among those food items that are believed to be a vegetable but scientists say that it’s a fruit. Okra is a finger-shaped green fruit having edible seeds. You can even squash it and cook it before eating. It’s a popular addition to stews, soups, etc. Read More Here.


●     Olallieberry

These berries look exactly like long blackberries. They have a cluster-like structure and are glossy black along with reddish-purple highlights. People eat them and utilize them in dishes just like the way they utilize blackberries. They are super juicy and are a perfect blend of tart and sweet. Also, in case you eat olallieberries, make sure that the juice doesn’t drip over your clothes as the stains are too stubborn to fade away.


●     Otaheite Gooseberry

otaheite gooseberry on a limb

This goes by a lot of names, including Malay Gooseberries, Arbari, West Indian Gooseberry, etc. You can eat them dried, cooked, or even raw. These berries are used for medicinal purposes and are used to treat stomach ulcers, cancer, diabetes, etc. These berries are full of antioxidants as well.


●     Opal Plum

Out of all the various varieties of plums available in the market, opal plums are the most famous in Europe, mainly in England. They are super easy to grow and this is one main reason why they are so popular. Opal plums taste extensively great and are medium-sized, and taste like fruit candy. They have several flavors such as mango, honey, and apricots.



●     Oullins Gage Plum

If you talk about candy-like flavored plums, you need to have oullins gage plum. These plums are super juicy and are very very sweet. They are beautiful, and golden in color, having red dots. They are the most beautiful plums you’ll literally ever see. These plums have a beautiful texture and taste like candies.


●     Ogeechee Limes

These are almost the regular limes but one unique feature that they possess is that these limes turn burgundy in color when they’re fully ripe. They are super messy and sour and are 100% edible in nature. These limes are used in place of regular limes by many individuals. For instance, you can squeeze out the juice from these limes to add it as additional flavors to your recipes.

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These were some of the fruits that start with the Letter ‘O’.

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