Healthy, fresh veggies are delicious, good for your health, and chemical-free. To cultivate veggies, you shouldn’t need a complete garden. So, what can you grow in your balcony vegetable garden?

Grow a terrace or balcony vegetable garden:

Almost every vegetable can be grown in terrace garden pots. Use large, deep containers rather than small, low-quality plastic pots, which heat up fast and drain poorly.

Using a raised bed or planter is also a wonderful idea if you are searching for a useful and attractive solution to creating a balcony vegetable garden.

When compared to pots, you will be able to cultivate a lot more veggies. Plants can grow with less attention and maintenance.

See Best Vegetables To Grow in Pots!

The raised beds on the terrace are similar to those found in normal gardens. Special raising beds for terrace gardens can be found in well-stocked garden centers or even online; all you have to do is decide which one is best for you.

Simply make sure that your terrace area is waterproof before growing a veggie garden. Here are some best vegetables to grow in a terrace or balcony garden:


Beans can easily grow in containers in terrace gardening. It requires a daylight location, a container with ladder-like support for the branches to grow upward, and you’ll have a rich harvest of beans within just a few weeks.

Contenders are good bush bean kinds to cultivate in pots. Trail of Tears is a good choice for container-friendly pole beans.


bunch of radishes with greens

Radishes are fast-growing veggies that are ideal for pot gardening. They simply grow in small containers as well.

For smaller radishes types, use a pot that is a minimum of 7 inches deep; for bigger varieties, use a pot that would be at least 12 inches deep.

You may grow two plants per container if you plant them in a broad pot with enough surface area. Simply leave at least 2 inches between each plant to allow for appropriate growth.

Radishes are ready for harvesting just between 30 and 65 days after sowing, depending on the type. Other than the really large varieties, almost any radish type is suitable for pots.


Peas are suitable for terrace gardening in almost any variety, but small and bush kinds are recommended, notably if you have limited area for your balcony vegetable garden.

They prefer soil moisture, chilly weather, and eight- to sixteen-inch-deep pots, according to the variety. You can accommodate approximately 5 to 6 pea plants in a pot with a diameter of at least one and a half feet. Tom Thumb and Snowbird are the ideal peas for terrace gardening.

Hot peppers:

Peppers are the simplest veggie to grow in pots. For proper growth, you’ll need a big, deeper pot. Maintain full sun for the peppers and begin fertilizing when the plant blooms until it completely starts producing fruit.

Jalapeño, Shishito, Bolivian Rainbow, Poblano, and Fushimi are the best options of peppers for growing in pots for terrace gardening.


tomatoes growing on the plant

Tomato plants do not need a lot of areas to develop. Even in baskets, jars, growing bags, and other pots, tomatoes can easily grow.

Grow them to improve the availability of fresh tomato sauces! Tomatoes can easily grow in at least 50 inches deeper container. Make sure the plant has an adequate container to grow properly.


Carrots are another excellent and simple alternative for terrace gardening veggies. They can be cultivated in plant pots or small containers. You can cultivate a variety of carrots.

You are far more likely to generate healthier vegetables if you water the plant regularly. If anyone want to cultivate taller plants, their pot should must be deeper. Selecting a wide container with a depth of at least two-foot or deeper is preferable.


Onions are tiny and can easily grow in terrace gardens. Green onions have a reputation for growing well in small pots.

A pot with a depth of twelve to sixteen inches and a length of ten to twelve inches is suitable for growing onions. So, onions are a great option for growing in a balcony garden.


Potatoes are among the simplest veggies to cultivate on the terrace. Growing potatoes in a planting pot are always enjoyable and beneficial.

You’ll need a pot that’s fourteen to sixteen inch deeper. Anyone can easily grow 4 to 5 potatoes in these pots.

Keep the potato crops hydrated at all times to ensure that they develop properly and begin producing fresh potatoes quickly. Also, make sure their roots are completely covered in soil. 

Bell peppers: 

Bell peppers are high on most cooks’ top priorities, from preparing delicious salads to flavoring a dish. They may be grown in any container that is 14 to 16 inches deep with just a little effort and maintenance.

Begin with a quality sowing mixture in a container. Tickle the level of the material with the fingertip, next spread the seedlings over the surface of the pot and cover it completely with soil.


Fresh organic beets just picked from the garden shot in a wooden bin

Because of its small size, beet may thrive in small spaces. Select a container that is 14 to 16 inches deep to allow the beets to develop. Within this area, you can cultivate 7 to 8 individual beet plants.

With the fresh supply of beets, you may add additional flavor to your salads. If you want to avoid eating food that has been cultivated with fertilizers and chemicals, you should cultivate your beets and beet greens in your garden.


Producing veggies is the best option for using your terrace or balcony area. Because vegetable pots take a direct sunlight area, they can only be developed in an open area with a fresh environment.

Regular potting soil can be used to grow fresh veggies in the terrace garden. To keep the plants happier and healthier, you must add fertilizer to the soil.

If you know any other veggies that can grow in the terrace garden kindly let us know!

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