Are you searching for Fruits That Start With Q? Well, there are not many fruits on the list. But, we have chalked down a wholesome list for you. Right from the juicy Quince to the Quinault strawberries, the Q – fruits are yum and filled with a fragrant and fresh taste.

Did you know? Having a fruity diet enhances your mood, keeps you active and super motivated plus makes your eyes gleam!

Let’s dive deeper into this article and check out all the scrumptious fruits starting from the letter Q.

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Quince fruits isolated on white background

Quince is one of the most cultivated, and oldest fruits. This delicious fruit has a pear-shaped look and one fun fact about this is that biblical scholars used to think that Quince was grown in the garden of Eden. They think this fruit to be super divine. However, due to its spongy, hard, and lumpy appearance, it’s not one of the most appetizing fruits you’ll see.

Whenever you cook Quince, you’ll see a shine and it also releases an aromatic scent which later turns sweet and soft. This fruit comes from the Rosaceae family and is mostly yellow. It’s a seasonal fruit that is available from autumn to winter. You can also opt to consume the cooked quince along with yogurt, and spread it on the toast or you can also simply have it via a spoon.

Also, this fruit comes along with a lot of health benefits as it has a super low-calorie density. It’s a great source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. It also has higher proportions of vitamin C.

Queen Anne Cherries

It is also known as Napoleon Cherries or Royal Anne and can be best enjoyed in the summer season when it rips nicely. These cherries are the same as rainier cherries in both taste and appearance. Queen Anne Cherries are yellow and light pink having a delicate, sweet flavor and a very firm appearance. Also, these cherries have super nutritional content.

They are also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Also, you can utilize these cherries to cure conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. Also, you can get these cherries all year round, and it’s a plus. Individuals also use them in preparing the cocktail.

These cherries are also very ideal for home canning and home commercials. They are utilized in preparing pies, jams, and sauces, and die to their natural sweetness. Royal cherries are great for making maraschino cherries that are further utilized in a lot of dishes and cocktails.


This is an evergreen fruit. These are the types of peaches that are renowned in Australia and grown in the wild. This is an Australian superfood that resembles a large berry. However, don’t be fooled. This fruit mostly contains seeds.

This tasty yet thin flesh is wrapped around a huge seed and can be used to make jewelry or crafts. They are known not just for their tangy flavor but also for their medicinal properties. It is utilized for treating a lot of ailments like wounds and toothache. Quandong contains antibacterial properties that are great for aboriginal healers. It is also used to stew out and make pie fillings for parties.


Quararibea on tree

This fruit resembles a mango but tastes like apricots. This fruit has a tropical but rare flavor that you won’t find in any other variety of fruit. Also, you’ll find this taste in grocery shops that specialize in fruits from the South American rainforest. Quararibea is highly cultivated in Florida.

Also, if someday you go hunting for this fruit, try finding it via its local name, which is Chupa Chupa. It is one of the best ways to take in an inadequate amount of vitamin C. Also, this fruit looks like a coconut. However, the size of the quararibea is smaller as compared to the size of a coconut.



This fruit is also renowned as Guinep and is very famous in tropical regions such as the Caribbean. This fruit belongs to the soapberry family and looks like green, small grapes, and has a unique taste that is both tangy and tart. If you’re on the islands, you’ll find a lot of fruit vendors selling Guineps by the roadside.

Quenepas is also known as the Spanish line and is one of the most favorite ingredients in Caribbean recipes. You can also eat this fruit raw or can blend it into juice to get rid of the intense heat. This is a super fun fruit to consume. All you’re required to do is to crack the outer shell and suck all the creamy fruity flesh from inside. Also, you can save its seeds to enjoy later as snacks. Read More.

Querina Apple

It’s a French variety of apples and is utilized in tarts. This fruit is very hardy, juicy, and firm and is very popular in Florida. This fruit is enjoyed raw due to its heavenly taste.
Ciders are also made from these apples. Also, you don’t have to harvest it to get the cider brewed. A plus point about these apples is that they last for months, like literally! You are just required to store them in a cool and dry place for up to three to four months after plucking.

Quinault Strawberry

This is a type of strawberry that needs about two harvests in a year. People could enjoy the sweetness of this fruit during both the fall and spring seasons while also providing a chance to try out other variations of desserts.

You can also blend it with ice cubes to form a delicious sorbet on a hot day or you could simply bake them into a tart. We are sure that this Midwest fruit won’t ever make you regret your fruity choice.

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So, this was our list of all the fruits starting with the letter Q. Do you think that we missed out on any particular fruit whose name starts with the letter Q? If yes, you can comment down and share your thoughts below. We’ll surely try and add them to our list.

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