Ñame veggie might amaze you that it’s not a sweet potato. Sweet potato is completely different from Ńame. Although, In the united states, the two terms are used interchangeably regardless of their nature, taste, and appearance.


Pronunciation: “nyah-may

(Wait, What My whole life was a lie?)

So, What is it then?

Well. not really, As it’s still a mystery. Some count yam in several varieties of sweet potato while others call it a completely separate vegetable.

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Fun Fact: In Asia, we find many carts selling yams as sweet potatoes, boiled and cut in finger-chips shape with a variety of local seasonings. That makes a simple yam a YUM!

Its Ńame, also known as Yam in Africa (from the word name) and Greater Yam in Asia. And it’s because the Dioscorea genus has a variety of plant species with a common name and that is Yam. This species of plant forms edible tubers.

The Ńame is grown in tropical and highly humid regions as a major cultivar. Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean are the major home of Ńame. All continents have different scientific names for species of this family, Dioscorea Rotundata, Dioscorea alata, and Dioscorea trifida.

name roots whole tubers on white background

What Does Ñame Look Like?

The Ńame is a tuber that is shaped like a bark itself. It has rough skin as compared to sweet potatoes. And yam is pointed like tipped from both edges. The outer skin is the brown thin layer under which is a white potato-like textured flesh.

 They have a beautiful diversity in ranges of colors in the flesh they have. for instance; one can find Ńame in white, orange, purple, Yellow Yam or maybe sometimes pink too.

What Does Ñame Taste Like?

The taste of this long, tough veggie is neutral and muted in the sense that it takes the taste of the seasonings. Rarely, it tastes sweet as it’s not a sweet potato.

Nutritional Value of Ñame:

The yam or Ńame is a great alternative to sweet potatoes or simple potatoes. Its a power pack of sources like magnesium, fiber, copper, potassium, and several antioxidants. There are several benefits these veggies provide to our health. So, here we are listing a few for your information. Read More.

  1. Ńame cures and heals a variety of skin diseases and also treats problems related to the respiratory system.
  2. Yam is a rich source of Vitamin B6.
  3. Ńame increases cognitive abilities by enhancing the capacity of retention and cognition.
  4. It acts as a cancer deterrent.
  5. Yam pacifies the metabolic functions.
  6. It is a very good treat for ladies as it supports and protects the female endocrine system.
  7. It aids in digestion and improves bowel habits.
  8. Yam helps in producing red blood cells in the body.
  9. It increases the system of nutrients in the body.

How to Use Ñame?

Yams or Ńame are toxic if eaten raw. They should be avoided to be consumed raw.

Instead, Yam should be cooked and is cooked into several delicious cuisines.

Boil it or fry it simply to eat the nearest natural taste. Just in case if you want to test its original neutral taste on your own.

How to Grow a Personal Ñame Plant?

Here are some counted steps to personalize a yam plant.

  • Use compost soil or choose a place with well-drained, moist soil to grow a plant of Ńame.
  • Fertilizers work best for good products.
  • The sprouted yams should be dug in rows that must be approximately 40 to 50 cm apart from each other.
  • And you can also use a large plant pot to grow the Yam.

How to Store the Ñame?

The yam should be stored in a cool dry place and the darker the place of storage, the better.

 You can store these veggies outside of your refrigerator so you don’t need to be worried. Just wash them out properly by scrubbing and after drying out, keep them in an open clean basket or in a brown bag.

But remember, the fresher, the better!

Is Ńame a Healthy Vegetable?

Another shock to your throat, it’s not a fattening veggie. Besides the rumor often attributed to Yams that they are sweet potatoes and are full of calories and fatten up the body a lot. This is not true.

The Ńame is a vegetable that is an alternate of potatoes for diabetic patients and a healthier option as well. Heart patients are also supposed to consume it as a remedy.

It’s a healthy treat that you may not fret and enjoy.

How to Cook Ñame?

One general and the initial way is the process of boiling which takes almost 20 to 25 minutes. Besides boiling it can be fried.

Ńame is cooked differently in different regions around the continents of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean It is commonly seen as street food.

The best crispy seasoned chips are often found baked in bakeries and restaurants. While in the streets you can see a variety of carts selling fried seasoned chips of yams.

1. Loaded Ńame fries

Another mouth-watering dish is loaded with yam fries. You can add varieties of veggies or simply salsa on top of the fries. Also any sauce of your choice or dressing that tingles you can be a perfect match for the heavy meal.

Believe me, your friends gonna love it!

3. Yellow Yam Stew

4. White Yam Stew

5. Yellow Yam Salad

Utterly tasty dishes for your lunch or dinner.

This versatile veggie has a lot to offer. Add it to your savory dishes or sweet delicacies and quench your hunger with such a simple tuber, Oh, oops! I meant veggie. Enjoy!

whole white name

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  1. beside washing & drying thoroughly and storing in a dark place HOW do you cook it?? I’m also an RN.

    1. Hi Diane, nice meeting you. Bring water to boil in a large pot. You peel the skin like a potato and cut the ends off until the flesh is white. Cut it into large chunks. It is better to wear gloves if you are not used to peeling yam; the fluid can be slightly scratchy for some people. Rinse the chunks and add them to the boiling water, and cook for about 20 minutes or until soft when pierced with a knife, the texture is like that of boiled potatoes.

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