From Raspberries to Rose Apples, there are a lot of luscious, nutritious, and delicious fruits that start with the letter “R”.

Do you often gain weight without any reason? You can put the blame on your slow metabolism for this and the solution is simple. Just add some rose apples to your diet and get rid of those extra pounds in a jiffy.

Here we have presented a list of delectable fruits that can enhance your health and turn your cheeks rosy. Let’s get started with the letter “R”, and learn more about the fruits loaded with an abundance of natural goodness and nutrients!


raspberries isolated on a white background

Raspberries are also called raspberry plums, and wild berries in some parts of the world. It is a woody plant of the genus Rubus in the Rosaceae family. It is a kind of fruit with a sweet and sour taste and barb thorns on the branches of the plant. Raspberries are generally used to make some amazing jams and jellies. Raspberries also have some amazing medicinal properties that keep a balanced liver and kidney functioning, when these berries are consumed daily.

Red Banana

Red bananas are not much different from the regular yellow banana, except for their appearance. They are soft, mushy, and sweet in the taste, and have an abundance of potassium, helps in balancing blood sugar levels, and are amazing for your eye health. Their texture is quite russet and red, which might leave a pinkish natural color when peeled. Due to the abundance of vitamin A, they are great for your skin and hair.

Red Huckleberry

This plant belongs to the family heather. Cranberry berries grow on small bushes, which are evergreen regardless of the seasons. The texture of these berries can sometimes be reddish-orange, which can change with the season. Red Huckleberry has a small size. She looks like a small red ball. These leafy plants are green and shiny.

The useful properties of these Red Huckleberries are undeniable. It is used in folk medicine to treat various diseases, as they are high in antioxidants, helps in healing tissues, increases bone mass, maintains blood sugar levels, and also helps in healing skin conditions like eczema. The berries can sometimes be quite tarty in taste, so people generally eat them in a form of jams, juice, or dry them under the sun, and then consume them.


Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry is the mature fruit of the deciduous tree from the Moraceae family. These fruits are generally grown in the months of April to June every year when they are ripe, washed, removed from impurities, or sundried.

Due to the natural growing conditions of mulberries, mulberries have the traits of naturally cultivating conditions without any pollution, so mulberries are also called “folk sacred fruit”. They are high in nutrient content, containing a variety of amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, carotene, and other nutrients. The content of minerals is also much higher than that of other berries.

The important ones are potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc. Modern medicine has proved that Red mulberry has the functions of strengthening immunity, promoting the growth of hematopoietic red blood cells, preventing blockage of the arteries and bones of the human body, and enhancing metabolism. You can also enjoy this amazing fruit by adding it into puddings, cakes, and making jams and jellies from these berries.



Red currant is a delectable fruit, similar in size to grapes, its appearance is mostly bright red with a shine. The pulp of this fruit is tender, and the taste is slightly sweet to sour. It can be eaten directly or made into juice or jam. Like grapes, these redcurrants also grow in a cluster and are from the creepers group.

As this fruit is loaded with Vitamin C, it allows the body to absorb large amounts of carbohydrates and polysaccharides as well as being beneficial to the human body.

With an abundance of Iron, Redcurrant can enhance the activity of human hematopoietic stem cells, can improve the hematopoietic function of the human body, and can play a particularly good role in supplementing blood. Regular consumption of red currant can nourish the skin and also slow down the speed of skin aging. Eating some red currants and sticking to them daily, will have a particularly good health effect.



rambutan on white background

Rambutan has a hairy texture with a red and green covering, and sometimes people confuse it with Lychees. This fruit is generally eaten raw, sometimes can be added in desserts, and ice creams. This fruit is native to Southern Asian countries and is a staple fruit for Malaysia and Indonesia.

It provides some amazing boost to your metabolism and so assists in losing and maintaining a healthy weight. The pulp of Rambutan contains fructose, antioxidants, potassium, manganese, and loads of Vitamin C to boost your immunity.



Rockmelon is also known as a Cantaloupe. This odd-looking fruit is packed with a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. They get their yellow color from the presence of Beta Carotene, which helps in maintaining healthy eye health by helping in the absorption of vitamin A in your body.

They also contain high amounts of Folate, also known as vitamin B-9 that rejuvenates your skin cells from within, and gives you naturally glowing skin. Folate also helps in fighting some cancers. It also contains other nutrients like vitamin C, choline, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K, phosphate, etc.


Rose Hip

Rosehip is a great source of vitamin C and has a tarty taste. Rosehip is generally used in skin topical treatments and hair oils. It has some amazing benefits that help in regenerating cells.

Rose Apple

Rose apple is also known as Rajka Apple, this is one of the most nutritious species of Apple. It is mostly grown in South Asian Countries and is mostly grown in Malaysia. It is loaded with an abundance of nutrients like calcium, dietary fibers, iron, proteins, vitamin C, and Vitamin A.

Rose apples have no strain of sodium, and the absence of Cholesterol makes them one of the healthiest fruits of all. The dietary fibers in this apple help in relieving gastric problems like constipation, and bloating, and boosts your metabolism. With the presence of an Organic compound Jambosine, the fruit helps in managing blood sugar levels and is advised to people dealing with issues of Diabetes.

Let us know in the comment section below how many of these fruits have you tried!

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